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Hola!! i love Cuba.

Karen W (St. Augustine, Florida) on Jan 29, 2023

This trip was our 6th trip to Cuba but our first at the Pullman. We have all good things to say about it but mostly the staff that go out of their way to help you. The food was good and consistent and the ala cartes were a real treat. The resort is fairly new and in good shape and is kept so clean and tidy. There is plenty of seating everywhere we went from the beach, the lobby bar, the theatre and the pool areas. It was by far the best entertainment we have ever seen in Cuba and loved the music in the lobby bar as well. It is important to understand the economic situation in Cuba before going and to realize that not everything is available every day. They try very hard to provide the guests with everything expected but it not always available. White wine was not available and there was no tequila. But the morning mimosas were amazing!! Thanks to Johnny. The best thing about this resort is the beach and the people. You will have an amazing relaxing time. Our only complaint was the 24 hour snack bar. the food here was terrible and the staff were rude! But the beach bar lunch food was amazing!! You had to line up early as they ran out every day. So pack your bag.. you won't regret it. And make sure you say Hola to everyone you see! PS.. The tipping is getting more confusing by the year. We tipped in Canadian and no one seemed to have a problem with it. When the staff got too many coins, they just came up to you and asked to switch it over to a twenty dollar bill. Only other remark was the beach had a lot of jelly fish. We have never seen this before so I am not sure why.

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First time here

max010145 (Waterloo, Canada) on Jan 29, 2023

I would rate this resort as an 4plus for Cuba. Due to the staff and the great room. The food is just above an 3.5 resort. The elevator does not work. with no carts it comes very hard place to stay if you are older or have walking issues. I had to help many people take up their luggage to the upper lobby. Food is an issue in Cuba. No jams and for 3 days there was no butter. Need an pancake station, no orange juice for the week No hotdogs or hamburges for the week. More like an 2 star in Mexico for the food Plus side the maid service was great and had beer in the room each day. The Disco was a little dangerous late at night and lots drunks after midnight running all over the hallways. The beach staff and beach bar was the best next the lobby staff was good. This hotel needs to build an ramp/road around the right side of the resort and add some carts to help out the guests.

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Worst Cuba trip ever, basic needs weren’t met like water and power

Kamila D on Jan 27, 2023

I’ve been to Cuba many times and stayed in various resorts, but have never been so disappointed as my trip to Pullman. My family has always loved coming to Cuba for the beach but the amount of problems we had, we said this might be the last time we come to Cuba. Food storages at the snack bar and buffet. Usually you could at-least survive off of fries but here the fries are soggy with oil and somehow brown, and that’s if they even have them. We had a water outage for basically 4 days. No flushing toilets, not proper cleaning of plates, no showers. When the water came back pressure was drops and cold water. Our shower water literally smelt like urine. They gave each person 2 water bottles to wash themselves and use for the toilets which was an entire hassle. One of our family members got sick right after the water storage and I wouldn’t be surprised it was from improper cleaning. Drinks had no ice, but even when they did, cocktails taste like rubbing alcohol and no straws. So the drinks aren’t mixed well. Public washrooms were full of feces. The music by the pool was so loud you can hear it everywhere in the hotel. Not very relaxing. Not only a water outage we also had a few power outages. In the middle of the party, the music and all the hotel lights shorted. It was so dark people couldn’t see in-front of their face. Hotel isn’t clean. We didn’t have beach towels when we got here and when we went to the maid to get some she said she doesn’t have any. So same towels all week. Same bath towels as well. They might look fresh but the marks on the towels show they’re the same ones. Shortage of napkins so tables are dirty after people finish eating. Beach is obviously nice but keep in mind it’s either very windy or calm but filled with jelly fish, at least this time of year. I feel bad because Cuba has always been a go to vacation place but now we are to worried to even take a risk to go to another hotel with our awful experience at this hotel.

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Great Stay

chiquitabanana2017 (Sault Ste. Marie, Canada) on Jan 27, 2023

We went for 7 days. Was one trip to remember. The room was beautiful and clean. We had water and beer in the fridge, towels for the beach on the bed waiting for us when we checked in. The food was phenomenal and the service 100 out of 100. The people was so nice and accommodating. We will be back. Thank you from the Frair family

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Excellent entertainment and WiFi in your room.

Murray D (Saint John, Canada) on Jan 27, 2023

OK the food wasn't so great but we got by ok. Desserts not the best but the chocolate ice cream was pretty good! The beach was as expected, excellent! The staff were top notch and they were not short staffed like other Cayo Coco resorts I've been to. The rooms were very nice and we had a partial ocean view upgrade no extra cost. Here is where it gets really good, the entertainment was excellent! The dancers were phenomenal. All the evening shows shored high marks and the rock band was exceptional. Really it's a five star resort for Cuba. I rated it only 4 because of the food not so great. The trip from the airport is maybe 20 minutes and the guy on the bus entertaining. No swampy smell like I smelled at other resorts and no mosquitos either like other Cayo Coco resorts I've been to. They have Cuban singers and bands as well before the evening show outside of the main lobby area which everyone enjoyed. I'd return here but prefer better food.

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