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Inspired by the rich heritage and culture of Whitehorse, the Wheelhouse Restaurant pays homage to the majestic sternwheelers that once plied the wild waters of the Yokon River with a 1930s themed decor replete with old photographs, period furniture and other artifacts. Complete with a waterfront location, the final effect is one of genuine, old-world charm and understated elegance. On the menu is a sumptuous selection of contemporary Canadian cuisine prepared using fresh, local ingredients like game meat, garden veggies and ocean fish. From decadent options like duck confit and grilled Atlantic char, to braised short ribs and penne with elk, a meal at the Wheelhouse promises to be an indulgence that you will not soon regret. The delicious food and enchanting ambiance are paired to perfection with service that is warm, attentive and friendly. For a modern Yukon meal, look no further than the Wheelhouse Restaurant.

Location:  2237 2nd Avenue, Unit 170, Waterfront Station

Business hours:  Tu-Su 5:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.