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Resort needs help on smart serve and rude customers.

Janet R on Jan 24, 2023

The resort is beautiful,the food was terrible.The over serving is very disgusting.Cuba needs to learn smart serve.Person got seriously hurt there do to booze and medication.The staff told me they will get fired if they say no to a drunk person,which is very wrong.The staff is going to a certain person who is a guest for advice which is wrong.I would never go back,way to much drama there,too much over serving.If the resort was somewhere else for same couples like the Domicain I would go but never will I go back to Cuba.They need to be more like the states and Canada and shut the bar down at a certain time of night.

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Bring your own towels

Q Y on Jan 22, 2023

Hotel room is great (no bathroom door so you need to be really in love with you roommates). Food is not bad, I am grateful there is food as there is shortage in the rest of the country. My issue is with the towels… everyday I have to run the chambermaid down for towels and finding her is useless cause she has no clean towels for me. Some days the towels are stained. Bedsheets smell weird. Hot water has this sewage taste so stick to the bottle water they give you. I also wish they have bathmat of sort. I still have a couple more days and kind of wish I am home already. It’s such a pity because it is a really beautiful building and the staff already try their best.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Very inclusive environment, with amazing people

758alic (Westport, Canada) on Jan 22, 2023

My hubby and I just returned from a week at the Gran Muthu Rainbow. The resort is gorgeous (every room is a large suite), the pool is large, and the beach is beautiful. The staff at every point were very friendly, and helpful. It is apparent at this resort, that they love what they do. The snack bar was the hang out place after the other bars closed, and was a great opportunity to chat and make friends. The noon wine bar opens at 1230pm, and they make the best drinks (try the bloody marys!). The pool bar was always a hit, when playing around the pool. The coffee bar was amazing, and we enjoyed our morning lattes daily. There are 4 a la carts, and you get to book 3, when there for a week. Book them early on so that you can take advantage, without having to go too late. The buffet was ok, it was typical cuba. It was always clean, and there was always something to eat, no matter how picky you are. The snack bar is 24hrs, and the burgers and ham and cheese sandwiches were good. The best part about this resort, was the vibe. Everyone was so happy, open minded and just looking for some fun and relaxation. There was a good mix of gay couples and singles, and straight couples and singles. We made more friends on this trip, than any other trip we have taken. It is so safe for singles, so.if you are considering traveling alone, go here. This area of Cuba is far from other popular areas, so unless you do an excursion, you have the option of experiencing Pillar Beach, which is only 3kms away, or just enjoying your time at the resort. We did the sea tour (catamaran), which we enjoyed, but we wish we would've booked the local catamaran on the beach, as it was more personal (just 3 or 4 can go), and they take you to a little island with amazing snorkeling. This is the first resort in Cuba, that I will go back to. We felt so welcomed and special by the staff and the guests. It was truly a vacation we will never forget! A couple of tips: 1) book the VIP at the airport. It's $30US, but includes an open bar, snacks, wifi, and couches. It was so much more relaxing and comfortable than the regular section, and with ALOT less people. 2) they will take toonies and loonies, but will want to trade them in for bills, since they can't take them to the bank. So keep some Canadian bills to help them out. 3) it's all inclusive, but tip when you can. It's not a requirement, but it goes a long way for them and their families. All of the staff at this resort commute over an hour to get to work, on a bus, and work 16 hours a day...and every single one of them do it with smiles and pride. 3) be respectful of the staff and the other guests. This respect is what makes this resort a gem. All in all, we are so happy we decided to vacation at Gran Muthu Rainbow, and we can't wait to go back ??

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Hola once again!...

Rocketman2008 (Ontario) on Jan 21, 2023

This is the second time that my bride and I have visited this resort. We had planned to go to Ecuador, but chose to come back here instead. One of the things we both loved, was the vibe of the resort. There were numerous LGBQT persons there and that added a certain accent to the trip. No one pried about anyone’s private life, and it wad really refreshing to see people truly unwind. I heard a few people complain about the food, but I think you have to put it in perspective. We didn’t come for the food, but came for the sun and the beach. Going to Cuba and complaining about the food, is like going to Las Vegas and complaining about the sounds of slot machines. The bar and beach staff were incredibly accommodating. Pedro and his counterparts will always ensure that your glass is full, without ever complaining. My wife and I came back tanned and relaxed, without breaking the bank. I really don’t think you could ask for more than that.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Fun clean resort

nels7902 (Miramichi, Canada) on Jan 18, 2023

Visited this resort during low season in October 2022. Resort is newer, staff kept it clean and were very friendly. Entertainment crew was awesome, they had a different show or event every night. Special shout out to yorlandys and pedro from that team for going above and beyond. We spent most of our trip by the pool and pool bar / 24 hr snack bar. Pool is great and the bar staff made the trip. Thanks Zuni and Dariel for your great service. The resort has 2 beaches, the one directly in front of the hotel is on rocky cliff but the is other is nice for swimming and is just a short walk. I see lots of hit or miss reviews about the food. For me, i had decent luck here. I am a vegetarian and it was also low season and many things were limited, so there wasn’t a “ton” of options for me. That being said i could always find something i liked. If your focus during vacation is to have a dining experiences, i would pick another country in general. Feedback for resort - we would like to see the DJ stay around a little later. Once they pack up the pool bar is still open late, but it isnt the same vibe without the music. Overall, we had a great time and even rebooked for this march 2023 with friends.

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