Bugaloos Conch Crawl

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Just edges away from the azure ocean, its picturesque setting is unrivaled in the island as there is no other eatery nearby. If seafood, conch, rum and fun get you going, then Bugaloos Conch Crawl is not to be missed. Opened in 2012, it is a great place for many reasons. Seafood that is freshly caught off the sea and from the crawler, a fabulous selection of rum and also cigars, outdoor activities and live entertainment are what keeps the crowd coming besides the stunning vistas. Bright pink and dark blue hues don its building that is accentuated by a rustic setting indoors. The rusticity is carried forward in their white sand beach area that is shaded by coconut palms. This is the best spot to be in to watch the waves or stroll on the beach and relish their delicious food. Go horse riding, swim in the ocean, play games or just dance away.

Location:  Five Cays, Next to Sunny’s Fish Plant

Business hours:  Mo-Su 11:30 a.m.-10:00 p.m.