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One week of sunshine!

wn123 (Toronto, Canada) on Nov 23, 2022

Check-In: Were never explained about the resort until the guest beside us was having everything explained to them. The desk guy we had had a white shirt on, maybe new, maybe filling in but did not know the job. Then the bell boy didn’t take us to our room because we only had carry-ons. The room we requested was not given to us; apparently what is requested at this end gets ignored at the destination end Room: Very basic. No mini fridge. Sliding door was so hard to open. Safe was extra US$ Cleaning staff was excellent especially Claribel Perez - always accommodating. Buffet: Never saw bacon for breakfast. Never had shrimp, lobster. The fish that was labelled “mero “ was always tilapia. King fish was delicious. Never have I seen “Chicken Guizzards” served in a buffet!!! Gross. That is really disgusting! All the waiters were fantastic! “Cafe cafe guy” always happy. Ala cartes: No comment - don’t waste your time Animation Team: Hard working group-Michael, JLo, Jessica, Coyote, Chalaca, Minnie and the rest of the team. Guest Michael Jackson was good. Unfortunately a MC during the whole show would have been better and a bar in the theatre. This is the first resort that I have stayed at that didn’t have a MC or bar in show time area. Disco: Was only open at the end of the week. As we proceeded down the stairs to it the sewage smell was soooo strong that we had to leave. Had a look and left. That is so unhealthy. Pool area: Very clean. Music at times was very loud. Too much bachata. Chairs always available even on the weekends when the locals pile in. They brought life to the resort! ?? Towels: Always available Beach: Red flag. Very rough with high waves and rip tides. Had 4 people nearly drown on the Saturday. The resort does not have a motorized vehicle to go out and rescue. Perhaps a seadoo or boat with motor needs to be purchased for these reasons. Bar: Still serving the cheap, no name disgusting, watered down alcohol. They had a bottle of Brugal rum hidden if you asked. Some would give some would not. The bartenders expected you to tip them each time. I did only if I liked their service. Some just ignored you. So, we went to the grocery store, bought our own good rum and just asked for ice, mix, limes. Problem solved. Bartenders all had attitudes. The price was right; location was perfect. Mojito bar restaurant/happy hour,a walk down the beach, the best-Anna the waitress was the best! Also walked along the beach to Ojo Nightclub Always people and security around. Don’t be afraid to venture out of the resort ! Papillon restaurant-fine dining- need a reservation and cab or car to get to. It’s in Cofresi. Tomas is an amazing chef and has been there for years!! Always a nice evening! That’s it for my review. Hope it’s helpful.

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Grest customer service!

Simon T on Nov 22, 2022

Everything was perfect , we are surfers and everything is close to the hotel , the hotel is super clean , the staff is very friendly . The room is like new and the food is different every day!, the staff very attentive specially Cipriano, Alejandro, Ruth, Elian, Nicolas, Sussy... And to finish i love Jessica

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Exceptional Holiday and experience at Viva Wyndam, can not wait to go back! (DETAILED REVIEW)

