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Do NOT stay here.. AWFUL

apQ6566XT on Aug 19, 2021

This was one of the worst hotel stays I have ever had, and it wasn't exactly cheap. I have stayed at Super 8's that are better than this dump. We did not have hot water our entire stay. It was miserable. There is nothing worse than getting back from the pool or beach and having to take a cold shower. When we called the front desk, they told us there was a problem with the hot water heater and to please stagger our showers. We tried showering at 4 p.m. thinking there would be hot water. No. The next day, 6 p.m. No. Then, 9 p.m. No. It was awful. When we issued our complaint about the water we were basically told to suck it up. Not ok for a place we're paying over $350 a night for. The carpet in the room was disgusting. Covered in suspicious stains and dirt ground in. We didn't even take our shoes off because we didn't feel comfortable walking on the floors without them. The dresser cabinets/drawers were all broken to the point you had to shove them closed really hard or lift them in a weird way to get them to shut all the way. There was exterior construction going on RIGHT next to the pool and it was very dusty and loud. Also, what kind of a hotel doesn't have coffee makers in the guest room or at least free coffee in the lobby? Again, this is absurd for a hotel I'm paying a lot for, plus a "resort fee." This place was so bad you couldn't pay me to stay here again.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5


christinamQ1046RT on Aug 18, 2021

Purchased a room for my son’s birthday Kamaaina. There are 8 in our family. Only 3 of us staying the night. Was charged $100 for two adults and 2 extra children for pool passes. Such BS. I had to pay for a pool pass even though I was the registered guest. I get rules have changed since you’ve been bought out, but such a shame since many of us kept you a float during lockdown. We’ve been coming for years and will no longer. In addition, most of your staff was rude. Your rooms are still just as dingy as before. Never again. To all locals and tourists, I suggest save your money and go someplace else. KBR not worth it.

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Good enough, but wouldn’t stay here again

hungrytraveller92 (Seattle, Washington) on Aug 13, 2021

I have to start by saying overall I enjoyed our weeklong stay here and had a more pleasant time than some of these other reviews. That said, I definitely wouldn’t call this a 4 star resort and would not stay here again if I came back to Kauai. For the price, you can find better. If this was a fraction of the price, I might stay here again. The good -we got a newer renovated room, which was much better. ( I imagine some of the upset reviews had older rooms. we saw an older room and it was definitely dingy, gross, stained carpets and walls, paint peeling, etc. I would have been very upset with one of those rooms too) -the pool area is nice enough. There are enough chairs we never had to worry about finding a seat. There are 2 hot tubs and areas with shade as well -the ocean view from the room is nice -live music by the pool and restaurant -most of the staff are helpful and friendly The bad -As many reviews mentioned, no airport shuttle is super inconvenient and doesn’t really make sense. Online it still mentioned they are working on it, but here the brochure says it’s discontinued permanently so I wouldn’t count on it. -no coffee makers in rooms. We called and asked for one and were told they don’t have any. -there are lots of details overlooked in the rooms - like no towel hooks for either bath towels or hand towels, so all the wet towels just piled on the counter. -Location - you can’t get anywhere without driving off the resort and Uber’s/cabs are hard to come by. So unless you rent a car, you’re stuck. It would have been nice to stay on another resort with access to a boardwalk to shops and restaurants you could walk to etc. They are not all secluded like this. -restaurants - the breakfast restaurant was ok, but lunch and dinner were bland and overpriced for what they were. It would be better if the food was tastier but they kind of have you trapped. -the amenity fee is a joke. I understand it’s industry standard but for $20+ a day it’s like golf club rentals and access to drinking water. I would think drinking water should be included in a hotel stay anyways!! It did not include the complimentary mai tais like it said online either and they did not honor when I asked about it. -an extra $23 a day for parking. I wish that was included in the amenity fee! All the fees add up quickly. -no help/bellboys to bring luggage to your room -cleaning service only every 3 days -Nowhere to change or shower on day of check out if you have a late flight and want to shower off. -There are servers who provide food/drink service if you order from the pool which is nice but it can be verrrry slow. If you order early it’s ok, but if you are hungry you are better off going to the bar yourself. It really wasn’t a terrible or horrendous hotel like some of these other reviews, but I think we could have expected more for the price we paid.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5


