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  • Rooms 4.0
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6/10 Resort. Don’t go here if you have issues with food

TerryB51234 on Sep 22, 2023

Our trip was from July 3rd to July 10th. Four people separated in two rooms. Upon arriving to the resort, you see the beautiful entrance to the resort. They did a great job placing our rooms near each other which we appreciated. We were staying in an older building, in comparison to the newer ones closer to the beach with swim up pools that go to the balcony doors. Unfortunately, when receiving our rooms, one room smelled unbearably musty, and in that same room, the toilet would not flush. When we headed to the front desk to let them know, they informed us that they would have someone arrive immediately to fix the toilet, and they’d move our room the next day. Upon receiving our new room, the smell was a lot better, but in the evening we were noticing the toilets in BOTH rooms would not flush. At the front desk, they informed us the water turns off at night. Little did I know how important a toilet would be needed at night time, as we were in the bathroom within 15 minutes after eating almost every time. That brings up the second issue we had at the resort - Food. I’m not sure what really happened. We watched so many videos (a lot of them recent) of the hotel buffet, and on camera it looked absolutely amazing - the reality of it was not unfortunately. It could have been the specific week we decided to go, but absolutely nothing was sitting properly in my stomach and by the second day we realized we were in trouble. Meeting other people at the resort, we brought up the buffet options, and the other tourists we met there told us they simply did not eat at the buffet, and rather ate off the resort or at an à la carte restaurant. One of the things that saved the trip and brought this resort up to even 3 stars are the workers. They’re really thoughtful when talking to you and want to get to know you, almost as if you’re already their friend. They’re also super energetic, and really liven up the place. Ultimately, when I think of this trip what resides with me most is being stuck in a public bathroom, with no WIFI or AC, removing my clothes (because it was one of those), drenched in sweat. And as soon as that was over I could have set a 30 minute timer and there would’ve been a 90% chance I would be headed back for round 2 within the timeframe. The booty got used to it after a couple of days, but DAMN it was tough.

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Run away!

Yerika C on Sep 20, 2023

Came here for a week getaway to relax and halfway thru i wanted to leave. The food was ok. Entertainment =none. But harassment was at 100. The moment you get up and try to go to breakfast the people are trying to sell you a vip experience and they won’t stop until you go and try to convince you to drop 60k for a better experience. Although you tell them no they continue to harras you. Funny the phone to call out for either room service or reception would not call out. But when it came for them to remind you about your vip tour the phone worked to call in! We went to reception to ask for them to stop harassing us and they didn’t care…of course cause they got paid already. We had to take the beach walk and behind walkways to try and avoid these people. I will never return to this resort. i would recommend you avoid it too!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

A perfect experience

U7960ETdominiquel on Sep 17, 2023

The employee were great, the hotel was beautiful and always impeccable clean. There was a lot of choice of food at the buffet and the restaurant à la carte were really nice. We loved our experience and we would go back tomorrow! :)

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Very good with very nice and friendly staff

Mathew W on Sep 16, 2023

Amazing staff had a great time dancing with all of them. Love PoIlo, Baby, cappicino, monkey and skinny they made the trip that much better. Sexy belly helped us out a lot i defintiley will come back again!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5


Rachelle M on Sep 16, 2023

Best staff ever! This resort was recommended by a friend and it truly was magical. Thanks to the entertainment team; baby, sky, monkey, cappuccino, pollo for always keeping us on our feet! Sexy belly for keeping this resort on top, and the best bartenders, alexander, Paulino, David, Francis for always keeping us hydrated ;) Best trip yet, we will definitely be coming back!

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