Yellowknife River

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Outdoor Activities

Yellowknife River takes its name from the Yellowknives Dene, a tribe of First Nations peoples who lived by the river and in the surrounding area for millennia. The river begins up at Greenstocking Lake before making its way south, across the wilderness of the Northwest Territories to Yellowknife Bay where it empties into Great Slave Lake. Trout and other varieties of fish populate the river, while the surrounding wilderness is rife with native flora and fauna fed by the waters of Yellowknife. The white water rapids along its path are also a popular choice for adrenaline-pumping kayak expeditions. Several trails are found along the water's edge, meandering alongside the river's serpentine flow. The city is Yellowknife is located near the mouth of the river and draws its water supply from here.

Location:  Yellowknife River