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Horrible Experience at Wynn Encore for a business trip

farshad t on Jan 30, 2023

Horrible experience at Wynn Encore in Las Vegas. I requested an early check-in with the manager, Jannet, due to a pressing board meeting, but was met with unhelpful and uncaring response. As the CEO of a company with numerous booked rooms, I have stayed at over 500 luxury hotels, but never encountered such poor service. Avoid this hotel at all costs. Despite being a seasoned traveler and staying at top-tier hotels, I was disappointed by the lack of customer service at Wynn Encore. The manager seemed uninterested in accommodating my request for an early check-in and failed to understand the urgency of my situation. This left me with no choice but to look for alternative arrangements, causing added stress and inconvenience during my trip. I was also disappointed by the overall atmosphere of the hotel. It lacked the luxurious feel I have come to expect from a property bearing the Wynn name. The lobby was uninviting and lacked the comfort and convenience necessary for a productive meeting. I would not recommend Wynn Encore to anyone seeking a quality hotel experience. The poor customer service and subpar facilities make it a waste of money and a disappointment to any traveler. There are plenty of better options available in Las Vegas, and I would suggest choosing a different hotel for your next stay.

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Think hard before you book this (its the little things)

A A (Newbury, United Kingdom) on Jan 29, 2023

For what should be a great place it is let down by the basics. Beds no made up with the correct sheets - Led to me having a rash for several days. No Bath robe and even when I asked for one it got taken away twice more in my 7 day stay. I have a blocked sinus - $14 plus tips and service per delivery of boiled water - No kellte in the rooms or coffee machine. Wynn and Encore have something like 8 swimming pools between them - Only 1 open and a long long walk from my room. No changing room, no shower with hot water after swim. Closed at 3pm. On the upside the staff in bars were very sweet to customers.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Utterly miserable sleeping experience (nonexistent)

G8875IFadamh on Jan 29, 2023

DO NOT COME HERE ON A WEEKEND. Truly, you won’t sleep at all. The music is so loud we couldn’t drown it out with 6 devices playing white noise. Our entire room has been rattling. The front desk couldn’t care less. They blast music outside (no one is even outside) of the XS club. So if you are across from the club your life will be pure hell. Music lasts till 4:30 am!! Even on the 20th floor it sounds like the music is being played inside of our room. I can’t believe I spent $2k+ here to not sleep for multiple nights in a row.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Nice hotel. Don’t do your dry cleaning here!

benkenjoe (Marina del Rey, California) on Jan 24, 2023

The good: Nice accommodations. Good food. Good service—all to be expected. The bad: I visited for a business event and brought business attire. I wrongly assumed that the dry cleaning services could be trusted. Instead they damaged my $X,000 custom suit and then called to claim no responsibility / no compensation. “The machine cannot do that” I was told. I cannot recommend others to do dry cleaning there for any valuable items you might have.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

YOU ARE NOT SAFE HERE! Robbed while sleeping in our room!

Kimberly S (San Antonio, Texas) on Jan 22, 2023

BEWARE! YOU ARE NOT SAFE! Robbed at Wynn/Encore while sleeping! On November 26 at 1:49am someone entered our room while we were sleeping and stole over 2500 in cash and unknown amount of casino chips when we were most vulnerable! When we woke the next morning and saw our room had been ransacked we immediately called hotel security and the police. LV Metro PD made the Wynn to pull key logs and they showed we entered the room with our key at 12:26am and someone else with a different key entered our room at 1:49am and left our door wide open for 6 hours! We were given 1 key! I am so disgusted with the lack of concern! The resort management and security response is “sorry”; “direct all your questions to Metro PD” Hush hush and get out of here! After 20 years of coming here we will never stay here again! A resort that turns the other cheek when their staff knowingly steals and has apathy toward their decades long loyal guests is despicable!

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