Victoria's Chinatown is the nation's oldest, and second only to San Francisco when it comes to the whole of North America. The origins of Victoria's Chinatown can be traced back to the mid-1800s when gold was discovered in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia. Miners from California flocked to the shores of Victoria in search of fortune, many of whom were Chinese immigrants. In the 1880s, a fresh wave of Chinese workers arrived to help construct the Canadian Pacific Railway. For these immigrants, Chinatown became their sanctuary, a place reminiscent of the homeland they had left behind. Over the years, the neighborhood grew steadily, a jumble of winding alleys and hidden courtyards forever brimming with life. A melting pot for the Chinese-Canadian culture, the streets of Victoria's Chinatown are lined with restaurants, shops and theaters with a traditional bent. A whirlwind of colors, aromas and tastes, Chinatown is your gateway into the history of the Chinese-Canadians and a showcase of their culture. Fisgard Street, Fan Tan Alley, The Gate of Harmonious and the Tam Kung Buddhist Temple are some of the neighborhood's more popular attractions.

Location:  Chinatown