DesignDiva24 (Waterloo, Canada) on Nov 17, 2022

Areas I look at in a review: Customer service Facilities  Food/ amenities  Customer Resolution  Exceptional moments Customer service:   Upon arrival, I found the front desk staff, not overall friendly, but not rude. They were all business. Which is fine. The check-in process was fast and efficient. They had a porter waiting to assist with our luggage he was very kind. I had to call on Jose ( the porter) again the following day for assistance and again he was kind, asked where we were traveling from, and let us know about some excursions that are offered through the hotel. I didn't feel he was being a salesman just letting us know there were lots of things for us to take part in if we wanted to. The restaurant staff at the buffet was lovely! Whitney( not sure if that was correct) was the most bubbly person She always had fun greetings, high fives for the kids took pictures for guests. If you could bottle her energy I would buy it! She was fantastic. We had Jesus every morning making sure we had coffee and water. He was so smiley and kind and always made sure we had everything we needed. We often sat and did my son's homework after breakfast and he took notice and would get our plates away quickly and top up our drinks.  There was also the "Cafe, cafe" guy who has now become how my 6-year-old refers to coffee and I love it!!  We took advantage of the international restaurant one evening and it was a 5-star experience. Very private. Handed a fancy cocktail upon entering The chefs are amazing! All the food was incredible. But at the international restaurant, they took it to next level. Not only was the presentation on point. Pictures included. The food was delicious!  The service was what I would expect at a high-end Toronto restaurant, it was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Very much exceeded my expectations. We also dined in a Mexican restaurant. We weren't feeling well which was our own fault to much sun, not enough water. But again amazing presentation and service. They go out of their way at all the food locations to make you feel special. The buffet had different food every day we were there, including theme nights we never felt limited and the food was again superb! Whoever you have in the kitchen, you must really share with them how fabulous they are. Food is such a huge part of this kind of travel experience, and you nailed it 10 out of 10 The bar, now I'm not a huge drinker and neither is my husband but your bartenders are next level. I have to give high praise to: Nordy** ( I have a lot of praise for this staff member and I will get into that more below) Marlen Franciel They were so kind!! They have a way of making you feel like you are a part of the family. Not something I have experienced many times and I have traveled to many places. They quickly learned my routine. Morning Americano, afternoon double espressos, and Tom Colin's and cube libra after dinner I mentioned my sister's wedding and Nordy followed up and asked how it went, nice! And it wasn't at the hotel it was off-site so double wow! They were all funny and handled guests of all types with so much grace and patience. I would have wanted to tell some of the guests where to go if I were them. But never did they lose their cool, always pleasant and with a smile on their face. Also always cleaned the bar area and made sure everything was fully stocked. They literally never stop. No downtime from what I saw.  I've never been a bartender but I know it is a lot to deal with when you throw in alcohol and in this case open bar as it is all-inclusive. I never saw them get flustered even once. I was really impressed. Guest services was also a great experience Hector was extremely helpful and expressed a great deal of care when we made a request. (More below) he probably had the hardest job because he deals with anything and everything. And every morning he had a smile, asked how your day was, or wished you a wonderful day. Asked how the stay was going. Really great customer service. Although his job is also very challenging I feel like he was really good at his role and handled everything thrown at him really well. Above and beyond. He too followed up about my sister's wedding. Housekeeping, our cleaner was such a lovely lady. She was pleasant and worked hard and the day we weren’t feeling good she brought us some extra water. She didn’t speak English, but she took a lot of pride in her work. Entertainment/fitness staff I didn't partake but I observed and wow...they have a ton of fun! They were the hype crew! What a great bunch. They got people engaged and active, they danced, and played games... honestly it was like being in the dirty dancing movie where they have all the fun stuff for guests to do...but everyone actually seemed to enjoy it lol  I have to also include here there was an incident one day where a group of 6 or 7 people started drowning in the ocean. It was very scary. Even though it was a public beach and not lifeguarded your team was swift to action. Security alerted staff and several of the young men without hesitations went out with surfboards and got to the large group in distress, while they were rescuing them other staff got stretchers and wheelchairs ready. They also somehow managed to keep guests calm as they ran through the hotel with the man who had the most critical injuries from nearly drowning. We were told shortly after that they were all ok and recovering. I noticed they do have a medical facility onsite as well. They really handled the situation very well. I was scared but felt safer seeing how they managed what could have been a fatality.    Facilities  Having my background in Design and specifically, in Facilities management, I can appreciate the level of work it takes to operate a place of this size with guests onsite. It isn’t the newest property that requires maintenance. I noticed gardeners out, people mopping and cleaning constantly, they had painters working on touch-ups, and electricians working on some lighting. Every morning they were cleaning the pool. I never saw an area that didn’t have people cleaning or working on it. When you arrive you will notice that the grounds are very well kept. From the website, I believe they are starting to update the rooms. I could tell ours had a washroom update probably in the last 5 years or so, I am assuming this is an ongoing project but of course, it takes time. The room overall was rather dated, and had a 90s vibe to it. But it was clean and well maintained from what we experienced. ( this is the second room we stayed in) the first room was rather tired looking and does require maintenance or decommissioning due to the information provided below. I have some suggestions. Food/ amenities  The food was really delicious. What made it give high praise is not only the quality but the variety Vegetarian, no problem “American” no problem Unique and more local no problem They offered a wide variety, I felt like I could eat really healthy or splurge Also, you never would go hungry, if the buffet wasn’t open the snack bar was. If tired of the buffet ( which I never was) then you have Italian, Mexican or international to choose from* but note you need to make a reservation for these locations. Try to book them ahead, or the day you arrive. They are well worth it! But book up fast The bar was always open Coffee mmm… their coffee bar located at the bar is where you get the best coffee ( I would usually have a double espresso so good) And if you're a beer drinker they have a tap in the buffet area so you don’t have to wait at the bar if it is busy Music and a DJ, aerobics in and out of the pool, games, and activities, yoga classes, and kite surfing is what they are known for and I believe you can pay extra to learn how to do that. They have a gym, a disco, and a theatre. Need to exchange money, they got you, want to do some shopping, got a few stores, not great but not terrible. They had a local artist in on our last day and I was so happy to see him because I like to buy artwork when on vacation, so I was able to get an item from him Feel like going to the spa, they go that too! I know there are hotels that are larger and