Jewel Dunn's River Beach Resort & Spa

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    BEAUTIFUL resort. Staff needs improvement.

    Reviewed by McLovn(Bellbrook, Ohio) on Dec 07, 2019

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    Absolutely gorgeous resort & beach. From day 1, however, the beauty & shine of this resort began to dull based upon the poor staff service we received. Upon arriving at resort, we were greeted by a very unprofessional/rude baggage-handler. We waited nearly 1.5 hours to get checked in by a very unorganized desk staff that just sat a tray of rum punch cocktails in front of our group and told us to wait. Our room was nice, but was on 3rd floor of a building with a broken elevator for duration of stay. Food was mediocre at best, and we had one absolutely horrible experience at outdoor grill one pm upon ordering a chicken sandwich, where chicken that came off grill was simply chopped up bone & all, and piled onto a bun. Drastically understaffed bars, with odd hours, resulted in extremely slow drink service being the norm. Last complaint resides with the water-sports equipment manager being unfriendly & unhelpful, refusing to let us take out a Hobie cat, claiming "no wind" when flags were clearly up & blowing. Further, just on the other side of the fence by the watersports facility, at edge of Jewel's property, were a number of "dealers" trying to lure us over. Jewel is a beautiful piece of property, but this kind of trash needs to be cleaned up and it's staff needs major polishing if it truly wants to be considered an elite all-inclusive resort. Stayed at a Sandals the previous time in Jamaica, and it was a night & day difference in service quality than at Jewel. Loved Sandals!

    Had a great time!

    Reviewed by blakkvi(Orlando, Florida) on Dec 07, 2019

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    Spent the time here with my wife. Only spent a few hours but it was great. The bar staff at the grill were amazing. Special about out to Cornell and Jamar. Would be back for those two alone! They were personable, kept the drinks strong and coming. Cornell is A1 in my book for how he handled a Customer Service issue. Blessings to both of them.

    Not very nice

    Reviewed by hessf2017(Raleigh, North Carolina) on Dec 06, 2019

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    Tired motel in need of updates Food was fair at best Elevator broken, used service elevator our entire stay. Often time there were dirty dishes that sat for hours in service corridor Ocho Rios is not a very appealing town-poverty alongside a cruise ship port

    Great staff, beautiful beach

    Reviewed by TannersB2() on Dec 05, 2019

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    If you have the chance to visit Jamaica and are looking for a relaxing resort, this is it. Be sure to find Romario Edwards as he’ll be sure you’re taken care of at all times and makes your trip that much more enjoyable with the care/service he provides. My wife and I have visited several places and Romario stands out as one of the most generous employees of all resorts we’ve been to. Also visit the Japanese steakhouse and ask for Brian as your chef - he’s tremendous.

    Nice Place, We would return. Improvements, Needed.

