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4.0 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.0
  • Location 4.0
  • Rooms 4.0
  • Service 4.5
  • Value 4.5

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TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Great location but something was missing..

Jesse E (North Lewisburg, Ohio) on May 13, 2022

This Sonesta is located near Disneyland and Angels stadium. The staff seemed friendly but confused. It took me three tries to geta chair in my room. Arking was Ok but it was confusing as well. Our room was clean enough but not very comfortable, especially the chair. The bed was just OK and not a lot of water pressure in the bathroom. No free breakfast and the price was pretty high even for the great location. Compare other hotels before setting on this Sonesta.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Filthy! Beware.

Cosmopolitan314773 (Phoenix, Arizona) on Aug 13, 2021

The hotel is disgustingly filthy. The room was not clean and there was pubic hair all over the bathroom floor at check-in. A dank and rotting stench in the hallways. Cockroaches where breakfast foods are stored and prepared. Trash in bags in the hallways. The laundry room was filthy with trash overflowing and on the floor. The freeway noise is so loud the room that I literally checked whether the windows were left open (they were closed).

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Expected more for the price

F4218VZlawrencem on Jul 31, 2021

Family and I stayed for six nights. I knew it was the wrong place for us at check-in. The front desk clerk told us “no partying, as we like to keep the environment comfortable for all guests.” I was visiting with my wife and two children. A positive is that the hotel is close to Disney, and a walk away from near by restaurants. I love the kitchenette. Room was pretty clean upon entrance besides the sofa. The sofa is more likely a couple years old, and I’m positive that it’s never been cleaned, the smell confirmed my belief. Negatives are that guests must request EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING. Coffee pot in room had no lid. Had to request a lid. Need clean towels, soap, shampoo/ conditioner refills, toiletries, etc. Guests have to call the front desk to request. It’s annoying that guests leave their trash in the parking lot. Actually it’s very annoying, however the same to-go food containers were in the same parking spots for the 3 days I looked. Breakfast was fine, however the service was poor. It’s like standing in line for a Disney ride. The first night there were four workers assisting with orders. There was only one the remainder of the week. My wife tried ordering for two while I’m line. The worker pointed to the sign that all guests must be present when ordering, which makes sense. I come down and the same worker allowed a guest to place an order for SEVEN. Just be consistent. Overall, I love the location, but the hotel is overpriced for what it has to offer. Six night stay plus guests pay $12 nightly for parking was not worth it. Hotel must have been doing well to receive such high ratings? I will not be returning.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5


jessika r on Jul 04, 2021

I chose es suits because it got really great reviews for family stays and cleanliness. The staff at the hotel was great but overall very disappointed with the up keep throughout the day of this place. When we checked in the place was messy children’s greasy hand prints on everything that could be touched they still go by “COVID” guidelines but that’s bs because this place was gross! I got a suit on the 7th floor. Soon as you exit the elevators the whole floor smelled like weed! The floors had food or crumbs just everywhere!!This is supposed to be a non smoking hotel so I don’t know why this was just not taken seriously I even mentioned it to the front desk and they said all they could do was leave no smoking letters to the rooms but that was never done. I stayed for two nights. This went on our whole stay definitely not for children to be around. The two bedroom suit we got was nice but not very clean..the freeway was a little loud but not too bad. Our refrigerator was leaking so we had to get that fixed and the microwave was not cleaned at all and there was a bandaid stuck to the lamp in the living area? The pictures on the walls had fingerprints. They definitely need to clean this whole place better… There was bloody foot steps outside by the pool restroom that was dried up so clearly no one really cleanes anything here. There were dirty towels everywhere and no clean towels. I was just very disappointed because I expected better and I really loved the hotel in general but these things that happened are human errors that could and shouldn’t be an issue. I was compensated for some of my stay but still overall very dissatisfied and disappointed..

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

So disappointing

eloysac682 on May 22, 2021

We stayed 2 nights here during our recent trip to Disneyland. Upon checking in we were greeted so nicely by Jimmy. Customer service was A+ Jimmy was very welcoming and gave detailed and thorough information regarding our stay. Once we arrived to our room it kinda went downhill from there, it was so noisy and sounded like we were at the races. We were facing the 5 freeway and it was 24/7 super loud cars racing by. I noticed another really loud humming noise coming from the bathroom. When I brought it to Jimmy's attention he knew what it was right away and had someone come up to remedy the situation. Apparently there is a huge fan that everyone that works there is aware of and runs continuously from the ground floor all the way to the roof and all the rooms ending in 15 get the brunt of the loud humming. My husband had the volume on the TV maxed out at 50 and we literally couldn't hear it with all the distractions. This does not help make for a restful and peaceful sleep. The shower is horrible, no water pressure at all, the toilet only flushed if you held the handle down and there was no Kleenex in the room. The shower had 3 containers mounted on the wall with body wash, shampoo and conditioner so they don't give you the small bottles. The body wash was completely empty and the shampoo pump didn't work. It was annoying moving the 1 soap they give you between the sink and the shower. Onto the kitchen, the coffee maker had gross build up in the water tank, I had to scrub it and run water thru before using it. Grabbed a bowl from the dishwasher and it had dried corn flakes on it. I was so disgusted with the kitchen at that point. Also, every time we entered or exited the property there was a customer in front on the sidewalk smoking marijuana and the smell was so unbearable. We definitely will not be staying here again.

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