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todd l on May 17, 2024

This hotel needs some serious upgrades. I will start by talking about the room. We had an ocean view room, The View was awesome. The room itself, the bathroom was old, the shower was old. The overhead fan made a clicking noise all night. The door to the suite you could see light all around the inside of the door frame. They also give you keys, not a card key an actual key. This kind of stuff we can live with the only problem is no coffee machine in the room. When you wake up in the morning you have to go down to the bar to get a cup of coffee and if you get up late say past 9:00 you may not get coffee. If not for the ocean view, if we had a room without that I definitely wouldn't have been happy. The buffet was large but a lot of the items are unmarked all of the different sauces they have around don't tell you what they are and if they're spicy or not. The buffet didn't change a whole lot on a daily basis and we found a lot of the food seem to be recycled. For instance one day they had hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch the next day they had cut up hot dogs on their Pizza. The only meal that seemed okay was breakfast as you could get an omelet made, toast and your regular breakfast items. By the 5th day we had had about enough of the buffet. A lot of other people that we talked to were also in agreement that the hotel was run down and that the buffet was not the greatest. They didn't have all a la carte available in May as the resort is not busy enough to have them open all the time. What has to be done is you have to reserve whatever the ala carte is that day by 8:00am or your eating at buffet again. We found the ala carts we're not very good. We had the Asian called "Jap Jap" was horrible. We didnt try the "Wok" but others told us it was not very good. We also tried the Brazilian ala cart. This was better but still average at best. The last one we tried was the Mexican, again not a whole lot different than the items on the buffet and average at best. No options for food between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. No place to get a snack that we were aware of. Picky eaters definitely will not be happy. The staff were generally very good. Polite and attentive. The problem here is there's no wait staff around any of the 4 pools or beach. We prefer to sit on the beach and everytime we wanted a drink one of us had to walk back into the complex. We have never been to a resort that doesnt have staff serving people all over the resort. The drinks were ok, never did see any premium alcohol. A quick shout out to Gabriel, he was a really nice guy and was the only server when we were sitting in the main bar that never let our drinks get empty and was a great guy. This resort has 4 pools. The 2 at the front are for everyone, the 2 at the back are adult only. We never did sit at the "family" pools they were always full of kids and very busy. We did try one afternoon at the adult pool but being at the back of the complex it was very hot as there is no ocean breeze. Basically we had the whole pool area to ourselves for that reason. The beach was a very beautiful setting. Lovely sandy beach, no rocks to walk on and water shoes were not necessary. Lots of palapas with loungers. The problem here is the beach area is public, we were never told this. We sat mostly at one end beside a hut that sold tee shirts and other souvenirs. We assumed it was part of resort but found out later it was not. Every couple of minutes we had someone bugging us to buy something, this got tired quickly and was really annoying. Our last full day we set up under the only available palapa and had Mexican people who were also vacationing at this resort sitting around us. I was in the water about 30 feet in front of where we were sitting and called my wife down to see something on the beach. Away from our loungers for about 5 minutes, when we returned our bag containing our phones, tablet, prescription glasses, cash, blue tooth speaker, binoculars and my wife's ID was gone! Of coarse nobody around us saw anything. They have useless security on the beach and instead of helping us they told us to go to the front desk. We had the police come down and filed a report with them. We needed a copy of that report as we didnt know if not having ID coming home would be a problem. We were told to get a cab or uber to take us there. The guest services person "Ivan" told us he would take us in his personal vehicle to get the report. When we got to the police station we were told we had to come back at 7pm to file the report. Manual told us he was off at 7pm and he would take us down there and wait for us. At 7pm he took us back and we are so glad. Nobody spoke english and he filled out the report for us. This man was our angel in our moment of need. He used his own time and vehicle to take us to the police station and we can never fully express our gratitude for what this man did. He did this out of the goodness of his heart and went way above and beyond and is an outstanding employee and individual. I gave him $110us for what he did. Upon our return from the police station in the afternoon (about 2pm) we needed to suspend our phone plans and cancel bank and credit cards. We were able to suspend our phones online but not able to cancel bank or credit card that way and needed to call. We went to the front desk and told them we needed to use the phone and why. We were told we couldnt as they may get busy with check ins and check outs. 5 people standing at the desk and nobody doing anything. We were told to go to guest services. Back at guest services in step Ivan again who gave us his personal cel phone to make the calls needed. Very impressed by Ivan not so much by the rest. The resort claims no responsibility for what happened, as tourist in a foreign country the front desk staff should be informing guests that the beach is not part of the resort. We spoke to the manager the next morning before we left and he told us the staff should have let us use the phone and he would address the problem. We were also told that vendors on the beach have specific areas they are allowed to sell and the ones for this part of the beach wear blue shirts. Security is supposed to get any vendor not wearing a blue shirt to move on. We went to the beach and did not see one vendor in a blue shirt and security did nothing. So, obviously someone is not telling the truth or security is not doing thier job properly. One final note on this, we are pretty sure the shirt hut was the culprit of the theft as they had been watching us for 3 days, we dont feel vendors would have been able do it as they are usually carrying things to sell. So to sum this all up. The resort caters to Mexicans, I would say at least 85% locals. Communication to foreign visitors is awful. The grounds are nice and well looked after. The rooms are ok but only if you have an ocean view room (did not see any other room). The food gets a big thumbs down from us and that's the opinion of the other Canadains that we made friends with while there. The best pools were loaded with kids. The beach was beautiful but dont leave anything unattended. Staff was generally pretty good and Ivan was a rockstar. This trip cost $3600 for 2 for 7 days. I would rather spend more money and go to a 4 + star resort. We will never go back to this resort. My advice here is dont go to this resort your money is better spent elsewhere.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Good resort for families

