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4.0 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.0
  • Location 4.0
  • Rooms 3.5
  • Service 4.0
  • Value 4.0

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My family vacation??

pamelaaQ1950CM (United States) on Jun 24, 2022

I can honestly say that the service has been very good everyone has treated me and my family really good especially wisandra that is a very good host she made me smile with her great personality and she made sure I was taken care of I will for sure come back!!!

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keithonj on Jun 20, 2022

The front desk staff are a bunch of liars. I booked the hotel for 4 guest and paid $1590. When I checked in I told them that the other guest on my reservation would be checking in on different days. They told me that it would be no problem. They allowed the 2nd guest however when the 3rd guest arrived they told me that they could not come because the 2nd guest didn't stay for the entire reservation (but they took her all inclusive bracelet). Then they told me that I would get refunded for the last two people not being allowed on their property. I knew they were lying to me because when I asked for a receipt print out they told me that they could do it. They told me to trust them and when Expedia called they would confirm they only allowed two people. Of course when Expedia called they said that they couldn't allow a refund for a cancellation however, my people didn't not cancel, they just didn't let them on the property. These people at the front desk are a bunch of liars. They told me it that ITS A FAMILY HOTEL AND THEY COULDN'T ALLOW PEOPLE TO CHECK-IN AT LATER TIMES AND THEY WOULD GIVE ME A REFUND BECAUSE IT WAS NOT A CANCELLATION. Now that Expedia has called, they are a bunch of liars. It is the Wyndham who would allow my 3rd and 4th guest. They have no policy that says guest have to stay for the entire reservation.

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Very detailed review

118ji on Jun 20, 2022

There are a few things you have to know about this place. First off the certain staff members made the difference between the original one star I was thinking and honestly felt like four star experience because of the but certain issues could not be overlooked when rating this hotel. I will start write the amazing staff. The morning/evening bartenders nordy, Francis, Orvello and the ladies as well were amazing. They make the trip more lively with the amount of joy they brought us during our stay and we’re the reason I rated higher than I think the hotel would be without them. Secondly the buffet staff was also amazing very attentive and funny from the hostess who greets you at the entrance to the wait staff. Thirdly the activities staff/ dance team amazing and wonderfully fun the Zumba instructor all of them were so happy and were dancing with you the whole way so you feel included. Special thanks to Jason derulo also he helped with the free activities on the beach like the catamaran and other activists and he was helpful letting us know the fun places to go in carabete(the club ojo) and areas in puerto plata. And the cleaning staff as well the bar area was clean constantly as well as the buffet area and of course the room cleaning staff started early and they would greet you every time they saw you. Okay now here’s the stuff that needs improvement. The communication especially when it comes to making a reservation at customer/guest services It was extremely overly complicated the one person who is supposed to take the request was not there to help people often and when he was it was only him and he moved extraordinary slow so you spend your morning waiting in a long line. For process that should be done over the phone or in a kiosk that would safe travelers time and save them from one of the most unnecessary processes. The worst part about that is when you finally get a reservation there are very limited seating. For no reason I had a reservation The Whole dinning area was mostly empty. And the absolute worst part is the food was not at all work the whole hassle in the beginning might just save your time and go to the buffet because the options in all the restaurants are limited and it’s subpar food at best. The information about checking out needs to be clearer. Tell guest in the beginning that they need to return the towel cards at checkout or it’s a 20 dollar fine. Tell guest the times of all the activities planned for that week or the following three days or have an app that shows dinning times as well as the events of the day because you only get one tv that shows you and it’s in the most awkward location so unless you accidentally find yourself at an area where they are doing an event you will miss out. THE DISCO HAS AN AWFUL SMELL! It’s unbearable like sewage. Move the disco area to the theater because no one is going there and with good reason. The drinks were all inclusive quality so the liquor is house liquor and it’s rough and sometimes they add so much syrup for flavoring automatic it makes it even more difficult to drink if you want to avoid that drink beer as for just the alcohol with ice or specifically no syrup and replace it with a soda mixer instead that would be the best way to elevate the drinks. The resort says they have “jacuzzis”. The keys are on the top not all over so you don’t feel any massage and also it’s not a warmer temperature it’s the same as the pool temp so if you like relaxing in a hot jacuzzi that really isn’t it . Also the food the buffet when re arrived in Thursday was terrible I recommend adding salt and pepper for the tables so people can add seasoning to more plain dishes. Because some food is okay and then some is just flavorless and bland. So please leave salt and paper at the table for the guests. And lastly the room I stayed in the ac was not blowing cold air initially at all it was in cool mode but didn’t blow any cold air I had to leave it in auto for it to slowly cool the room. And the door was giving me a hard time to properly lock upon exiting and the cleaning staff had to tell me that sometimes the doors are like that and showed me how to manage to get the door locked. So double check the doors are actually locked when you leave your rooms !!! Bring a lot of mosquito spray!!!

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Amazing experience

Z6950JFbriannas on Jun 19, 2022

The staff here are super friendly especially the hostess Wisandra. I enjoyed everything here. The shows were out of this world, they put in so much effort. I definitely recommend. Everything is very organized.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Great food!

190darlynh on Jun 19, 2022

Loved the trip , food was great and tasted, the employees were great, very attentive and helpful, especially Aramis, Jessica, Tácito, Nicolás, Estefany and Ronald, the beach has big waves, we really loved that. the overall was a great experience.

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