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Too many unfair reviews

TerryH39 (Barrie, Canada) on Feb 24, 2024

This resort has been given a bad rating for some very minor issues that people have turned into a mountain. Is this the greatest vacation ever? No. Was it horrible? We didn’t think so. I’d say we’d even go back if the price reflected the vacation. I will break this review down into categories and give my reason why it’s good bad or otherwise. Food overall 2.5/5 Buffet 3/5 The buffet was not a huge spread and the warmers are not working well. The cold food was kept cold and within what is considered good health regulations. There were some items at the buffet that were great and if you were fortunate enough to get it fresh it was as good as I’ve had off a buffet anywhere. These items included the fried chicken, jerk chicken and pork loin, stir fry beef, Chicken fingers, roast beef, and some seafood dishes. The pasta station was good as were the made to order omelettes. There is a panini maker there which I used to make a nice sandwich using all the fixings off the cold bar. We did not have issues with a lack of foods. We did have to wait a few times for clean plates or for a top up of certain popular items like bacon. I think they are short staffed but they’re working hard (for the most part) to get this replenished. On a bad note (my opinion) the lighting at dinner is terrible. Eating in the dark sucks. This is an easy fix. I get ambiance but it’s too dark. The staff in the buffet is very good. They bust their butts. If something was needed they were more than happy to help us get it. A’ la Carte 2.5/5 First off the system to get a reservation is barbaric. I fully understand they can only feed so many people each night. I think there need to be a better system in place for everyone to book. A formula of nights stay per a’ la carte booking would be a great start. Why should some get to eat there 4-5 times a week when others can’t even get in once? The booking could easily be done during check in as well. The food was not terrible. We ate there twice. We tried 3 dishes between us plus a couple different soups. The beef tenderloin was meh. I did enjoy the Risotto chicken (not risotto at all but tasty). They didn’t have scallops for the seafood pasta. Other than that it was dry but okay. I enjoyed the chicken pumpkin soup but did not like the vegetable soup at all. The desserts were okay. Again not horrible but not great. Drinks here are beer or wine or soda. There’s no bar so you can’t get a cocktail with your dinner. Daniel was a great server and brings the experience up a notch or two for sure. Once again the lighting here is dreadful and they could easily add a touch of class with a simple white table cloth on the tables. This location doubles as the “snack bar during the afternoon hours and late at night. Burgers hotdogs and fries seems to be their thing. They are not bad. Seating is very limited so to some this may not even rate as a true a la carte service maybe 40 people tops? Some tables seat 6 others 2. Bar service 3.5/5 The staff at the bars are fantastic! The job they manage to do with the resources they are given… wow! For whatever reason this resort has decided to not use Jamaican beer. It’s sad enough that they use non local beer. (It’s Presedente from DR which is good). But they are given mini cans to give out to people. It’s very weird to say the least. There’s no Appleton here. The replacement is a local rum. It not terrible but it’s definitely not Appleton. Dean in the lobby makes great drinks and is very personable while snoop at the pool bar keeps the party pumping. If you don’t like the strong drinks they tend to pour, simply let them know and they do lower the alcohol content. We didn’t encounter any rude bar staff. But it always help when you show them some love and respect in return. Room 3/5 Although these are not luxury suites by any means. We found the rooms adequate. The big glass shower was nice. A fair sized flat screen TV on the wall. The bed was alright. The AC works (maybe too well). The room was clean. Towels are an issue. I don’t understand why. But you get the bare minimum in the towel department. The fridge works well and had beer, coke and water. The maids did a great job. Ours (Nina) was extra helpful getting us a blanket and making sure we had what we needed to enjoy our room (extra water and beer requested and received 4 out of 5 days) (minus extra towels) We always had hot water. And our safe worked great. View 5/5 You’re not going to find a better view from your room for any less than double the price. Pools 4/5 Solid pool lineup between the 2 resorts. Clean and clear. Cornwall doesn’t have a swim up bar but there’s a decent one on the Montego side. Beach 4/5 Nice sandy beach with a very nice sandy swimming area. There is good snorkeling as well to the right. The beach isn’t huge but it’s big enough for the resort size. Not white sand but it’s still nice. I’d rate this beach higher if there were more chairs (there’s lots of space) and possibly a jerk pit with a bar. This would be the only thing needed to make this beach excellent from great. Spa 1/5 We got a couples massage here and my wife got her hair braided. Our massage was supposed to be an hour and was cut short by 10minutes. ( as we showed up to do the required paperwork 15 mins before as requested Staff was not at the spa hut on time. The time was cut from our massage time )We had to track them down. The $220 couples massage (Swedish)was pushing $400 cdn. Some of that is exchange. Plus we tipped in US money. The massage was good and very good pressure some may find too much just tell them if so) I wouldn’t recommend using the spa service here and if you do, pay cash and be clear about everything. Hair was done in a 5th floor room… with massage items in room but definitely not a spa feel nor in a spa location (I don’t think this is the staff fault but management… where is your spa and if sharing with Montego side then take or request your clients to meet there) $80 cdn for 1/2 crown braids (told $5/ braid got 7 that’s $35-40$ charged $80 on my visa) that the elastic broke within 10 mins a entertainment staff noticed and came to the rescue went back to spa staff who couldn’t get more hair elastics and used regular elastics which had to be cut out and replaced at home less than 12 hours later I do not like that you must pay up front before services rendered Massage fine go elsewhere for your hair Front desk 5/5 Alberto is the man. Dude couldn’t have been more helpful. We had concerns from some very unfair reviews we had read after booking. Alberto put our anxiety to rest from the minute we checked in. Entertainment Staff 5/5 I can not say enough positive things about Sweetness. This young lady has wonderful energy. She knows exactly how to keep the guest smiling and happy. Management should feel proud that this staff member is part of their team. She is a stand out. Everyone watching the show was loving her antics when MJ asked if anyone was from Africa. She instantly had everyone smiling. Also MJ was great as well. I wish I knew the other 2 entertainers names who were amazing as well. Both were from the steel drum show. The lady was great and the gentleman with the long braids was awe inspiring when he was dancing. Dude was a show stopper. And commanded your full attention during the show. Public Restrooms 4.5/5 These public restrooms are kept very clean. Even the ones out by the snack that we expected to be gross were impeccably clean Again management should be proud of these cleaning staff. Location 5/5 5 minutes from the airport and right on the hips trip. You can walk up the Main Street no problem checking out shops, bars, restaurants, and even the casino. The famous Doctors cove beach is right next door and is only separated by jetty. I honestly didn’t think the pay per use beach was any nicer than the one at the hotel. Margarita ville is currently under renovations and temporarily closed. It’s within ten minutes walking distance and Usain Bolt’s restaurant is a 1 minute walk out the front gate.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Love this place!