RB1400 (Fort St. James, Canada) on May 12, 2024

We enjoyed our stay, however we did not have a fridge in our room. That wasn’t a big deal. The wifi is quite sketchy so buy a 10$ SIM card if you need good service internet. The buffet food was good, it’s rather difficult to get into the Ala carte restaurants so we didn’t get to try them out. The housekeeping was excellent, my housekeeper hugged me goodbye. We had no elevator in our building and we were on third floor, I should’ve seen if I could change rooms as I have a bad back. My daughter had a bum knee. but I didn’t ask. The maintenance and security were excellent, this is a good family resort, it’s good value for the money. I would stay here again if I could get a ground floor. All the staff is friendly .

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Tequila tour. I would suggest the pirate ship and the kite pulled by the boat

Ed J (burnaby, Canada) on May 08, 2024

We chose this resort which is a 3 of .5 but when we went on the tequila tour and talked to other couple on holidays we were glad we did. On ours there was no time for sitting around if you don’t want to. There was pool and beach volleyball, karioko lounging at one of 6 pools and didn’t get to all the restaurants on property. The staff were a 20. They are so helpful in every way, they put on an outside reptile show. Unbelieveable. We were in section 5 right on the beach walk out the door and there’s the beach. We highly recommend this spot and a 10 minute walk to Bucerious. Ed

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Girls vacation

Annette H (Edmonton, Canada) on May 05, 2024

The rooms were very basic not upgraded in 20 years. No fridges. No extras It was a females vacation, it was a great vacation overall we had great weather the food was fabulous the beach was wonderful. The drinks were great. The beach was very clean, the pool was very clean.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Another wonderful holiday at the Royal DeCameron resort - Bucerias Mexico

wandad435 (Courtenay, Canada) on May 04, 2024

We have visited this resort so many times over the years. My wife has gone with a girlfriend, with a daughter and we have gone with other couples as well as just the two of us. We were at the resort in May 2023 but it was a little too hot. So this year we decided to get away from the April showers on Vancouver Island, BC and find some sun in Mexico for a week. This resort’s holiday all inclusive packages are usually priced very reasonably so when we see a good price we often jump on the deal. This time we upgraded to Oceanview which was worth the extra cost. We met our server Cruze again. He recognized us from last May. We now consider him as a friend/amigo. Cruze was working at the Thai Wok aka carte restaurant that we dined at several times. Cruze gave us such wonderful service and he is one of the reasons we will definitely go back to the resort. Jose Lomeli is captain of both the Thai Wok and Jap Jap restaurants. Jose runs very efficient restaurants while ensuring that the diners are well taken care of. Lots of the bartenders were fun to interact with while ordering our adult beverages. Thanks for another fabulous holiday!!

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