Hollywood Beach Resort Cruise Port

2.5 star rating

This hotel is rated between 2 and 3 stars. 2 star - Budget accommodation with limited facilities and services. 3 star - Standard accommodation with basic facilities and limited services.

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    Hotel needs some TLC

    Reviewed by itskaren14() on Jul 25, 2020

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    Upside: from the outside you get a nice view of the beach & alot of restaurants within walking distance. The downside is $25/day parking or $10/hour parking. The hotel is very run down in the inside with the ceiling missing on the second floor. The couches that they have for display? Are older than someone’s grandmother. The hospitality from the workers is nonexistent. We booked through airbnb & so we were looked at as outsiders that weren’t even allowed to get a roll of toilet paper, new sheets or towels. The laundry room was closed on us when we were drying our clothes. The internet stopped working after 2am. The hallway carpet on the fourth floor smelled atrocious. As you can see theres more pros to cons but if you definitely get what you paid for since it was $30 per day through airbnb. ??????? better than a motel I guess, not upscale in anyway shape or form

    Zero Star

    Reviewed by Jthomas920() on Jun 22, 2020

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    If it was possible to leave a 0 star I would. Most of this hotel is owned by private owners that rent out their own rooms. That is how we booked our room (through Air BnB). So, being we did not book a room through the actual hotel, we were treated like scum (and that is putting it very lightly). The front desk receptionists were completely rude, with zero personality and very unprofessional. There was a public bathroom that should be used for guests on the main Lobby floor for when you come off the beach and need to use the restroom, howevee it was not opened/available to use because of "covid-19" but the one at the pool was. This hotel probably 10-15 years ago was nice, as it looked like a small shopping mall used to be inside at one time, but all the spaces had "For Lease" signs taped on the windows. In all of the main areas the air conditioning did not seem to be working or just not turned on. When walking around the hotel "Tshirts, shoes, and facemasks REQUIRED at ALL TIMES" and security will be on you if they notice anyone not in compliance. Our room was VERY outdated, needed a lot of repairs (which again is privately owned so cant speak for it being the same in every single room) and barely stayed cool. We kept the curtain closed and lights off the whole time just so it was bearable. There's no ice machines or vending machines available for guests on your floor, but there is a small convenience store on the main lobby for you to purchase some items if needed. Our room (454) had a small kitchenette but the stove did not work. There was myself and 3 other girls staying in our room, we were given one extra roll of toilet paper for 4 days. When we asked for more toilet paper they said "you're not our guest since you rented from a private owner so we don't cater to those rooms". Which also meant, if you needed clean towels or and extra pillow, again we were not treated as their guests therefore you would not get the items. The small convenience store didnt even have toilet paper for purchase. The carpets in the halls were all soaked because of all of the repairs needed on the floor (I'm assuming sinks/showers/toilets leaking) and they just had wet floor signs on the carpets to cover it up. We had an "ocean view" but the roof top was our view and one of the other reasons we had to keep our curtain closed was because random "workers" would walk by and look into our room and we wanted privacy (again we had 4 women in our room getting dressed etc). I could continue on forever... I will say me and my friends made the best of our vacation but we spent very little time in our room because of this. We will definitely never be back. Save yourself the time and aggravation and book somewhere else. Even the locals when we told them where we were staying they went "oh wow.. that place is roooughhhh".

    The place is a DUMP

    Reviewed by francisr0gers(Babylon, New York) on May 12, 2020

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    Years ago the place was good . Now the place is falling apart rooms smell carpets smell . downstairs shops are all gone its smells down there also. stay away from this place. elevators go out A/C not good it smells !!!!!

    The 7 floor experience

    Reviewed by Lpklm() on May 11, 2020

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    I stayed in room 778 for two nights. Throughout the day I kept hearing moving furniture noises from the floor above. But get this the seventh floor is the top floor. I didn't think much of it until I ordered GrubHub and had to search online for the address. Then the haunted horror stories of the hotel pulled up. Throughout the day I heard voices bouncing from the walls. So I played church music and told the noisy spirit to go away. Through the night their were faint moving furniture sounds.

    Second Stay

    Reviewed by Deventernaar(Deventer, The Netherlands) on Mar 29, 2020

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    There have been clear improvements compared to the first stay. Starting with safety. Security personnel require everyone who goes to the elevators to use the key card. You must also use this card at the entrance of the pool, but now you have also been asked for the room number. Taking out the trash has improved a lot. You can now use the tube, so it is always tidy in the area. The laundry room is now also tidy and comfortable to use. Once have switched to a new system. The 3 lifts worked well. That was different last year. Last year you could make limited use of the fitness room. This is now out of order. It became not clear to me for how long. The improvements make it much more pleasant to stay!