probably have even more things you can do, but I didn’t find myself bored or wanting anything more than they had. We are pretty low-key, but I really appreciated everything they have. They also have a kids club area, we didn’t use it, but it is a kid-friendly resort. My son loved it. Also, I like that even though our new room was facing the bar area, I never found it loud, even when they were doing something with speakers and a DJ, like Karaoke night…that was funny! And it didn’t go too late, maybe 1030 or 11… I didn’t go to the disco, but I think that opened up around that time so still time to party if you wanted to Customer Resolution An area of disappointment, we were originally given room 3108, it was terrible. I am going to guess the worst room on the resort. You will see in the exceeding expectations section why this did not affect my overall rating. In my eyes, how you handle a situation is more valuable. Because that is where most hotels fail. I would strongly encourage the hotel to stop renting these rooms ( there are about 3 I believe on that side of the hallway). Ours was over the back of house ( so where the garbages were, I think near the kitchen area) so you could not sit outside, it smelled like garbage if you opened the sliding door. And across the hall was a maintenance room and they would be going in and out to move mattresses etc. room was quiet at night, which was about the only good thing about it. Here would be my suggestion. Decommission this room and perhaps the others on that side of the hallway. Make them into storage or potential for your event staff that is provided accommodation on site as per a part of their work arrangements ( noticed an ad for that) it should not be allowed for guests, the smell and daytime noise are really going to hurt your ratings. It would have been for me if it had not been rectified quickly and as well it had been. Which I will mention more in my exceptional moments. Another option is some business center space, provide a desk and computer perhaps a printer for people that may need to work on holidays. I would remove the sliding door and put a transom window in, create an inviting space, and update the washroom to just a 2 piece, toilet, and sink. Make as a bookable space and advertise the hotel as remote worker friendly with bookable office space included. Also, I would dedicate wifi to each space with a separate login so the access is super fast. Include a nice backdrop for web meetings, so think of wallpapers or artwork on the wall behind the desk. As an interior designer, I think you could make these rooms work for something that doesn’t involve renting them as rooms but could still be a great selling point for the hotel. I would like to point out that the upgrade and room that we were moved to was in much better shape, the flooring was nicer, the view well the view was amazing. The washroom had been updated. The TV was even better! The room change was 100% what made our vacation amazing as I don’t think I would have been able to enjoy myself in the 1st room. We reached out about the room and within 3 hours we were in a new room… I was very pleased! We had no issues with this request. I also believe you should read my travel tips as to why I believe we didn’t have any issues. #1) we were nice about it, I didn’t make a huge ordeal I just shared that I didn’t like it, the smell bothered me and would there be a room we could be moved to. However, I do feel the need to mention it, because a big reason why my review and rating is still so high is because of HOW they resolved it. Quickly, efficiently and they followed up to make sure that we were happy with the new room. That is customer service, how you HANDLE a situation when it occurs. And they did so perfectly. I never was made to feel bad about the request.  Exceptional moments I am going to start with Nordy He made our day every day, because he was kind and thoughtful and so very welcoming But there were some things that stood out. My son got sick one day, too much sun or food from the wedding we attended (off-site) and I came down to get some more water for him. He asked me if everything was ok as we hadn’t been down at all that day, I said my son is having tummy troubles. He said Oh I have something that can help. Soda water, salt and lime. Let me make it for you. He made that for me and I brought it to my son, it tasted not great but it worked. The puking stopped and he literally felt so much better. As a mom to a young son, this one I have already been sharing this with all my friends cause it was a game changer. Nordy also went out of his way to assist with the artwork that I purchased. It was nailed onto a wood frame and we didn’t have checked bags so I needed to remove it from the wood so I can roll up the canvas, I didn’t even ask him he saw me trying to pick it off with my nails. He came over and said let me see what I can do. Took it to, I am assuming a maintenance staff person and had It removed for me so that I wouldn’t have any trouble with it. He really went above and beyond my expectations. And this is on top of the overall excellent service that I have already mentioned! I noticed when I observed him, he just went above and beyond with lots of guests, asking them questions about their day, asking if they wanted a specific drink that they had asked for etc. You just don’t find people like this nowadays. He is the type of employee that would get a lot of job offers here because everyone wants someone like that on their team. Hardworking, client-focused and genuine. He is a real gem, I hope you guys realize what an asset he is to your team. As a business owner, I have learned how hard it is to find excellent staff. Hector is the other person I would like to point out an exceptional moment. After the room switch, there was a bottle of champagne and a fruit tray brought to our room. I am not 100% sure if he thought it was my wedding, but I think he knew we were there for my sisters. So whether it was for the wedding or just the hassle of moving rooms, It was such a wonderful touch to make us feel extra special while we were there. And again, I never was made to feel bad about the request. Which made me feel better about it as well. There is no doubt that we will be back again at this resort. I can’t wait! Some quick thoughts: Being able to travel is such a privilege. Especially after the last few years. I am truly grateful for the ability to afford to do so, and I can only imagine that many of the people in the service industry are still recovering from it as well.  I always try to be mindful when I'm in a new country and take a moment to realize that yes I have paid for my experience, but I also know that they are all people doing their best to earn a quite honestly a really challenging time the last few years.   I mention this cause I saw and heard some incredibly rude behavior from guests that really shocked me. I feel like a lot of people are entitled and mean... there is no reason for that. You catch more flys with honey than vinegar.  Travel tips: If you are from a first-world country note the following  This is not Miami, California or Texas This does not have the same Infrastructure, in case you missed that on the bus ride. It's different from Canada or the USA but different is not bad.  Things you might experience and should expect without criticism  Rolling blackouts Internet outages Language barriers Different and interesting food that is worth trying Some wear and tear due to ocean water, which is very salty and takes a huge toll on these buildings and systems. ****TIP the staff**** they do not earn very much to our North American standards. I budgeted $200 USD ( I am Canadian) for the week in tips. It goes a long way for them as their pay is not very high and you will see how much your experience is improved anywhere when you tip well and are kind. I always try to empathize with others and recognize that we are very lucky to live in a part of the world that has so much to offer us. So if I can afford a holiday I can add a little bit extra for tipping. I highly recommend staying at this resort and am looking forward to going back. Perhaps I will learn how to kite surf next time :)