    Reviewed by SeaLauMor() on Dec 05, 2019

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    Hello! We went to this resort November 24th through November 29th. We celebrated my birthday as well as our honeymoon while there. My honest review is 3.5 stars out of 5, for my personal experience. We booked our entire vacation through West Jet Vacations. I will explain the good and the areas needing improvement: It takes a long time to get to the resort from the airport. You drive though 2.5 hours of poverty-stricken areas, and as such, we would definitely suggest taking coach transit, as we did. That is no fault of the resort, though! Upon arrival, our bags were handled for us, which was wonderful. We were greeted with cold, cloth towelettes to help cool us down in the open-area lobby, as we adjusted to the warm Jamaican temperatures. We were greeted with a delicious cocktail upon arrival (even my husband that does not drink, loved it)!!!! Check-in was am extremely smooth and easy process, taking approximately 15 minutes total while we sat and filled out forms/drank and took in the beauty that the lobby presents. A bell-hop took us up to our room; we werw in the main, Saphire building, in a corner room on floor 5. My husband had prearranged a birthday surprise for me, for $100USD. This included the staff decorating the room with balloons, a cake being made for me (we didn't really eat it, because it tasted like protein powder), and a bottle of champagne. There were two champagne flutes and a heart made of flower petals on the bed, but I'm not sure if that was for my birthday or just because we were on our honeymoon! The room was stunning... there are no glass pane windows there, but adorable wooden shutters that close tightly enough to keep in the cold, fresh AC air. The balcony was enormous, and fitted with a table set plus a clothes hanging rack built into the wall (which we made great use out of with our swimsuits). The bathroom was a little tight with a tub and toilet, but the sink/mirror room was enormous. The mini-fridge was kept well-stocked throughout the trip. The entire room was beautiful and classically decorated. The bed was horribly hard, and the pillows gave no support. I woke up in pain every day. The shower would lapse in pressure/warmth after about 5 minutes in the shower, every time... but it would return after a minute or two. The internet in the room was amazing, but the resort internet was horrendous (luckily, we didn't really need it out there). Our room had a beautiful ocean view (though the roofs below weren't pleasant), and on the other side of the hotel, was an incredible mountain view (we always poked out onto the balcony by the elevators in order to take in that view). We did read reviews about a musty smell in the hallways/rooms, and we did notice it in the hallway. But, it wasn't over-powering, and frankly it is extremely common in every Caribbean hotel you will stay at; you're against the ocean and people walk around half-wet... it's going to happen. That being said, Club Bling seriously needs to be pulled apart. The musty smell is overwhelming, to the point that you can smell it two rooms over, in the bar. I'm not sure who thought of carpetting a club, but it isn't the best idea... We spent a few nights in there and it did bother us, every time. Moving on... the people. The staff at this resort are efficient, friendly and excellent at their jobs for the most part. They are not cheap with making your drinks, and they are relatively quite attentive. The gentlemen in charge of getting folks on the busses are amazing... we loved those funny guys. The only problems we did have with the service, was: The housekeeping threw away the bed petals that I was drying to dry for the scrapbook, on the third day... On the second last day we were there... housekeeping never came. We called down, and no one picked up. We called down later, and the only thing they worried about was that we were out of toilet paper and delivered it... That was the only day the housekeepers ignored our room in the morning, AND didn't do turndown service. It was disappointing to spend our last night there in a bed with the duvets all twisted up. We also really did not appreciate the spa ladies continuously bombarding us to purchase massages... it was SUPER annoying. The other service issues, regarded... The food portion of the review. We waited 50 minutes for 1 pizza, one day. We finally got it and it was the wrong pizza. This was after the guy told us every 5 minutes that it was almost done, confirmed the pizza 30 minutes in as a different pizza than we ordered.. we corrected him... and still got a totally different flavour. Of the 3x we ordered the same pizza, not once was it the same pizza as the time before. That server who works afternoons just isn't great, compared to the gentleman who works later at night. The food, otherwise, was good. The pizza even tasted good, despite not always being what we ordered. The quattro formagi with forgotten gargonzola was legit the best pizza. The moonstone restaurant was extremely underwhelming. The tiny lamb portion was the most delicious lamb I've ever had... but the server forgot my husbands bruscetta and the antipesto buffet was simply disgusting. I'm not a picky person at all... but it was gross, and we heard other patrons saying the same thing. We were starving after we left Moonstone, and had to stop at the Aquamarina Grill. Moonstone DID do a great job with the Dinner Under the Stars on the Pier, though! It was good but wasn't enough food, and we did go for Aquamarina, again. The Aquamarina Grill has BOMB food... OMG. Their jerk chicken was freaking spot-on, and their chefs had the BEST personalities. I loved that place. I ate multiple plates or Jerk Chicken that week! The Coral buffet was decent. The staff were great, other than clearing our table 2 times that week while we were getting our food. The omlette dude messed up and gave my husbands omlette to another person, then messed up his second omelette... a shame as he waited about 30 minutes for it. The breakfast, in general, was a little boring as it is the only breakfast location and it's the same heavy foods every day. They did an amazing job on American Thanksgiving Dinner, though!!!!!!! Were Canadian and it was so cool to try some delicious items we see in American movies. They also did a great job with the Beach Party Buffet. It was amazing!!! The boys at the main swim-up bar were our favourite bartenders... they always did a good job. Those Pina Coladas were the best ever, but I do suggest people ask only for Coconut Rum if that's what you're used to... otherwise it will be half a glass of rum as they add Appleton in with the Coconut rum. The Irie Cafe made the BEST frozen coffee ever. I truly suggest Tepanyaki... holy macaroni, that was my favourite meal. We ate around the grill on our first night at the resort. It was incredible food, a great, hilarious chef... and it was our first experience with eating at this all-inclusive. There was no shortage of food being served there. And, it gave us our first hint of just how well Jewel Dunns Resort does at getting that sense of community going. The community will be the next section... Holy wow, we loved it. If you choose to particpate in Dinner on the Pier, The Beach Party and Tepanyaki, you will be seated with other guests. We often keep to ourselves, but we loved being able to sit and talk with other folks from around North America. It was really fun. You meet people all the time around the pools and bars and restaurants, and it is so nice to have friendly faces to run into. I also suggest the orientation on your first morning, as it gets you to meet people and get an informativd look around. We had the absolute pleasure of going to the Honeymooners/Anniversary Cocktail Party, and to the Love Game Show nights. We particpated in both and had a blast. The entertainment team that ran those events/ the games near the pool and the Talent Show really are fun people. It was a bit of a culture shock as they tease/verbally push/sarcastic/ act annoyed in a joking way, WAY more than what would be considered appropriate in Canada, but we accepted that the Americans and Jamaicans just play that way lol... don't act offended, fellow Canadians, and you'll realize the entertainment team is just a bunch of fun-loving jokesters. They gave us a number of fun evenings! The pools were beautiful and fairly well maintained (could have used alot more sifting of bugs and debris). There is alot of bees around the pool bar, but they mind their business and just want the syrup. The ocean was SO warm and incredible. No sharks or big fish... just beautiful. It is the nicest Caribbean beach I've ever been in. The non-motorized water sports are free!!!!!!! They do let vendors onto the beach, but they are registered and allowed, on rotation, throughout the week...and most don't push too, too much. But they will ask you to buy stuff (one guy swam up to me in the ocean and I didn't like that too much)... there are locals who bring out jet skis and try to get you to ride... but they can't come into the roped off area. The gift shop is extremely fair priced. We LOVE our new picture frame!!!!! I really loved the culture they created at this resort. There is a sense of community with the other guests, and most of the staff are wonderful, attentive, fun-loving folks. There certainly is ways that the resort could update itself (ie, new beds, the pool having big blocked out tiles covering the sandals logo/ pieces missing in the pool wall), new carpetting, etc. BUT. We would honestly return. It is a generally well-maintained resort, there isn't too many guests at once and it is beautiful and protected from the tourist-risks. I would suggest that couples wanting an adult-only, regular-person experience to come here. It is not an over-the-top resort, but wow. It was a great time with lots going on (plus, they can set you up with lots of excursions).