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N3086MYmiket (Simcoe, Canada) on Feb 03, 2023

We arrived on Friday 03 Feb 2023. Myself, my wife and another couple. Traveled to the royal decameron cornwall beach. We waited an hour to check in. The booking was under one name for 4 people. We could see that the receptionist was having an issue with the rooms. So after looking at the booking the guy tells us that they have ZERO rooms for us, and we have to stay next door for the night and they would have rooms tomorrow at 3 pm. Absolutely rediculous. The customer service is absolutely a joke the manager was nothing but ignorant when dealing with our issue. Very very unhappy...this is absolutely the worst experience. Would NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER N3VER STAY AT THIS PLACE AGAIN

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Royal De Cameron Cornwal - Jamaica

Sandra M on Feb 01, 2023

This hotel has been my ‘go to’ for years now and I have enjoyed every minute so far. From the minute you entrr the lobby, you are greeted with smiles - a welcomed gesture after a long flight… and immediately you are served with a cool beverage while Front desk services get your room ready. The room is very spacious and the bathroom is adorned with glass shower and we never ran out of toiletries. The view from Rm 1508 is breathtaking and one can’t help but sit out on the balcony in the early morn - coffee in hand?? the beach is kept superbly clean… with the groundsman raking the sand each morning to give it that serene calm look as the waves hit the shore. Dining area is also huge with a variety of delicious dishes to choose from. Property is jam packed with activities to choose from as the guest services Rep ensure you are having the time of your life - teaching you about the reggae dance and their native language. Special shout out to Khalila (Opns Mgr) and her team for having a splashy showcase in our room for my Sister’s bday during my trip as well as arranged for a special dinner at night. Royal De Caneron Cornwall is within budget/close to the airport/ on the hipstrip and loys to enjoy… you should try them sometime it will be worth it!

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Jamaican Reggae Vibe & Dance

elenacM6003IP on Jan 31, 2023

Hotel with a good vibe. Relaxing atmosphere and warm hospitality. The food choices were diverse and tasty. Entertainment should be more diversified, but the animators worked for full 100%. Thank you you for making our stay wonderful: Andrei, Dane, Arlando, Jamal, Chris, Conroy, Snoop, and Buju.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Birthday ?? Vacay!!

124colettek (Tampa, Florida) on Jan 30, 2023

The vacation was amazing thanks to Renee and Orlando!! They went out of their way to make my trip amazing and it was! The drinks along with the service at the hotel was everything!! I will and can’t wait to return with my family!! ????????

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Wendy S on Jan 30, 2023

Loved the retro vibe of this hotel, very pretty. It is an older hotel and in need of some TLC but not so much that it wasn't comfy, it was and clean. The slider door did not lock, we called Eric from maintenance he showed up and could not make the door lock. He left swearing to return and we never saw him again. We used the ironing board to jam it in to the space so that the door could not be opened from outside the room. Typically it wouldn't be an issue but the balcony is easily accessible from outside. The wait staff for the most part were surly and unapproachable - shout out to Richard at the Coffee Cafe and Orlando at the buffet - bright spots.. Which would seem to be a problem with management. It was as if the more items staff kept away from paying guests, the more they enjoyed themselves. Some of the staff appeared to be drunk at times. If you asked for a beer with lunch they were happy to get ONE for you, ask for another they nodded to let you know they heard you and then just never bring it - this was not a one off, it happened every time. Also the food situation is lousy apart from the jerk chicken and baked goods (some grandma back there baking up a storm) there was no fresh citrus (lemons and limes, avocados - nothing is this not a tropical island?) and the service was terrible. We didn't find out until day 4 that the snack shack also serves jerk chicken and once you find out about something (because they don't tell you its available - they only tell you about hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken wings - the same everyday) then they tell you the next time they see you. Its almost as if you have to guess what they are serving. Ask for salad, get fries, ask for wings get a hamburger, white wine, you get red. The food in the buffet is not refilled regularly and I watched in horror as a cook from the back of the house came out with a dish trolley that was in extreme need of a wipe down, and bare handed put all of the bread together in one basket. Yes unclean hands on a disgusting trolley and then pick up food on the buffet. Not a good look. I think it is a game with them. It was all very passive/aggressive. As with all hotels and people the chair situation at the ocean was unacceptable, people were sneaking out in the middle of the night and early morning hours to put their towels on all the beach chairs. Not playing that game, we laid on our towels directly in the sand. Those towels should be collected first thing in the morning (as most times there were no clean beach towels) and give everyone a chance at having a chair. We went to the pool where there was less demand and waited until people left at around 4:00 in the afternoon to get a chair on the beach. It is so unkind to do that everyday. The housekeeping staff were wonderful and made sure we had everything we needed. The beach is small and not walk able. The water is BEAUTIFUL we floated and snorkeled for hours. Overall it was an enjoyable trip and we laughed at the passive/aggressive stuff because it was funny they could be so blatant about it. Do not confuse all-inclusive with a resort because I've been to a resort and this place is not that - it is a hotel with food and drinks.

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