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Osborne Village is located close to the confluence of Assiniboine and Red Rivers, and forms the dream neighborhood of many a Canadian. Winner of the title “Canada's Great Neighbourhood” conferred by the Canadian Institute of Planners, it offers an idiosyncratic mix of historic and modern architecture. Quaint churches stand alongside high rises, and this neighborhood even boasts one of the city's tallest buildings. It is also one of Winnipeg's oldest and most populated localities. Today, it has emerged as a major shopping destination, offering everything from jewelry showrooms and fashion boutiques to music and kitchenware stores. Culturally, it is not far behind either and it usually has violinists strumming popular tunes at street corners during touristy seasons. Its streets don a colorful look and offer a blend of good food, music, shops and architecture. Osborne Village is best known for its annual Canada Day Celebration, where you can find the best local food and art, live music events, and activities for both adults and kids.

Location:  Osborne Village