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4.0 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.0
  • Location 4.0
  • Rooms 4.0
  • Service 4.0
  • Value 3.5

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TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Cool vibes, tasty food and snotty service.

brandiceewilson (Los Angeles, California) on Jun 09, 2022

Ace hotels will always be my first choice when traveling. They aren't for everyone; if you're a fan of the Four Seasons (snore), then Ace probably isn't for you. That being said, this is one of their older properties, which could use a bit of a refresh. Nonetheless, love the mid century, desert nights vibe which is totally authentic to Palm Springs. The location is perfect. Very close to downtown. The beds are comfy, soaps smell great. Food is awesome (both in the restaurant and by the pool). The pool is big and fun. They serve drinks and DJ out of a bus by the pool. And there's a spa on property (though I haven't been). HOWEVER, the front desk staff are very rude. My friend & I booked and confirmed (and confirmed over the phone) a double-bed room. But when we checked in, we were told our reservation was for a single king room and that they "couldn't alter our reservation" because it was booked through third party. Bull. Like they have no control over how their own property is run? They had double bed rooms available, and I mega confirmed beforehand that's what we had. I even showed the woman my email confirmation which clearly stated double-bed room. But there was "nothing she could do." She wouldn't even contact her manager. So I spent the next THREE HOURS trying to sort this mess out with the third party booking service and the front desk person to no avail. By the time the third party was able to get ahold of her through her line, she said they were "sold out" of double beds. How convenient. Oh and she also cancelled our reservation entirely, because she said the third party said I wanted to cancel. I never said that. So then I had to scramble to even get the king room back so that we wouldn't be stranded. In summary, it's a cool place. But triple confirm your room both in writing and over the phone, and even then, be prepared for a battle. Don't expect the front desk to be friendly.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Not the worst hotel you'll ever stay in

wanderingthought (Oakland) on May 09, 2022

Just the most expensive so-so hotel you'll ever stay in. The pool is the highlight and the staff there are friendly. Unfortunately that's where the positives end. Beds are like sleeping on a sack of flour, the rooms are somewhat dreary and not especially clean, housekeeping never showed up in 3 days, front desk acted put out with us at every interaction (for example, we let the front desk know that some items in our mini bar were already consumed- got charged from them on check-out anyway).

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Cool vibe doesn’t make up for lack of respect for guests

Michael K (New York, NY) on Apr 14, 2022

Cool rooms and vibe, despite check-in issues that lasted a full 24 hours after I got here.. Also here for 3 days and each day, one of the two pools was closed for private events. And tonight, they have a wedding directly across from my room. When I asked how late the music would be blasting, they said midnight without any apology. I’d say about 1/5 of the hotel won’t go to sleep before midnight. How this is acceptable when charging $400+ a night, without any warning, is beyond me. It’s a fun hotel but they don’t seem give a crap about their guests. It’s a sentiment shared by a lot of the other guests I spoke with.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Disappointing and Overpriced

Lebdog (Pasadena, California) on Apr 02, 2022

We stayed here only because this was the designated hotel for a wedding on the extended family. This is not a place I'd recommend for anyone over 40. It costs over $500 per night and I'm struggling to understand how they can get away with charging what they do for what they offer. 1. Location. On Palm Springs off 111 is noisy. 2. Architecture is 1950's motel. 3. Decor is like the "glamping" tent we were in last year. Downscale denim and canvas like a colllege dorm . 4. Pool pulsed with reverb fro blasting toons. Poolside service was inattentive to me at least. Has to go to bar as never approached by server. Not enough lounge chairs and very little done to discourage people from "saving" chairs. Room not ready for us to check in even though we were well oast the designated time. And when we returned from dinner the room had a sewer-like stench which caused us to move. Management was responsive to our complaints but I'd stay away from this place. Lots of choices that are better.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Disappointment Doesn't Even Come Close

Limwalle (Rolling Hills Estates, California) on Mar 30, 2022

Do yourself a favor and find a different hotel to stay at unless you enjoy throwing away your hard-earned money, then by all means stay at the Ace. As a teen/20s, I and my friends would stay here during Spring Break back when it was a Howard Johnson's and we didn't have much cash, and as far as I can see not much has changed on the outside, except for a coat of white paint! Seriously. Fast forward to present day, all I can say is the owner who bought the HJ, had the carpets ripped out to the bare concrete floor, hung up a heavy canvas covering for the window, picked up some wooden crates from the back of grocery stores and placed them in the rooms and called them 'coffee tables' and thought to himself, I know I can charge $600+/night, not provide any cleaning service, provide only a 1"x1" soap bar, place only two bath towels that only cover a single thigh and we'll call it 'cool' and the millennials will love it! They say it's "the vibe" you're paying for! WTF? We booked a room, paid an additional $100 more each night for what we thought was going to be a private fireplace patio area, only to get to our room and see it was shared with all our neighbors - we never had any private fireplace or patio! Regarding the restaurant, we were not told by the concierge or anyone who checked us in that we had to make reservations to eat at the restaurant. We got to the restaurant at 11:20am. Thought it was a good time between breakfast and lunch and only 2 tables had people, no one at the counter, and when my husband and I were asked if we had reservations and said we didn't, we were told the wait was 1 1/2 hrs! I came back a half hour later to check if any tables were taken, and no the same people were still at them. So we ordered our food to go and had no where to eat it! There was also 2 weddings last weekend. So the only pool we could use was the main pool as the other one was 'reserved.' So unless you got your towels out on the lounge chairs by 7am, you really were s* outta luck. So our two nights cost us $1,400 and it pains me to think how that $1,400 could have served us better. Bottom line, there are so many better options with better "vibes!"

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