Celeste H on Feb 22, 2024

This is not a 5 star resort, but they sure try hard! All the staff was amazing and friendly! Will definitely come again! Dane was the most attentive, remembered my name 2 days later after meeting me once. I love the chill vibe at this resort and if you want the patty vibe, it's right next door!

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Great place, bad ownership.

Jaye B (Cobourg, Canada) on Feb 22, 2024

6 of us flew down Feb. 12th from Canada for a week. Short hop from the airport and check-in was friendly and efficient. Room (1420) was spacious and clean. The only problem was that it took almost everything for me to open the balcony door. The staff is amazing considering the new owners laid off about half the workers. Fabian (pool) and Andre (bar) went above and beyond. The bars and buffet were constantly running out of supplies, even as early as an hour after opening. This is on the owners. They even import cheap Mexican beer. Between the pool and the beach, they only have about half the loungers needed and also need to replace the umbrellas they have lost through attrition. Overall, I would love to come back to Cornwall Beach, but not until they resolve the supply issues.

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Shannon K (Edmonton, Canada) on Feb 21, 2024

AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!! We found out that new management took over about 6 months ago. There used to be 200 staff and they let go 100. Our first 3 days no hot water. The night we arrived we noticed the door to our room was damaged like it had been broken into. We used the Do Not Disturb Sign and got into the room without the key in seconds. There are no dead bolts on the doors. The safe numbers stopped working. We were supposed to be moved to another room but that didn't happen. No hair dryer, half way through the trip I finally got a working one. Most of the staff was friendly. Food is the same tasteless all the time. Shower leaked and no water pressure. The other Decamron resort was using our beach, towels, bars, food, pool and everything else. People were reserving their beach and pool spots at 4am. Consistently Ran out of drinks, towels, cups, food and spots to lounge. We loved the beach, weather and pool! Couldn't go to both Jamaican and Carribean Only the Caribbean. We were told because of "The Storm" we couldn't go to the Jamaican. That's their poor excuse while the other resort could use it. Coming from Alberta it was an extremely expensive vacation for false and misleading description of the resort and what it offered!! Everyone we talked with while at the resort said they would never go to any Decamron again!!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Canadian fun in the sun!

