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Bad Service but Decent Resort Overall

Companion778546 on Jan 24, 2023

The resort has pretty atrocious service. You have to wait in line for thirty minutes just to get coffee due to lack of staff, and the staff they do have mostly have bad attitudes and work ethic. They also ran out of food and towels on a regular basis. The kids' club staff was sleeping half of the time. The resort itself was fine and it was nice to get some warm weather, but the problem was the people working there. The food and amenities were fine overall, but the value I would say of the whole is experience is about half of what we had to pay for it.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Such a beautiful property deserves better management and service

brucegT664AM (Kingston, Jamaica) on Jan 24, 2023

First off, the property is amazingly idyllic. It is sited in a rain forest ambiance on a bluff which slopes down to the sea. Its contour is a series of “hills and valleys” with cottages set amidst lush greenery. I stepped from the road straight into my cottage and from the balcony at the rear I was looking down at a canopy of tall trees. This gives an idea of the contrasting elevations. It must have been a challenge to the architect who did the layout but he or she deserves a gold medal for doing a splendid job. Banana trees with large bunches of bearing fruit are planted along the verges. Nice idea. It must be a novel spectacle for guests who have never seen a banana tree before. Supposedly, the fruit is used to supply the restaurants. The well-paved roads throughout the property are literally “up and down” and fitness geeks would enjoy merely walking or jogging through the property. Golf cart shuttles are used for guests to commute from one point to another, especially for the more sedentary ones like me (more on that later). The cottage at which I stayed is part of a duplex with a shared front porch. The unit itself is like a one-bedroom apartment with enclosed bathroom and closet, a bar counter with a mini refrigerator stuck in one corner and a large-screen, wall-mounted TV. It has a nice hardwood floor and the space was nice and clean. It has a nice balcony at the rear. The room is spacious, simply but adequately furnished and equipped with air conditioning as well as a ceiling fan. The food quality at the Seabreeze restaurant is not bad but not exceptional either. They do vary the menu each day to make each visit a little interesting. Dining at the Buccaneers is much better but reservations are required and are not always available. I was put off by the fact that there is a charge of US$40 per person to dine at the “fine-dining” Nicole’s restaurant. Isn’t this supposed to be an all-inclusive resort? Lunch at the Wadadli Snack Shop, like sandwiches, burgers, is fairly good. There are four pools on the property including a kiddies pool. There are two small beaches which could do with some upgrading as well as double tennis courts. Water sports is offered at one of the beaches. The gym is fairly well equipped. Wi-fi service is pretty good. Entertainment activities need to be beefed up. Live or recorded music is played at the poolside bar most nights but hardly anyone is ever seen dancing. More can be done to infuse a party spirit That being said, I encountered some things that left much to be desired. This is an all-inclusive facility which makes guest satisfaction more sensitive and requires that much more attention to service quality and delivery. On my first full day in the villa, no one came to refresh the room, make the beds, replace towels, dispose of trash etc. Some of the sachets with coffee creamer appeared to have been there for so long that the packaging had become discolored and the contents had become calcified. There were no napkins to clean up when I spilled some coffee. I had already exhausted the one complimentary bottle of drinking water so the following morning I had to brew coffee with tap water. I chose not to complain to the front desk as I wanted to see if this was an isolated slip-up so I did what minimal freshening up I could. On the second day as I was leaving the cottage, I saw a housekeeper attending to the adjoining cottage and assumed that mine was next in line. To my utter surprise, I returned later to find the cottage untouched. It was only on the third day that my room was cleaned, again on the fifth day and finally on the seventh day as I was checking out. Shabby! Especially for a beach and spa resort where rooms are likely to get soiled more frequently. Commuting from one point to another can be an exhilarating walk up and down the hilly roads. Alternatively, one can call for a golf cart shuttle but you may experience some delay. On one occasion I sat on the porch outside and waited for over 30 minutes before one arrived. One would have thought that a pool of golf carts would always be stationed at the locations that guests frequent, like the reception area, restaurants and pool areas. Not so. It appears that they do not have enough golf carts or drivers to operate them. It would be a good idea to provide bicycles which guests could use to commute rather than having to wait for long periods several times each day to be picked up. The quality of service by the staff needs considerable improvement. Visiting the Seabreeze restaurant, you are required to have your room number recorded and to be seated by a staff member. Too often, no one was at the desk so, at times, as many as 8 or 10 people stand in line at the desk without anyone paying them any mind. I arrived for lunch one day at 12.15pm only to be told that the food was “not quite ready” and had to sit and wait for 15 minutes before it was available. At dinner one evening, long after I had finished eating and closed my knife and fork, the plate was still sitting in front of me. I wanted to go get some dessert but there was no space on the table for another plate. Eventually I saw a waiter’s tray some distance away, took the plate myself and left it there so that I could approach the dessert station. I visited the front desk to make some enquiries. There were three staff members behind the counter who all appeared to be busy. The one immediately in front of me was talking on the phone. After some time, she hung up the phone and without even acknowledging my presence, proceeded to dial a number and commence a new conversation. I eventually walked away in frustration. At none of the service areas was I able to identify anyone who appeared to be a supervisor or manager. It is a shame that such a beautiful, well laid out facility is so compromised by service deficiencies. If I owned the property I would hire a new management team with strong hospitality experience and creative thinking ability because there is so much at this property to be creative about. The staff needs to be thoroughly retrained to become more sensitive and responsive to customer service and satisfaction. The Verandah can be transformed into the ideal resort it deserves to be.

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Quick Weekend Getaway

smusti (Briarcliff Manor, New York) on Jan 20, 2023

The Verandah was a perfect weekend getaway from the winter temps for us. It's about 30 minutes from the airport. It is well worth the extra $20 per night to get the Waterfront View from your villa. The resort is situated in a quiet bay with a lot of watersports like sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding that are included in the price of your stay. The food was good at the restaurants with a mix of buffet, bar and grill, and a la carte. I would go back to stay here. You must understand that the general attitude on the island is laid back and chill. If you want something from guest services, you will have to make a few trips or wait a while longer as there is only one person working in that office. A good solution would be to place people on shifts for better coverage. The bars are located conveniently to be able to get drinks whether you are at the beach or the pool. The walk to Long Bay beach and Devil's Bridge (both just outside the resort) were convenient. Note that you can get a day pass to the sister property - Pineapple Beach Resort which has some snorkeling and better sailing.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Antigua Verandah Jan. 10 - January 17

Kelly S on Jan 19, 2023

I stayed at the this resort for 7 days last week. The resort is very nice and relaxing. The food I would give a 3-4 star rating. The service was horrific. Many others staying there were complaining as well about the service. The waitstaff regardless of which bar or restaurant or grill you are at will barely make eye contact in fear you may have a request. As soon as you slide them some monies everything changes even though gratuities are included in the all inclusive package. The rooms are outdated but over all clean and comfortable beds. A few employees that should receive compliments. Andre, Nian, AJ, and Carlos. The pools are nice and clean. I booked the Calypso Catamaran for snorkeling adventure at the resort and the Captain Noel and his staff: Danielle, Shaq and one other name I did not get were over the top great and wonderful day to spend in Antigua

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

The Veranda Resort and Spar January 2023

Ray J (Southampton, United Kingdom) on Jan 16, 2023

The staff were very helpful and friendly, they couldn't do enough to make you feel good. Hotel location, facilities and accommodation were excellent. Food, especially in the buccaneers restaurant was very good. The beach bars were also very good.

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