WestJet Business Travel Program


The Business Travel Program pays commission and qualifies for incentives.


Your clients save money by accessing at source discounts - they will be glad you enrolled them!

Manage credits

Save money - reduce "lost" tickets by sharing credits among your client's travellers.

Easy to use

The business Travel Program is readily accessible in the GDS’ and associated OTBs – no special training required!

Please ensure all mandatory fields (marked with a *) are filled out below and submit the form-we'll create a unique CID for your customer and be back to you with ticketing instructions in 10 to 20 days.

If you would like to enroll your guest in the highest discount tier, please provide proof of eligibility (ex. An air carrier validation report showing their spend by origin and destination on WestJet.) Submissions without proof of eligibility will start at our Level 1 discount tier.