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4.0 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.0
  • Location 4.5
  • Rooms 3.5
  • Service 4.0
  • Value 4.0

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Our best experience in this resort

Adventure29801898531 (Canada) on Feb 01, 2023

My experience at Iberostar Daiquiri was great overall, and the staff made everything great. Leydis in the buffet, Kevin custumer service, Yake in housekeeping, bartenders, gardeners, reception, all of them were not only very helpful, but also showed us the human warmth that we don't have in Canada. Eat like the locals: arroz congris, flan y lechón, an exquisite menú that is the local. Enjoy the view and ley the children bathe in the pool, but above all enjoy the Cuban Days, that are spectacular. Remember that you are going to Cuba, live the charm of the culture.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

An honest review

Lexie011 (Ottawa, Canada) on Jan 28, 2023

Stayed 12 Jan to 26 Jan 2023. To start with this is in our opinion, it's not a 4 star hotel. We have visited Cuba quite a few times. The hotel lobby was clean and fine. I don't find the check in to be overly friendly and welcoming. They do what they have to do but not with alot of smiles. Our room was fine, everything worked. We had hot water. and the pressure was fine. Had to adjust alot the temp was too hot then too cold. Toilet worked ok. The bed was ok but the pillows are not good at all. My husband had to have 3 pillows to sleep. Some of the bath towels were stained and should be thrown out (have pics of these too). If you need clothes hangers bring some as we only had 2. I asked for more but didn't get them. Our cleaner left some nice towel art for us daily. The one negative is you can hear doors slamming all the time. Even wakes you up when people slam their doors shut. Need felt or something to prevent hearing this. Never have been to a place where you hear doors slam like this. It's not that the wind is blowing through. Food.- We know that you don't go to Cuba for the food. but this time was worse than before. You never go hunger, bread, chicken, pork, fish pasta and rice. No butter for the 2 weeks and bacon only one morning. The pool grill is questionable. They served hamburgers, fries and ham and cheese sandwiches. I really question the grease they use. I was sick 2 different times and wonder if it was in the grease from the fries. The beach restaurant is Cuban food, chicken, pork, beef, rice and beans with a potato for lunch. They make good Cuban soup too. We ate there alot at lunch . At least the food was cooked good and hot. We did do the ala carte restaurants same food as buffet but nice to be served and is a quiet place for dinner. One thing is they need music at these restaurants in the back ground. The buffet was ok, like I said food is sparse but you don't starve. I found service on the right side not the best at least with one server. Unfortuntely I don't know his name but he was rude to us. The others were find. I do have a pic if a manager wants to have it. We avoided that side when he was working. Maybe it was a bad day but don't take it out on us. All my husband did was ask for another glass of wine without a fly in it. That could have happened to anyone. He didn't need to slam down another glass in haste. Also in the buffet they don't come back to refill glasses too often. One morning I got up and got more coffee myself. If you want pancakes bring your own syrup. They ran out of red, white wine during the first week at buffet. Had Rose then it ran out as well. The ala cartes still had some but not the lobby bar or beach restaurant. I question the cleanliness of the food areas especially. The door windows to the buffet not cleaned the time we were there. The cooks don't seem to have enough utinsils cooking. They take the utinsils from raw to cooked and back again. I know they have to work with what they have but not safe. Not enough spoons for getting food out either. Maybe a shortage? Napkins must be in a shortage as they cut them in half for the tables. We never had a problem with getting drinks at the bar. The lobby bar was good and very busy but pleasant. The beach bar was good as well. Shout out to Marsel great drinks. He was good serving in the the buffet too. Also shout out to Leidys at the left side of buffet. She has a smile all the time ,and loves her job that shows it. The beach towels some of them needed to be thrown out too. Had stains and I saw one guest who had a huge hole in theirs. BEACH - That's why we go to Cube it's beautiful. Never had a problem getting a lounger. One thing is the life guards do not stay and watch the beach. They are out getting sales for the glass bottom boat and other excursions. One day a kite surfer was in distress and almost died. It was a few guests that got him to shore before a life guard showed up. Security called the doctor and she got there right away. The life guards were at the pool. A lady in the lounger whistled really loud and if the life guard was there he should have been out in the water right away. The bathrooms by the pool and the beach were clean to use. The grounds were kept tidy as well. Is there a shortage of food or does the resort not want to pay for it. We have met others that stayed at other resorts and they had wine, butter , pizza etc. We didn't have pizza either. Pools was clean too... Will we go back to this resort? Probably not unfortunately. Loved the beach, warm weather and met some nice people, and new friends.

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FarAway539121 on Jan 26, 2023

Where do I even start.... This is the worst place i've ever stayed at. My fiance and I stayed here in April 2022. This was our first tropical vacation and we were so excited. We got to the resort and the lobby is okay..its probably the best part of the whole place. We got to our room and it was horrible. It smelt like sewage, super outdated and nothing was clean! There were blood stains on our bed sheets. The bathroom toilet barely flushed, the drains were clogged... bring shower shoes. I felt dirty even after my "shower". We also had bed bugs. There is barely any wifi it only works in the lobby but it cuts in and out constantly! the food was HORRIBLE. we are not picky eaters but the food here is not eatable. The staff cooking the food will not give you extra if you ask for more. The plates were dirty from previous use, flies and cockroaches swarming all of the food. this place should be shut down! this is NOT a 4 star hotel. This place is an absolute mess! I honestly couldn't wait to come home. The beach is the nicest part of the place but even then, the walk way out to the water looks like it could break at any point and there is missing pieces of wood everywhere. The drinks were ok.. staff definitely tries to avoid you so they don't have to make a drink. DO NOT STAY HERE. do not listen to other reviews saying it's amazing because it is not. I'm super disappointed with this trip and will never return.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Incredible experience, so pleased with our reservations

ladydar1 (Stayner, Canada) on Jan 25, 2023

We arrived here on Sunday for a weeklong vacation, read the reviews before we got here and was prepared for the worst, and honestly, totally surprised, and pleased with the service, accommodations, the food the booze everything. The staff is incredible. You will not starve here, there is no hunger games. You have to understand that the resorts in this country have gone through hell in the last few years. They are doing the best they can and I will say this resort has gone above and beyond. We have a granddaughter who has a peanut allergy and the chef and everyone around us has been incredible to ensure her safety as well as her dietary needs highly recommend this lovely resort. ??

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Not 4* - drunk employees

Ash2641 (Pefferlaw) on Jan 21, 2023

We have been to Cuba many times and this was not a 4 star resort. The staff were all wasted everyday, they were asking us to go get them drinks and workers were bringing each other drinks. At the buffet we were lucky to get a clean table/service from a server for a drink out of the full 7 days with all meals we got waited on twice. Cockroach’s running around everywhere. Entertainment was seriously lacking only 2 shows for an entire week - now the Michael Jackson show was excellent, but other then that no day time entertainment or games and when they did they started them at 5pm as the sun was going down. The pool was FREEEZING really weird to be at a resort where no one can even stand being in the pool when it’s 28 out.

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