La Bodeguita del Medio

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Set along the beach, Bodeguita del Medio is a place to be experienced. Aquamarine blue is the color of the window panes, columns and roof which is accentuated by white walls. But that is from a bit far. Once you are closer, you will notice scribbled notes all over the restaurant and bar by happy patrons. On the walls, windows, tables and almost every open space left. There is still room for more as people want to leave their mark of appreciation. You will find poems, notes, sketches, drawings and more. But that is not only its claim to fame. It is also one of the best spots in town to enjoy local cuisine. Lovingly prepared, their dishes will also make your wallets happy. Tipple on mojitos, listen to the lively banter or some live music and enjoy good food.

Location:  Calle 40, Off Avenida Playa