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Frank M (Brantford, Canada) on Sep 22, 2023

I should have written this review after returning home in March. Here's what I'll tell you... The resort is modern and beautiful. The pools are amazing and the food was very good. We got great value for the cost of the trip and I would definitely to again. Having said that, the resort was at capacity in March and the lineups were hard to deal with at times. Now, we were fresh out of the pandemic and I'd heard the staffing levels had not returned to normal yet, so this problem may well be resolved now. The beach was very nice but I do prefer Cayo Coco. Obviously this is not a reflection of the resort itself. The beach bar is not well positioned. Depending on where you're sitting on the beach, it can be quite a walk to the beach bar. It would be better if the building had been positioned centrally on the beach as opposed to being at one end. The rooms were really nice, the beds were comfortable and the AC was great. We did have issues with hot water...but no big deal really.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Been in Cuba 8 times, stayed at 8 different resorts. This is so far the best or second best

hoanggeneral (Mississauga, Canada) on Sep 22, 2023

Stayed at this resort in early Sept. 2023. Travel with 11 family members. Booked with Sunwing. While booking I asked Sunwing to make note to have 5 ROOMS close to one another. But when arrive, the resort gave us 5 rooms all spread out on 2 different floors of a building! Telephone in 2 of the 5 rooms are not working! Asked for repair 3 times and then came to customer service only to be told that the issue can’t be fix while we are staying due to issue with the physical wiring. This should have been proactively communicated to the customers. Not to wait until escalate… POOLS at this resort is for sure the best I have seen in Cuba. Water is decently clear. I recommend replace the small rocks between the 2 big pools with something easer to the foots to step on. FOOD is alright. They have 3 restaurants (one of the 3 playing role of 2) you can book for dinner. Being an Indian own resort chain, the Indian restaurant searing the best food. The Sendero is a hidden restaurant. This is located at a tricky place! It’s somewhat dangerous for young kids and senior to go to (and go around/about). Lobster here worsts money. Best to go to this res. during very sunny day. Otherwise, bugs will eat you alive! They use pesticide too close to the foods! Please there are better way to kill flies and mosquito. OCEAN/BEACH/SNOKEL. Decent size sandy beach. Run the machine to collect sea weeds/trees more often please. There are a lot of fishes. Go into the water (about 1 meter deep), stand there for a few minutes and fishes will come to you. There are barracuda and none dangerous jelly fishes. Recommend taking the catamaran to about 1000m from the beach to see a bit better coral though won’t be as beautiful as those in Holguin. ENTERTAINMENT. There isn’t much and not interesting during the time of our stay. The singing in the area middle of the 3 buildings (outside of the customer service office) must stop before 10PM! People need to sleep. The men dancer (entertainer) at the beat seems being racist. Watch out! KID CLUB. The facility is okay-ish. The staffer over there seems to be a nice person but needs English speaking! Working at this position require one with full of enthusiasms and kid to like on the 1st look. LOBBY. The lobby bar serves decent drinks. Seatings are okay. The floor is VERY slippery when wets. BUILDINGS. There is no elevator though there are only 2 floors (+ the ground floor). I strongly recommend have a wash area at entrances of every building for folks to wash off sands. The wash area at the bridge is no sufficient at all. The Hemingway Square is outside of the resort (on the 1st left when walking away from the resort). This is a VERY big plus of this repost (beside the pool). The 24/7 restaurant has the best potato fries. They have okay-ish burger if you arrive at the hotel late at night. Their ketchup is acceptable. I would have gone for the excursions if they (Sunwing at hotel) price it more appropriately. They offer no discount on low season. Whole family of 11 and they still maintain the position on pricing. Very very disappointed!! Sunwing fly is the typical bad. They offer only drinking water for free. Their plane is departing out of the in-field terminal. You CANNOT go on foot. Must take their airport bus. -> make sure NOT to arrive late at the airport! Love CAT? Play with them but please do not feed them. They have a job to do; pest control (mouse, rat, etc.) TIPS: - Cover your food and clean your utensil. Flies land on them! - Bring your own soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, and personal care items. - Use lavender oil mix w/ water for repelling mosquito. Get it ready before the airplane touch down (if you arrive at night). - Bring your own sandal. - The ocean water is relatively safe at this resort. - A lot of mosquito and flies are to be expected at tropical places.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Great trip. Excellent experience. Great hotel

Rob J on Sep 18, 2023

I went to Gand Muthu Cayo Guillermo in August 2023. It was great. Food was good. Different options. I'm not very complicated so the Buffet was very good for me. Lalila was excellent. After one day she knew exactly our drinks and she was always ready to help us when needed. The restaurant at the beach was great. Easy for lunch. They served Pizza, Pasta and Paella. I went to the 3 restaurants. The best for us was the Cuban restaurant. At the beach: Mangoes and Cocunuts. No problem to find available chairs. And there was always somebody, from the staff, ready to help with chairs. The beach is excellent. Well, it is Cuba :) There are many activities (kayak, katamaram,...) . We did some scuba diving. Good price and excellent activity. 5 minutes in a taxi from the hotel. The room was good. No issues. It was always clean and there was always a bottle of water (per person) every day. Maybe the only issue for me was the location of the room. We go to bed early and the room was too to the entertainment activities at night. They stop around 10:30 pm. Next time (and there will be a next time) we will try to get a room a little far from the music. I will recommend this place to anybody. This was my first time at this hotel and not the last one.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Phenomenal Experience

Hailey P on Sep 17, 2023

In love with this resort !! All around, the views, the amenities, and of course the people. Some of the best bar tenders and staff members you will find!! Oscar, from the sports bar, does an amazing gin & tonic and makes you feel so welcome, we visited him every night of our stay, people like him make it so so hard to go home. We also met Yandy, in the cigar bar, another amazing bartender but even better person. Comfortable to sit and chat and he’s so very attentive. Had to stop in and have a few drinks with him each night of our trip as well. Roxy is also wonderful, took care of us in the buffet and such a fun, wholesome personality. These and many more made our whole trip, we go back in November and I am already counting down the days!!!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Fourth time as good as the first!

robertbW9836UN (St. Catharines, Canada) on Sep 16, 2023

This was our fourth trip to this hotel and we enjoyed it as we did our first time. Staff, accommodations, food, pools and entertainment was amazing.Niurka Torre Rogué from the restaurant reservations took care of all our dining needs, Oscar from the Sports Bar a great bartender keeping us with new drinks every night, Alex from the Sendora gave us some amazing lunches and Omar made sure we have a great evening meal just to name a few. The hotel seems to be a well oil machine. Ivan, you have a great staff .

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