Corydon is based around Corydon Avenue, sandwiched between the meandering Red and Assiniboine Rivers. It has emerged as one of the city's main shopping and dining districts, although it does not have the flamboyance of neighboring Osborne Village. Home decor, women's fashions, jewelry, antiques or vintage apparel, name it and you will find it here. Corydon is also known for trendy hair and nail salons, art galleries, craft stores and gourmet food shops. Corydon Avenue was once called Little Italy and it lives up to the promise with numerous espresso bars and geltao parlors. Gastronomes will delight in the restaurants serving cuisines ranging from East Asian to French and American. The main attraction of this neighborhood is Colours of Corydon, a series of eight outdoor metal sculptures, each representing a European country.

Location:  Corydon