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Dig into hearty Italian delicacies at Paladar Nonna Tina. Wood-fired thin crust pizzas, freshly made pastas and bruschettas are just some of the dishes you can call for. The Pesto Linguine is especially delicious. Each dish is made-to-order and though the food takes a while to be served, the deliciousness of the delicacies make it well worth the wait. Don’t forget to pair the food with a glass of steaming hot cappuccino or call for a fruity cocktail. The restaurant is also popular with families for their array of decadent desserts. If you find yourself craving for decadent Italian food, look no further than Paladar Nonna Tina.

Location:  Calle 38, Suite 5, entre 1ra y Playa

Business hours:  Tu-Su 12:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m.