Albert Street Cocktail Company

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Albert Street Cocktail Company is a stunning cocktail bar popular among locals and tourists alike. The place is sure to impress you as soon as you step foot inside. The interior is decked in a modern decor and illuminated with dramatic lights that add immeasurably to the place's character. There are plenty of seats each offering obstruction-free view of the gorgeous bar which boasts of eclectic spirits sourced from across the globe. The bartenders are masters at their craft, known to create magic with these fine liquors. The results of their impeccable precision are potent concoctions like the lemon and brandy infused Sidecar, perfect Mai Tai, tequila-laced Paloma and the El Segundo which comes with a hint of vanilla.

Location:  91 Albert Street

Business hours:  Tu-Sa 4:00 p.m.-2:00 a.m.