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Family vacation

pedropN2889JI on Nov 14, 2022

My review is mostly for the employees as they made the place move. The waiters were great, especially Nicolas. The greet staff waikiry/wisandra we’re two little dolls so cita and friendly. The amigos para siempre animation staff were awesome. Gaby, Coyote, speedy, Jennifer, and Pingüi were so talented and easy to talk to. And my favorite bartender Franciel and his crew including Marten, Francis, Leandro and Arianna. The beaches were nice , especially for parasailing and other activities. Only one pool, but can be divided so you did not feel cramped. The restaurants were good with some good dishes. The Mexican restaurant felt like we were in Mexico.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

A quaint little resort with incredible views and even more incredible employees

Pedro P on Nov 14, 2022

The rooms were nice - location and sized and stocked with water and beer each day. The buffet was average, but the restaurants were above average. Only one bar at the resort, but the bartenders were all excellent. There was a new bartender that was the best - Franciel, but the others were great too. I would like to name all the great people, but I will only put down a few of my favorites. Wisandra and Wikairy were re greeters at the buffet and both were as sweet as could be. Nicolas and Ronald were two of the waiters at the buffet and they would put waiters in the US to same. Then there was the entertainment. Great people that helped us feel at home. Speedy, Pingui, Gaby, Jennifer, Karla, Coyote and other put on some fun activities and great shows. If you have a few days and are looking fo ra nice place to spend them this place is it.

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