Vanilla Ice, Coolio, Young MC

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Vanilla Ice, Coolio, Young MC

Photo credit: Vanilla Ice


Robert Matthew Van Winkle is a rapper, television personality and actor who goes by the moniker Vanilla Ice. He made a meteoric rise to fame after releasing his hit song "Ice Ice Baby" with SBK Records in 1990. Despite massive amounts of commercial attention, he eventually regretted his record deal with the major label, who forced him to adopt a more digestible image and exploit the market with products like a 12" doll of the singer. After three years of non-stop touring, he retreated from the spotlight to work on a new album, the ill-recieved Mind Blowin. Heavy drug use plagued his career for the next few years, but he managed to snap out of it and release a somewhat steady stream of records throughout the decades, from 1998's Hard to Swallow and 2008's comeback record Vanilla Ice Is Back! All the while, he managed to try his hand at acting and hosting his own shows such as Vanilla Ice Goes Amish.

Location:  Bell MTS Place, 300 Portage Avenue

Date:  Nov 17, 2018 8 p.m.