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An Extremely Disappointing Return Visit......

dbarriedavies (Courtenay, Canada) on Sep 28, 2023

From " initial arrival p.m. September 19 to departure a.m. September 26, 2023" we regrettably encountered multiple issues as follows: No hot water for several days, bedside lights not working, no "do not disturb door tag" available, patio door operation/damaged rollers grinding when opening and noise impact to lower unit. General lack of awareness with staff, inattentive lifeguards and security not alert and performing responsibilities/duties as required. Quiet pool - personal music playing, along with children entering the pool as the lifeguard sits in the hallway, unaware and out of sight. Patio umbrellas are a Safety issue as several have 6" steel nails installed to support the umbrella portion. *See photographs #: 7828, 7830 & 7831. Block 5 Adult Pool cleanliness and lack of maintenance was noticeable particularly above the water line where tiles had been re-caulked however, were still loose. Removal of cushions Block 5 reception entry with no replacement available leaving bare/unpainted concrete only to be reinstalled a day later in the same condition?? Restaurant Menus were repetitive and varying in quality, dried out selection of lunch buns (Pizza Oven area) too much salt, cold food, hard carrots and vegetable soup for six of the visiting days?? Ice cream, same selection each day very disappointing . Exterior, patio deck Air Condition equipment heavily contaminated with dirt/dust confirming inadequate maintenance. *See photographs.#: 7760, 7761 & 7762: Metal bedside light fixtures "full of dust and incorrect lampshade bulbs installed" leaving the shade unsupported and a Safety issue. *See photograph #: 7835:. Generally, Garden/Landscape/Hedging areas were significantly overgrown requiring maintenance illustrating a noted deterioration given the standards of previous visits. *See Photographs #: 7771, 7781, 7783, 7785, 7788, 7789 & 7792. Block 6, Signage example was unreadable for room number location. *See photograph #: 7782. Overall, "Signage displaying Restaurant opening time schedules were not available" although available in the RDC brochure which was not current. A small clock with an opening/closing/or not available time at the restaurant entrance would be helpful. Specialty restaurants remain a "guessing game" e.g. Italian serving Mexican and uncertainty as to which restaurant is available each day. Again, a weekly list of specialty restaurant availability would assist in guest decision making. Beach located shower areas did not have operational "foot only faucets" making a shower requirement when only feet needed to be cleaned. Again, where is the water conservation concern? The elevated concrete area North of Block 1 was noticeably absent of sunbeds or seating which had previously been in place and enjoyed on previous visits. *See photograph #: 7812:

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Money wasted

Rose D on Sep 26, 2023

Room was very poor .The shower had no water pressure. The air conditioner did not work properly. Was upgraded to supposedly an ocean view room which was probably about 300 meters away. Seeing from a distance had no justice, At my expense. This is our 3rd time here at this resort. We will never come here again. Totally upset our week came to this. Other than this we met very nice people which we all hope will be at another resort.

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Great Resort

c61247981 (Winnipeg, Canada) on Aug 16, 2023

At first glance driving in I had my doubts but I go with an open mind and low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised.It’s an older hotel but it’s very charming.Check in was fast and my room was ready even with early arrival at 1pm.The room is basic with no fridge but very clean.Hot water is spotty at 6:30-7:30pm but otherwise it’s good.A few English channels on TV but I don’t really watch much.It has 5 pools,2 of which are pretty big(one is adults only,the other 3 are a bit smaller.The beach is nice,the water is very warm but not clear and some bigger waves.Staff has been excellent.Lots of iguanas in the back two bigger pools.They do like to sit under or even on the chairs but they don’t bother you.Drinks are good.We have done the a La cartes and they are excellent.The buffet lacks selection like I have seen in other places but you will not go hungry.We had no trouble reserving the a la carte if you go on at 7:45-8AM.We had WIFI in most places on the resort including our room in block 5

