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Everything comes together at Mesón del Quijote, a peaceful spot on a hill overlooking Varadero across from the Villa Cuba hotel. Just out front is a bronze statue of Don Quixote galloping toward what looks like a medieval castle turret, which in reality is a water tower. This restaurant has gracious, attentive service and a welcome patio breeze with views of the water. It also serves some of the best food in town - hearty and delicious comfort foods done right. Start with a Cuba Libre cocktail followed by a refreshing crab cocktail with mayo dressing. Add some Serrano ham. The star of the menu is the chef's specialty, Judias Dulcineas. This hearty, tomato-based Spanish bean stew with chunks of pork, potatoes, peppers, onion, bacon and garlic is rich and savoury - and big enough to share. Order the caramelo flan for dessert.

Pricing: $$