FortWhyte Alive: Bison Safari

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Outdoor Activities

FortWhyte Alive is an educational and environmental center, known for its adventure sports, floating boardwalks, family tree houses, and wildlife and birdwatching tours. It is especially renowned for the Bison Prairie spread over 70 acres (28.32 hectares). As the largest land mammal found in North America, the bison is protected at FortWhyte Alive in line with the Canadian Government's conservation efforts. The Bison Safari takes you to the very heart of the prairie, traversing marshes, forests and lake shores along the way, until you spot the fascinating mammal. During the safari, participants learn innumerable facts about the bison and how it is an integral part of Manitoba's history and culture. You also get a glimpse of other attractions in FortWhyte Alive and gain practical tips on environment and wildlife protection. So head here with a camera in hand and happily click photos of Canada's largest land animal. This tour is available seasonally and private booking is possible with ten or more participants.

Location:  1961 McCreary Road, FortWhyte Alive