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Susan D on Apr 18, 2022

I should have had a clue when I went to the desk before check in and the manager came out of her office still chewing on her lunch. The units are very dated. It’s a VRBO property and so it’s up to owners to renovate or not. Most don’t a maintenance person here to fix several nonworking things confirmed. It was never communicated that the only A/C is a wall unit in the master bedroom of our 2 bedroom condo. And it barely cools things down. Otherwise all the windows have to stay open (if they work, several are rusted shut). The wind is so strong that nothing loose can be left on tables. This morning the coffee pot flew off the counter and broke. The ancient ceiling fans and 5 additional stand up fans have had to be on 24/7. The cable, internet and Wifi were down. We were told the system is very old and needs replacing! The unit isn’t as clean as it should be, we had ant visitors last night, screens are broken, furniture is torn, carpets are soiled, the master bath needs to be ripped out, the toilet area is ridiculously small, there is a giant tub in the middle of the bedroom, the patio furniture is old and dirty, This is day 1 and I am sure there will be more surprises by the end of our week here. The 1 rating was just for the view. Outrigger should enforce some standards on owners or refuse to rent certain units. But then again as the maintenance person said, most of the units need to be redone! The price for our stay is ridiculously high for this. Stay away from this property! It sounds like s great place to stay on the website with misleading photos but is very far from it!

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Good location. Poor unit.

KirklandJoseph (Kirkland, WA) on Apr 02, 2022

The Palms at Wailea has a good location and is very walkable to a local beach. The pool area and the landscaping are very nice. We had booked this property through our travel agent, who we had used for several other Hawaii vacations. She had stayed at this complex herself in a different unit and was very pleased. She knows out tastes and she understands that we are happy to spend extra for quality. While the complex was nice, the experience and the unit left much to be desired. We arrived before the unit was ready and asked to store out luge in a secure location as we had not rented a car at the airport. We were informed that we could leave our luggage in the lobby, but the location was not secure and the clerk would not be held responsible if anything was missing. One of us decided to stay with the luggage while the rest of the party went to find lunch. The unit we were given is #2206. This is considered to be an ocean view unit and came with an associated price point. The unit is no where near the office and there is not a path to the unit that can easily accommodate luggage. We needed to wheel our luggage out to the street and walk about a block to access the lower parking lot. Along the way, we passed golf carts owned by the property. Apparently, carting the luggage to the unit for the benefit of the guests is not a service that The Palms offers. The furniture in the unit was relatively new and nice. Air conditioning only existed in the master bedroom and not throughout the unit. Because of lack of air conditioning, we relied on breezes. This means that the patio doors were open, but the screens were closed. Hawaii apparently has small insects that can readily pass through the screen and through any cracks. This meant that any cereal, crackers, etc. that were on the counter in their packaging became infested with these tiny bugs. While we are proponents of a Paleo diet, we do not prefer insect protein. The cabinetry and fixtures were original and showed their age. This includes, kitchen cabinets that were falling apart, bathroom counters with large cracks, and pocket and closet doors whose wheels were beyond their useful life. In terms of decorating choices, the unit still included old porcelain tiles throughout the kitchen and bathrooms and mirrors in the shower. While the unit was described as an ‘ocean view,’ I think the more accurate description would be ‘filtered ocean view.’ While The Palms at Wailea may have higher quality units, this was certainly not one of them and certainly did not align with market value. I would recommend previews of the unit that you choose and confirm that it aligns with your expectations and malarkey value.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Don't waste your money

diane g on Mar 03, 2022

Extremely expensive for the quality of the unit, which is rundown and in disrepair. A garden unit, should be called a lawn unit on a busy road. Quite far from the beach as well. Don't throw your money away. Stay somewhere else. The staff are nice, but we spent way too much for the "quality" of this place.

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It was Okay

YYCGent (Calgary, Canada) on Dec 08, 2021

We’ve been staying at the Palms for 8 years and have enjoyed it. This was our first visit in two years and overall it was fine. Our condo was definitely not updated. Our bed would creek every time you moved, the front door kickstand was broken and the rugs were worn and stained; the room was comfortable though and we had a very nice ocean view. The pool was really cold - like really, really cold - and people weren’t using it. Guests would talk about how cold it was. Im not sure why the heat wasn’t turned on. I did appreciate that the chairs at the pool were distanced 6 feet apart. Two days during our stay, the pool closed early for staffing shortages. (See picture) Our biggest disappointment was the man working at the front desk. To return to our Country, we needed to print our negative Covid test for my elderly father and the man at the front desk told us no, and it was against Outrigger’s policy to print out customer documents. I explained that my elderly father was travelling alone and doesn’t have a smart phone, and we just need a single piece of paper printed, which I could email them. The man became aggravated and again refused, saying “this is the third time I’ve had to explain this” (my father had stopped by once earlier) and suggested we find a Kinkos or Office Max. When I asked if there was one nearby, he dismissively told me that he didn’t know. We looked it up and found an Office Max in Kahului, about 30 minutes away from the Palms. The whole experience blew my mind and truly upset my father. Funny enough, the man at the counter handed my father the bill when he checked out. So, giving us the bill was no problem, but printing out a document needed to fly was against policy. We have stayed at the Outrigger Palms many times, and I don’t know if we will return again. I also have zero confidence for my elderly parents to return and don’t trust that Outrigger or this male Customer Service front desk agent at the Palms has their customer’s best interest at heart. Luckily, the Marriott down the way in Wailea printed my dad’s test for us, despite us not staying there. Really disappointing experience for our stay where we spent $6,000 over a week. Palms at Wailea / Outrigger - you can do better.

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The Palms at Wailea, Maui

CrystalM320 (Frisco, Texas) on Oct 12, 2021

This was a lovely vacation for my family and I. Planning a trip during COVID was not easy and Maui or Hawaii in general was a VERY popular place to visit so I wanted to do it as safely as possible. I booked here so we would have the flexibility of a kitchen and washer/dryer and the space of not being cramped in a hotel. Having a busy toddler who is used to lots of space was a key part to this decision and it did not disappoint. The condo was very accommodating and having all the things we are used to at home but in a beautiful place like Maui was perfect. There is free parking on site but we did not rent a car. They were hot commodities so we took Ubers or walked where we could. The beach was an ~5 minute walk. The pool area was clean and quiet...I felt very safe sitting out or napping on the outdoor patio during the day. We made a few trips to the grocery store during our week-long stay but did not mind it too much. (Just FYI, because just about everything is imported; prices are significantly higher than mainland US.) The only negative were the critters that visited us during the stay...there were lots of spiders and lizards and 1 night my husband found a small snake in our bedroom. I was not thrilled but when I spoke to the concierge, they sent an exterminator out the next day and allowed us to check out at 3pm for our 7pm flight on our departure day. All in all, I would definitely return and likely stay at The Palms at Wailea again.

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