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4.0 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.5
  • Location 4.0
  • Rooms 4.0
  • Service 4.0
  • Value 3.5

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TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

You get what you pay for, as you should

RC94065 (Redwood City, California) on Sep 11, 2021

3 star experience for 3 star prices - a fair deal! In an area not know for its resort hotels, it was nice to see Margaritaville enter the market to help change that. But they’re going to need to work at it a much harder or get their franchise pulled. The resort opened less than a year ago, after an inexplicably (and ill advised) quick change from the aging icon that previously operated here. The place needs a LOT of work and for some reason they chose to try to do it piecemeal while the resort is open rather than doing it all at once before opening. The result is the employees always have a built in excuse as to why things aren’t operating as a Margaritaville customer would expect. Poorly staffed, poorly maintained infrastructure, confusion between various parties on the staff as to what is open and what is not, frequent turnover in upper management (per the staff, they’ve had multiple GMs or high level managers in their 9 month run). The concept could easily compete with the two other resorts in the area, Hyatt and Marriott, but at this rate I can’t imagine Margaritaville letting their brand be besmirched for much longer before deciding to try elsewhere. The main lobby bar has no blenders, which might be fine for anywhere other than Margaritaville, the pool bars are only open a few hours a day (“the bar will open whenever the bartender arrives”), and certainly not In the morning or at night, which is when you want to use the pool in the Palm Springs heat, the main restaurant is open even though the website says it isn’t, the spa is closed even though the website says it’s open, the only elevator in our building was out of order for two of our three days, light posts around the property lay strewn on the ground, broken. I was locked in our bathroom for a few interminable minutes because the door hardware was installed improperly and didn’t unlatch correctly. I had to be “rescued”. As a bonus, there seems to be a night club in the area that blares dance music from 8pm until late at night. And they have an awesome subwoofer. On the plus side, the drinks were good when available, the food was good, the pool scene was nice - a real melting pot of colors and persuasions made for a lively and entertaining people watching scene. People were having fun. I liked the decor. And the rates were good, but I’d like to pay more for a better all around experience.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

It's just right

nancyinChicago_13 (Palm Springs, California) on Sep 10, 2021

The only thing that would make it more perfect is more Jimmy Buffett music throughout. i'm a local, I went for lunch can't speak to the rooms. The food is creative, and delicious. The staff couldn't be nicer and they even sell Margaritaville Facemasks. If the lobby and the Come Monday Cafe are any indication, this is A HUGE IMPROVEMENT over the old hotel that was there. Perfect meeting ground for Parrotheads. Fins UP!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Nice getaway

AriS938 (Los Angeles, California) on Sep 02, 2021

We had a great time here. There are two pools, the bigger one seemed to have more adults and a little bit of the party vibe, while the second pool was more family oriented. Pricing at the restaurants and poolside bars were reasonable for this kind of resort. The hallways between rooms were a little dated and the noise carries easily between rooms as well (at least in Building 5, can’t speak for the others). It was a weekend stay and the hallways were not cleaned of the leftover foods people leave outside their rooms. This created a strong smell of garbage in those areas, especially when it’s 110 outside. Also, despite the no smoking rule, we could smell marijuana throughout our stay. The staff were super friendly and accommodating. I would highly recommend using the poolside service rather than wait in line for a drink at the bar if it’s busy. This is a good place to stay.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Loved the tub!!

Kimberlee73 (Lakewood, California) on Sep 01, 2021

Great rooms and amenities. I got the premium King with soaking tub and I loved it. Idk why there are some mixed reviews about this place. Those reviews seem to be out of context for me. Everything was clean and check-in only took 5 minutes on a Saturday. We ordered room service for breakfast and it arrived in under 30 minutes! Cute little balcony to sit on and the tub was great for a late soak! Plenty of clean towels and bed & pillows were super comfy. We were in Building 6 and it was very quiet. Only negative is the parking. It’s a big place and has a spread out layout. Each building has a parking area but on a Saturday night we couldn’t find anything by us so we had to park by building 4 and make the trek on foot. We passed other couples making their way to find their cars in the morning too Lol , it wasn’t that bad but just an FYI if you’re not that mobile it would be rough for you. Also the location to downtown is great.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Wont Stay here again.

sarah l on Aug 14, 2021

I was super excited to check into Margaritaville. However, it did not live up to the Jimmy Buffet Brand. The pool towels were dirty. I assume they cram too many towels into the machine at once so they dont clean correctly. The rooms are ok. I assumed they used the same beds from The Riviera as Margaritaville has just opened and my bed had the body indentation on the bed, so clearly they are not new beds. The toilet was wobbly. There were stains on the carpet, and a wierd smell throughout building 4 and a different wierd smell in the room. The was some sort of work being done as you walk through building 2, but noone was there actually working and the ladders and other equipment along with drywall chuncks and dust that had been banged off the wall was all spread across the hallway creating an ugly eyes sore for days. The restaraunts were RIDICULOUSLY expensive for mediocre food. my friend spend 60 dollars on breakfast for 2 coffees, 2 sandwiches and 2 fruit cups. I had the 16 dollar farm burger which i didnt eat as it was horrible. The fries were good. Fernando, a bartender is an amazing asset to this property. He was helpful friendly and made great drinks. For the hotel to claim it was a resort and charge a resort fee is insulting. Kiki, The supervisor i spoke to about the fee didnt have any answers on why the resort fee is there when the facility offers nothing more that what a regular hotel offers. Kiki told me the 40 dollars a day covers complimentary parking , pool, business center (which was out of order) and games. there were NO games. I mentioned that the hotel offered nothing other than a pool. So during the midday dessert heat the only other thing to escape the pool, is the go to your room or go to the lobby to relax. I mentioned i had 2 boys aged 11 and 16 and asked what would they do at the lobby. Kiki shrugged her shoulders and just kept repeating the fee is just what it is and there is nothing that can be done about it. The other option i was given to escape the pool in 110 degrees was to use the bike rentals.... in 100 degree heat. Kiki, then stated the resort fee is basically for parking. So complimentary parking which is advertised is just a lie, and needs to be paid even when you dont have a car to park. I have been to numerous resorts where a resort fee is paid, but there are more amenities available such as all inclusive food and alcohol, entertainment staff, INDOOR activities for kids. pool activities, games, nightly entertainment. Kiki stated that due to covid certain things were limited, however the resort fee, which by the way is also taxed, remained the non covid rate. so limited amenities for the same fee. Kiki just seemed frustrated that the resort fee was being questioned and didnt have any answers because we just have to pay it, even though there are no resort amenities. As an avid traveller, i am disappointed in Margaritaville palm springs. I will never stay here again, i will never recommend this hotel to any client, AND this hotel has single handedly put a damper on any future stays at any jimmy buffet locations.

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