The Hole


What has been called the world's largest sinkhole is one of the biggest mysteries of the islands. Here you will find a deep cavity that stretches fifty feet across and eighty feet down into the earth. Peering into the hole, you will see emerald far below where you stand on the limestone surface. The water at the bottom of the hole is brackish and tidal, leading scientists to believe that the hole must be connected to the sea via a series of caves and limestone passages. It is very important to note that the limestone cliffs surrounding the hole are not suitable for rock climbing, as the stone crumbles easily. There is no designated way to get down to the hole and it is heavily advised against trying to make your way down to the water, particularly because it is incredibly challenging to get back out. Instead, enjoy the views from the top. Be sure to bring your camera, but hold on to it so it doesn't fall in.

Location:  Sea Sage Hill Drive, Long Bay Hills