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4.0 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.0
  • Location 4.5
  • Rooms 3.5
  • Service 4.0
  • Value 4.0

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shanicen234 on Jun 18, 2022

This was my second trip to Tryp. The resort is very clean. The rooms and the grounds were cleaned regularly. Checking in was a breeze. The receptionist with the pixie cut is the best. The beach was wonderful, the staff makes an effort to ensure that the sea weed is kept at bay. There were an adequate number of sheltered beach chairs. Pool was fantastic and cleaned quite regularly. The pool games were fun. I actually quite enjoyed the food this time around. Perhaps it is the smaller selection of food, but items were well seasoned and very yummy. The omelette station was great in the morning. Night entertainment was lovely, they switch it up every night. Unfortunately, the disco was closed but we didn’t feel like we were missing anything. It was great seeing all the familiar faces and all the new ones. Steve, the lead animator, was lovely as per usual. Fidel, the server is the sweetest. I met Lucy, the assistant manager for the first time and she is super nice and professional. We met, Antonio, the lifeguard and we loved him too. I’m looking forward to my next trip. Pro tip: bring mosquito repellant!

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Don't stay in this hotel - do yourself a favour!

X3015TGolivert on Jun 16, 2022

Traveled to this hotel back in 2006 and was extremely happy about it, so we decided to go there again this year in the end of May... and that was a HUGE mistake unfortunately:( I strongly recommend Canadians to avoid this place and rather go to one of the hotels in Cayo Guillermo instead. What we liked about this hotel: - Beautiful beach and the sea! The water is spectacular, clean, transparent, turquoise, warm, just heaven! It was not crowded so we almost felt like we were on an uninhabited island! - Great friendly professional bartenders who can make any cocktail you want and are always nice to you! Same goes to the maids, amazing, friendly, kind people. (but dont forget to bring a lot of change/cash, loonies twonies, five-dollar bills etc to tip them every time you use their service, as it's expected. We also brought a suitcase full of small "gift" for them from a Dollar Store like tooth brushes, tooth paste, make up, kids toys, pens, face masks, candies etc). - It was great to get out somewhere after 2 years of isolation, so we tried to focus on good things, although it was hard to do :( What we didn't like about this hotel: - Rude angry receptionists, who were screaming at us and threatening us (I have everything recored on video!!). People at the reception ask for bribes and money for their pockets, they are not professional and forgot to tell us when our checkout was (apparently it's at 12 noon, we've learnt it hard way), and if you miss it, the receptionist is asking you $12 per hour meaning if you overstay for a day the room will cost you almost $300 per day - HALF of your whole trip to Cuba!!! Some grand rip off money scheme there! Make sure you check out on time! We ended up owing them $20 and because of that FIVE people were screaming at us at the reception, being super rude, angry, they threatened us that they'd call police, call the airport, that we'll ever leave the country, and they didnt allow us to get on our airport transfer bus even! We almost missed the plane and left this hotel with a horrible disgusting feeling! Thanks God two nice guys helped us and drove us to the airport!! Unbelievable. What kind of customer service is that. You just DONT treat your guests this way. Period. - Food they serve is the SAME food in all the restaurant and buffet, so dont bother eating in a Chinese restaurant there for example, they bring you the same menu everywhere and you end up eating the same food as you ate last night at the buffer . Expect desserts like : old canned pineapple topped with grated buttery cheese, just gross. - Lots of bleeding sick cats on the premises, who are hunting food and follow you everywhere, including the buffet space. Anti sanitary big time !! - The hotel is very very old and RUN DOWN, the roof has a whole in it, everything looks shabby and sad:( Two pools had green water in them during the whole week. - A lot of pesky mosquitos, we've used the whole bottle of the bugs spray just for 2 people, within 7 days! Dont forget to bring one! - Had huge flying cockroaches in our room, so on the arrival back home we kept our suitcase outside a bit before bring them in the house, and washed everything that was inside to prevent infestation. - The hotel was empty, most guests were from Cuba (rich Cubans), some disappointed guests from Spain and Argentina and everybody else was from Canada! So probably because of that the entertainment program was very limited. Young people and couples were really bored there. On the plane and at the airport we've talked to other Canadians who stayed in other resorts on Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo and it really sounds like Tryp Cayo Coco was the WORST hotel to stay in! So just go elsewhere! Go to Cuba with ZERO expectations, and just go there for a beautiful beach and the sea!

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Good, solid, friendly

Harold M (Moncton, Canada) on Jun 11, 2022

Truly enjoyed a relaxing and enjoyable week at the Tryp. Like many, if not most Cuban resorts , the staff were #1 on the awards list. Food and clean accomodations were a close second. It's 1a well laid out resort where you don't have to walk a mile to get to anything no matter what building you are in. I will definitely return . " Todo Fresa !!"¹

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A/C Broken in Buffet, Green Pools, No Snack Bar, Great Beach...