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Not bad but not brilliant either

nikkihI377BS on Aug 13, 2023

I struggled to find a lot of the answers I was looking for prior to travel so hopefully I can answer some of those questions. When reading the reviews myself I wondered what sort of people leave the 5*/1* reviews - are they being unreasonable? Have they never been anywhere else before? Are their expectations different to mine? So for context, I’m a 37 year old professional, British traveller with an 8yr old son. We travel abroad 4-6 times a year, usually to Egypt 5* but have also done cruises, Cancun, Cuba etc and are well accustomed to the all inclusive system. This resort I would say is 3* by British standards. Americans would say it’s 2* by their standards. The resort has a traditional feel to it, you won’t find any chandeliers or marble lobby, when we arrived I was a bit worried as everything looked dilapidated and tired. At check in I was given my room key in block 4 and sent on my way. No map, no idea where to go. I had to say “any idea what direction I should start walking in?” The room wasn’t far and the air con was very efficient and cold so that made us happy. The bed is rock hard, and there’s no fridge or anything in the room. It’s very basic. The shower is fine but only if you’re in it before everyone else, we usually shower at around 6pm which was fine but on the nights we showered at 7.30pm it was stone cold water. The worst part for me was the noise - Mexicans running about screaming and playing music until 4am, then at 6am the Americans letting their kids run about the corridors screaming. Bring ear plugs!! Or you won’t get a minutes sleep. Breakfast was our best meal - omlettes, tonnes of tropical fruit, pancakes. Waffles. No fresh orange juice though, just this weak orange squash that we didn’t like very much. In Mexico it’s the custom (seemingly?) to use the same knife and fork for all courses. This drive me nuts, I didn’t want to use the same cutlery covered in chocolate sauce after eating my waffles to eat my omlette. Lunch was generally better than dinner and we preferred the restaurant by the activity pool for lunch. During our stay (Aug 23) it was occupied by 95% Mexicans who eat their meals much later than us, so the restaurant was always quiet at the times we went. At 7am in the breakfast buffet you would only find a handful of jet lagged Brits and the odd Canadian. Brits will find the cheese really gross here - word of warning, don’t order pizza for the kids they won’t like it cos of the cheese. The ala cartes are very good, the salmon in the Italian was fantastic and the pad Thai at Wok was excellent too. But the 8am scramble to get booked into an ala carte was painful - we eventually realised we had to be stationed by the main reception at 7.59am to login super fast on the strongest WiFi and book. Took us until day 6 to realise this tho! Not having frequent access to water annoyed me. You get 2 500ml bottles in your room a day, (but no fridge so it’s lukewarm) and the bars don’t give bottles of water. There’s a jug on the counter but it tastes awful like plastic. Usually I drink 2-3litres of water a day in such a hot place but here I was only drinking 0.5l a day due to lack of water availability which I’d madness, it’s a basic provision. The Sun loungers are very hard and uncomfortable, but there was never an issue finding a bed by the pool. We only found one family with English speaking children so my son was bored most of the time by himself which was unfortunate, but the animation team did a great job of trying to keep him occupied with dodgeball and iguana tours. On Thursday they have Mexican night so the ala cartes aren’t open. This was the only night we struggled to find anything to eat and just had fruit and cake for dinner as everything we tried was so disgusting we spat it back out again. Our trip was a very last minute booking with TUI to escape the naff U.K. summer, we paid £1700 for two people for a week which is cheap in the height of summer. My expectations were in line with what I paid - I couldn’t have got 3* self catering in Spain for much less. So with that in mind I’m satisfied with the experience I got, however if I had paid £3-4k I would be quite unhappy. Every member of staff here goes above and beyond to assist guests, they really make up for the lack of facilities. They have a gym but it’s a bit rubbish. There’s a treadmill, spin bike, cross trainer, lat pull down, a small barbell (no good for Olympic lifting only curls and presses) and some DBs which max out at about 15kg. There’s iguanas everywhere and personally I wasn’t a fan of foot long reptiles crawling out from under my Sun lounger. My son thought it was awesome though. We didn’t walk into the town but it isn’t very far apparently. Also, Brits you won’t be able to change £ easily so being USD. All things considered we’ve had a nice time, we found the positives rather than the negatives and made the most of the beautiful weather and fabulous pools. But would I come back? Probably not, unless it was significantly cheaper than the next cheapest hotel

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Summer Relaxation

stmucha (Regina, Canada) on Aug 05, 2023

Love Bucerias! Royal Decameron Complex has delicious food at the buffet. A la cartes are awesome as well. The Brazilian was our favourite. Every Thursday is Mexican day. Beaches are beautiful and water was lovely. Servers and bartenders are super - fun specially at the pool bar by the Flamingos restaurant. Sort walk into town either by beach or street. Room was always clean. Only wish the rooms had mini fridges. Wifi was decent but some days it was very spotty. Love the hotel and the people and will definitely be back.

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