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  • Location 4.5
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  • Service 4.0
  • Value 3.5

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TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Honest Review from 25+ years of Travelling to CUBA!

Ilovetheoceandsea on Jul 01, 2022

Here is an honest review from beginning to end! We are a family of four who have traveled all over Cuba for many years! Positives: Beautiful, spacious beach & georgeous crystal clear water....beautiful ocean...many wee shells - no big deal+; Hotel very clean and very well kept; hotel staff VERY friendly - namely Lizandra and Pedro helped us very quickly resolve a few issues. Miguel - cleaned the room - we met his wife - lovely couple & friendly and left hilarious towel sculptures, bed sheets very clean, beds VERY comfortable. Peter took us on the catamaran for some snorkeling - great guy & great convo & great trip! Food - limited but we felt satisfied. Our kids loved the spaghetti & the spaghetti guy (forgot his name but great fella!). Show was quite good! talented folks! Alexi the taxi driver - '52 purple dodge...nice guy and nice car!!! Kids loved the crepes....awesome! They loved the desserts. Bar staff & buffet staff all polite and helpful. Snorkelling we saw angel fish, "nemo" fish, a stingray!! and other amazing little creatures - small crabs, gekkos and frogs around the area - adorable and cute! VIP lounge in Cuba - fabulous - our first time doing VIP (we felt concerned about delays...from either way) and I would highly recommend! Airport staff were exceptional in helping us with arrivecan issues. Funny: There was a phone in the bathroom AND the other main room....we found this funny ;) On the down side: VAMPIRE MOSQUITOS - IT'S RAINY SEASON - even though we had 7 beautiful sunshiny hot days - don't believe the weather reports! Don't go out at dawn or dusk....we used LOTS of bug spray & we saw they sprayed/fogged but the mosquitos won! We enjoyed one show, sprayed constantly with bug spray but after that 1 show....again...the mosquitos won! There is very little to purchase - we're not really there to shop anyway... we had some issue finding water however the staff brought us extra large bottles and drove us to 3 different places and still not able to get bottled water ..Lizandra got extra large bottles to us - brought to us without asking during buffet times. Thank you!! There are few shops open with very little - likely as we understand from a fuel shortage.... not their fault. We went 3 days without a working safe - on the 3rd day we went to Lizandra - she had it fixed within the hour. If you have any issues - go to Pedro & Lisandra - they get it done! Thank you both!! *** Honorable mention to the hotel folks who worked SO hard & so friendly!!!! TIP: DO NOT CHANGE YOUR MONEY INTO PESOS! Use Canadian or US dollar bills before you leave. The pesos are not accepted anywhere except for souvenir shops which are pretty barren - not at all their fault - just a lot of challenges and are doing the very best that they can during these times. TIP: arrivecan - COMPLETE THIS BEFORE YOU LEAVE CANADA! Overall - it was a fabulous trip and we'd highly recommend this resort. WE'd go back to this resort for sure. Don't listen to the few folks who complain - they need to go somewhere else. If you know Cuba know what you are is a very safe in our opinion & great for sunny, beautiful blue skies & amazing beaches, friendly folks & good R&R.....great vacation. RUM! Do your research if you've never been. It's a great place for what you pay. We'd go back to this resort for sure! HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Paul & Christine & C & C

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

beautiful place !

louis4mai on Jun 28, 2022

its was a very good place for the price i paid ! i want to thanks 4 person cuz if i return to that place its will be cuz of them !!! Yasniel and Adonis from the playa Bar Santo from the buffet #2 Elvis the animator guys Bad thing: no bathroom near of the beach they lock a lot of bathroom so sometime u need to walk a lot to find some unlock door resort wasn't "clean" compare to other vacation in cuba langousta price food was correct disco below a lot of room ( NOISE) No cerveza at the disco Good thing: Amazing beach a lot of chair for the beach?? beautiful place Drink are good ! the personal are very friendly!!! Yasniel will make u a Piña colada that u will like for sure !!!???? elvis will play Volleyball?? with u and make ur night at the disco really fun !!!!?? maybe they will see me again soon!!!! thanks you again !!!!????

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

An honest review from a seasoned Cuba traveler.

Crulee on Jun 24, 2022

Here is an honest review of our stay at Grand Sirenis. This was our 10th visit to Cuba so we are experienced. 2 adults and two kids, 13 and 6. The hotel is new, opened in 2019 and then shutdown for two years because of COVID, therefore it’s in great shape. It’s a big hotel, with two large pools and many restaurants, bars and grills. HOWEVER, because it was only operating at about 30% capacity, most were closed. The buffet was open but with limited selection. The food that was available was good and we were satisfied. There was one a la carte open and they would change the menu through the week. We went when it was “Steakhouse” and like we expected it was barely edible. ( Doesn’t make sense because all the meats we ate at the buffet were excellent ). The 24 hour snack bar had two choices when we went, cheese sandwich and hamburger which were both served with 5-6 potato chips. We had the “hamburger” and it was terrible. The beach is in a large cove so it’s not like the typical Cuban beaches we are used to that go on forever. For some reason the beach always had a foul odor to it. Another guest told me that’s because of the coral reefs nearby ( not sure about that ).The mosquitoes as we knew very well were BRUTAL ! That’s with OFF spray and a portable Thermacell which did not help .With summer season approaching, hopefully the hotels and this one specifically start to fill up and they recover. The worst part of our stay were the locals. I love Cuba and it’s people but when we arrived on Saturday the hotel was full of locals who will be loud, obnoxious, cut in line and ransack the buffet. They left on Monday and we were actually able to get some food at the buffet. I know they pay and the hotels need the money but they will ruin your stay. Try doing some research on that before going. Other minor issues… fries anywhere, no Cuban pizzas that we always look forward to, no straws and the hotel store was closed 3 out of 6 days. We needed band aids and cigarettes and couldn’t get any for two days. But then again, this is all part of what we’ve come to expect of Cuba. All in all, it’s a beautiful hotel that will get better with more guests. The staff as always were smiling and at their best…….too many to name. But our evenings in the lobby were even better with the exceptional service of Yireni, and Adrien at the main pool bar. Footnotes…….DO NOT bring vapes or pods or anything similar through customs. Apparently they are not allowed and it was quite the ordeal. On my second to last night I was out of US dollars and only had 3 Canadian loonies to leave the chambermaid ( I had left her US dollars all week ). She declined the money and left me a note telling me that the banks don’t accept them. I was aware of that but like many employees do, they collect them and exchange them with Canadians for bills. The airport has a VERY limited selection of cigars if you need to buy. You’re much better off at the local markets in Cayo Santa Maria.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5


chalisal2003 (Brampton, Canada) on Jun 21, 2022

Grand Sirienis is a beautiful resort, very clean environment and such friendly staff. I had an amazing time and the staff did an amazing job assuring all our needs were met. From the waiters, bartenders, host, and customer service reps, Espically Darian, Louis, Alonga, Santana, Snow, Liasandra, Diane, Elvis, and Yailain.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

resort review

373carenm on Jun 21, 2022

very good resort with good service and good customer service. bartender and staff were helpful and welcoming. the maids and dancers were excellent and very talented.many activities to participate in and a great theatre.

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