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The establishment of the Winnipeg branch of the Royal Canadian Mint in 1976 came after years of deliberation, the end result of which was a split between the production of collector's coins and circulation coins between the historic Mint in Ottawa and the new facility in Winnipeg. Designed by the architect, Étienne Gaboury, the triangular, glass edifice of the Royal Canadian Mint rises majestically above the surrounding prairie, like a futuristic ship sailing across a sea of green, its glimmering face reflected in the waters of the pond nearby. The Mint produces all of the country's circulation coins, in addition to the those of over 70 other countries. A tour of the facility offers an insight into the intriguing world of numismatics, while the boutique and museum showcase historic currencies, collector's coins and a famed bar of gold.

Location:  520 Lagimodière Boulevard, The Mint

Business hours:  Tu-Sa 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.