aquagal (Ontario, Canada) on Feb 19, 2024

Budget friendly holiday, superb location. Decent trip. We flew from Toronto and arrived around 2pm on a Monday. We did not have a long wait, and being that we are repeat guests, I thought I'd *try* and request an end cap room, the suites. I was shocked we received room 1401! We were very excited about this. I'd not had the privilege of that room before. The set up of the room is essentially the same, but you do get the wrap around balcony with plenty of space, and an outstanding view. You cannot pre book these and there are only 4. It's luck. A couple of things to note...when reading these reviews, I would suggest skipping over the *one review* comments. I'm certain there are bad actors putting up terrible reviews for spite or competition to drive tourists away. We are not terribly picky people, and thoughrougly enjoyed our week. We had zero problems with towels, hot water, and our room cleaner was exceptional. We always had our fridge stocked with water, beer and pop. Now, there was no red stripe on site the entire week, however, they did have canned Presidente or Modelo. I simply went across the street and bought my own 6 pack of beer. I found the staff to be wonderful. Front desk and coffee bar staff stand out, we had so much fun with them. I did bring gifts, chocolate, and some fun items to give away. There was the odd waitress in the buffet that may not have been AS chipper as the rest, but, they are extremely busy during high season and work very long shifts. We enjoyed the buffet! We always attended right when it opened, so we did benefit from the freshest hottest items. The fresh jerk chicken, pork, ribs were amazing. Some nights were ham and roast beef. Not all the options were yummy, for example I don't like beans or steamed veggies, but that's on me. The salad bar has a ton of options, always a soup, buns, plenty of desserts. There is a panini press, so if you are a really picky person, you can make a sandwich no problem. I'd say 12-14 options at dinner on average. We didn't go hungry, I fail to understand the uproar of other review folks. Maybe they come from a high end lifestyle or are extremely picky?. There is NO reason for it. The beach bar had fantastic burgers, hot dogs, fries and sometimes jerk wings. I ate non stop. We did one a la carte, and signed up at 9am in the lobby. They slot about 12-14 people per hour. Again, soooo many complainers even in line to book. They didn't like their time slot etc. These folks need to STOP going into these vacations with such a poor attitude. If you wake up and decide you are going to whine and complain about everything, you've set yourself up for misery. A woman was screaming at reception that there was no red stripe. Seriously...calm down. The staff work with what they have. This is a discount resort. It IS falling apart in places, hinges are rusty, doors don't always close perfect, the room curtains may be old and ripped. We paid less than $1500 pp for this trip, so we were thrilled with it. Yes ..the food warmers aren't always warm. Rice was cold. Throw some hot food and gravy on top, you will be fine. The waitresses were slow to serve water or drinks at mealtimes. Not a huge deal. Get your own instead of screaming at people. It's not hard to be kind. We read hundreds of reviews and went into this trip prepared. We brought extra towels, our own pillows, tons of snacks, protein bars, insulated cups, night light, a mesh shower caddy to put our bath things, as there is no shelf in the shower. I even brought extra hangers. We didn't need all of it, but, I like to be prepared. Nothing warranted having a meltdown like some of the guests I saw. It was embarrassing to me the level of rudeness. The beach space is an issue. You may want to reconsider this resort if having beach chairs is a deal breaker. I spotted folks laying out towels to *save a spot* at 10pm the night before. They are all gone by 6am. We had to wander both resorts for a while to finally find 2 chairs. Another day, I spotted empty spots with towels for hours. I finally went and folded the towels, and we took the spot. NO one came back! So rude. We hung out in the Montego side, and being that we had a few cool days, the hottub was lovely. We also ate over there. The food was fine! Basic, but a change in scenery. The coffee bar on the 2nd floor opens at 8am. A little sooner would be nice. Next time I'll likely bring a travel kettle and make my own. The beach bartenders were run off their feet. More staff would be helpful. We always tipped. I was sad that many never did. I's a dollar. If I can travel - I can tip. If you are kind to the staff, they are kind to you. Simple. Shout out to some awesome Americans we met, Wisconsin represents well! Kind souls, who were also chill open minded people. I noticed people from Germany, Italy, Turkey, and a ton of Québeqois! I speak French so that was fun. Go into this vacation with an open mind. It's certainly no Sandals, it's a solid 3 star. It will be great if you aren't picky and snarly. Structural upgrades would help significantly, but I sense the hotel isn't dumping money into anything. We did eat next door at Usain Bolts, Tracks and Records. Amazing dinner. Wasn't super cheap, but it was a nice time. Wait until the airport to buy booze. It's WAY more expensive on the strip. Go for a walk, enjoy the area, it's super safe, just say no thank you to the hustlers, and carry on. I will absolutely return to this hotel. Was simple, small, and we loved it.

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