Manitoba Legislative Building

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Dominating the heart of Winnipeg is Manitoba's Legislative Building, an exemplary neoclassical structure that was designed by architects Frank Worthington Simon and Henry Boddington III. The structure is swathed in utter splendor and features endless elements across its impressive exterior and its immaculate interior. But the crown jewel of the building is the Golden Boy, joyfully perched atop the building's central cupola, emblematic of the province's prosperity and all-round progress. Several of the building's features are inspired by mythical figures across cultures, like the Goddess Europa that signifies Canada's European heritage, or Egyptian sphinxes that flank the building's main pediment and act as an ode to the Sun God Ra. Other notable elements of this magnificent building include the Grand Staircase, the rotunda with Corinthian columns, and the Legislative Chamber.

Location:  450 Broadway Avenue

Business hours:  Mo-Su 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.