Maggie_Loves_Cuba (Ontario, Canada) on Jun 10, 2022

Let me start of by saying I am a seasoned Cuba traveler. Never going to the same resort twice (until this one, back in 2016...things have changed, not for the good), so I have a lot to compare to...over seventeen 3 and 4+ star hotels within the last few years. I am comparing Cuba to Cuba. I’ve never been to Mexico or Dominican. I find that sometimes people will go there, then come to Cuba and “be shocked”. Cuba is different, and even more so worse than before the pandemic. If you’ve been to one of these, that’s what my comparison is based upon: Hotel Parasio (Pestana), Colonial in Cayo Coco, Memories Flamenco, Tryp Cayo Coco, Melia Jardines Del Ray, Occidental Varadero, Roc Arenas, Grand Memories, Melia Varadero, Be Live Collection CSM, Play Cayo Santa Maria, Memories Parasio, Sol Varadero, Playa Costa Verde Holguin and Grand Sirenas CSM. Top faves would be Playa Cayo Santa Maria, Melia Jardines Del Ray and Sol Varadero. Rooms: They are olllld. Dirty, bug splatters on walls, toilet wouldn’t flush at times, had to call or go to reception to get it fixed. And it ran all day/night even after being fixed. The shower did have hot water. Not a fan that the balcony lights can’t be turned off at night. A/C worked well, too well…you’d get cold at night, shut it off (since it was already on the lowest setting) then a couple hours later, hot again. Couldn’t win. Mattresses were comfy tho. I mean, it’s just a room, but doesn’t give off a nice holiday vibe. The outside stairs looked like from a war, and there was glass on the floor which was never cleaned up. It was the worst room we’ve had in Cuba. But again, we don’t go for the rooms. Hotel Layout: The huge pro of this resort. We were in building 7 which was close to the buffet, stage, lobby, pool. The swamp under the lobby, come on…it’s been years, get rid of it! Entertainment: Day time lacked because the pool was closed (green water), perhaps they could have done it at the beach? Night time was 8/10. Would be a higher rating if the entertainment team actually interacted with you, like they did at Grand Sirenas (last trip), maybe asked if you wanted to learn to dance, etc. Service: Great, can’t complain really. Buffet was 10/10, lobby when busy was a bit slower but still great. No beach or pool service, but it’s a 3 star, I didn’t expect it. Buffet: What a nightmare. The AC is broken! And after I mentioned it on the facebook group page for the resort, apparently it has been for years! Sitting in 40+C sweating while eating was not fun!! We rushed our meals because of this. You want to relax on your vacation, nothing relaxing about the buffet. The food was very limited. For example at Sol Varadero (3+) in February, they had say 3 different chickens, 3 different porks/fish/beef, etc…and Tryp had maybe one type of chicken (over cooked so chewy I wasn’t even sure if it WAS chicken!) No deli meats or cheeses until the last day. No made to order meats. We managed though. You won’t go hungry, but won’t want to go for 2nds like at some other resorts. A la cartes: Amazing. Top 3 of all the resorts I’ve been to in Cuba. Quick service, hot food, flavored. Great for Cuba! Beef carpaccio at the Italian, perfect perfect perfect! Beach Grill: It’s ok. Bland. Slower service. Wish they had a proper snack bar too, instead they do have ham and cheese sandwiches at night behind the lobby bar, but on your 4 inch bread the ham and cheese is like 1 inch across lol. Drinks: I don’t usually write a review about these, but…no bueno. Their pina colada mix was like sugary pineapple water. No creamy flavor at all, due to not having the ingredients. The cola was 100% watered down, you could even tell by the color. No Havana club! Only ron cubay! Where as Sol Varadero had a variety of rums. None of this is due to the bartenders, as they can’t make if they don’t have it. All management! Beach: Perfect. Lots of shade spots, BUT…I heard at one point there were only 60 people in the hotel. Pools: 1st day, we went to the pool bar and it reeked of vomit and trash. Could barely order a drink. I noticed it was a bit murky too. Next day was worse, then it started to go green. Wasn’t fixed until our last day ? I really looked forward to being in the pool and socializing overlooking the ocean, that’s the plus for tryp, without it...not the same at all. Every one is spread out at lounging at the beach instead. Had there been a red flag at the beach every day and we couldn’t swim in the ocean, I would have been super quite peeved. All staff were fantastic. Yaniel at the lobby bar was so kind and patient when I had too much to drink, and kept blabbing about who knows what lol. Gelly took care of organizing a birthday cake for me, which I was super grateful for. Overall, would I go back? Yes, but if the price is under $650. And the AC is fixed and no green pool.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

On a trip to tryp

Saarraahhhbeee (Woodbridge, Canada) on Jun 08, 2022

I have been going to Tryp for quite awhile now. I just came back today from a week being there. The beaches never disappoint in Cuba. They are one of the most beautiful and well kept beaches I’ve ever seen. The food in the restaurants were amazing and I love when you want more of something they never hesitate to satisfy what you want. Breakfast buffet was mediocre, the omelet station was pretty much all I had every breakfast. Lunch time was a hit and miss. Variety was low but the hotel was very slow therefore it made sense why they didn’t have everything there. One thing I have to say … THERE NEEDS TO BE AC IN THE BUFFET! It’s terrible in there, for the clients and for the workers it’s just wayyyyyy to hot and not enjoyable at all. This needs to be fixed! There are cats again at the hotel and that was nice to see. Workers need to be a tad nicer to them. I understand there is a lot and they “beg” for food but if everyone took care of them maybe they wouldn’t hover as much. My heart broke for them but I am also a huge animal lover. Aside from that, it’s nice to go to a hotel and everyone remembers you. Even if you haven’t built a strong relationship with them … they still remember your face and take the time to stop and say hello to you. It’s refreshing! I want to thank Harold at the front desk for always being so great and cooperative. Alexis my maid was FANTASTIC!!!! I’ve actually never never had my room so clean and taken care of. Thank you Alexis so much! Leisell in the international restaurant was fantastic!!!! Super accommodating and nice. Thank you leisell!!! William always coming up to check and see how things are as well as Lucy coming to check in. Thank you both of you for the hospitality. A special shout out to Noslen, thank you for always ensuring everyone is enjoying themselves while they are there, making sure no matter rain or shine you and your team and making sure clients are entertained and satisfied. Thank you to the staff of Tryp you all are the reason why I keep coming back!

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