deborahbN6138WI on Aug 13, 2021

Do not stay here. Please read all the bad reviews as there are pages of them. Any good reviews are probably the management writing them themselves. Nightmare of a motel!! We arrived on August 12th and as we entered the hotel looked extremely shabby. Checked in and the Front Desk agent was ok not super helpful or friendly but not bad. We went to a room and extremely small. The room was old and stains all over the carpet and sheets and blankets were dingy. The hotel has no coffee in the room and limited room service and no shuttle or transportation, so you are stuck at this dump. The rooms were molding on the floor when you enter. The pool area looked good but if you look closely there looks like there might be work. The tiki restaurant was ok -staff friendly but again it looks dirty. The same items on the menu for all their restaurants and is are bad so you are stuck there and will be eating the same thing every day. . There is nothing there except a rocky beach that you cant swim in. The real problem here is the management and front desk staff as I asked them to help me with a taxicab and she told me to do it myself. At this point, I got irritated and I admit I got extremely snappy as the property was not up to par and I could not believe I wasn’t getting help and the rudeness of the staff. The front desk person literally said, “ I am the front desk and can't help you” and the slammed phone. I can’t believe you call this a 4-star resort as it is a motel on the beach. Called the manager and he yelled at me and told me I deserve what I got from the Front Desk agent. I was out of there!! Also, towels need to be returned or you get charged 25 dollars and it is literally a 5-dollar Walmart towel. The hotel I am at now doesn't do that. The air conditioner went out in the middle of the night and I was too afraid to call the front desk. Very afraid of them and I am from a big city and don’t get afraid of much. I am stuck there with limited cars/taxis and felt afraid of them. I was out of there the next morning and early. I was able to get a refund for the rest of my time (which that part was good). I will also be pursuing getting my money back from them for the night I stayed. My bank is going after them. The room was awful, and I was scared and I should not have to pay. It was a very abusive experience. Also, when I arrived at my new hotel (an actual hotel and resort) and the bellmen told me “a ton of people leave that place and come to our place” I am at an amazing hotel that has actually found me transportation and is servicing me. I am very lucky I am able to salvage my vacation. Please do not ruin your vacation!!!! Do not stay here!! Read all the reviews!! They don’t care about your vacation and they want your money. . The manager and front desk staff will work there forever because they are so rude no one will hire them anywhere else. Horrible horribly!!! Also, Kauri Beach and Resort will try to rebuttal and will blame me for everything. Read reviews they rebuttal everybody and blame the guest Everything is everyone else’s fault. My advice to this resort management or owners of this motel establishment: keep doing what you are doing, and you will be out of business in a couple of years. This would be doing the island of Kauai a big favor. This place could potentially ruin the reputation of the island.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Great Vacation for an anniversary

Mrtdawg (Saint Louis, Missouri) on Aug 10, 2021

Very affordable resort on Kauai. Close to the airport and centrally located for all the fun. Pool and courtyard are very nice! Beach is not manicured or really safe to swim, but you can drive 10 min to some of the best beaches in the world - not a big deal! The security is kind of lax at this resort and lots of locals sneak in to use the pool at night. They have a wristband system but no one checks or enforces anything. One night a group of locals who were extremely intoxicated and possibly on drugs were using the hot tub and all the girls were topless. 15 years ago I would have been, hell yeah!, but there were kids around and other calmer type guests. We let the front desk know about the situation and they promptly dealt with the situation. It may not have been as acceptable to a serious Karen. One of the two hot tubs that says it’s for adults only was never actually hot. The main dinner restaurant has decent food and live music some nights. The menu is not very diverse and the drinks are expensive. The breakfast was amazing ! Service was good overall. Some of the buildings look run down but they appear to be working on them and fixing them up. The rooms were decent for the price - nothing too fancy and nothing bad. All in all it was a great stay in Kauai.

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