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Isaac L on Feb 04, 2023

I am late 20's and got hand foot mouth disease while at the resort. The day I left, I became very fatigued, sore, and exhausted, so I know I contracted the disease at the resort. The next day sores developed on my hands, feet, and in my throat. I read other reviews saying management knew there was an outbreak beginning mid-January, but I was not warned about any such outbreak. I wish I had been because the illness is quite painful. My best guess is I was infected by touching the buffet tongs or while eating at one of the tables, because food service in general was lacking. There wasn't much urgency among staff to provide good service... at the buffets, tables were often left uncleaned between guests and there was rarely cutlery on any tables unless you were there early. Hunting for cutlery at the buffet was a daily task. À la cartes often had even poorer service for some reason. Even when mostly empty, wait times for food were often very long, and the food didn't always come hot. For example, at the Mediterranean a la carte, my chicken came overcooked but ALSO luke-warm, which was a very odd combination and made me wonder how long it was sitting in the kitchen waiting for a staff member to notice it. I would often get irritated by the quality of the food and the length of time it took to eat at the à la cartes. My recommendation is to give us fewer à la carte options, but make the food at the few we get higher quality. Servers often seemed generally disorganized and uninterested. With that being said, service at the Tex Mex a la carte was awesome. The resort itself is very nice and aside from the food service and getting this painful disease I really enjoyed my time there. The grounds are beautiful and well landscaped. Everywhere you go there are mature palm trees that are under-lit by spotlights at night. There's also a very good selection of bars. The water park is a lot of fun, and the gym is very well equipped. I really wish I could rate this resort 4+ stars but the disappointing food service was too noticeable to ignore. That and getting diseased didn't help.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Amazing trip!!

TGomes68 (Toronto, Canada) on Feb 04, 2023

I know many are travelling or thinking about travelling...we just got back Feb 2nd ....sadly lol here is a review on the hotel we stayed at. . Don't take all of Trip Advisor reviews as a way to make decisions...ask travel agents and or someone who has been. Also always be open minded !! HOTEL: GRAND SIRENIS AND AQUAGAMES - PUNTA CANA Sorry for lengthy review lol We just got back last night and I wanted to write a review..for those who are thinking twice about booking thus resort, because of the negative reviews on Trip Advisor and/or here. We left with Air Canada, during a snow storm...all well we only had approx 1 hr delay (due to de icing) but the pilot made amazing timing ! Get to the airport, I am fluent in Spanish, so it was easy to get out without a mob of cab drivers trying to get us to go with them. With that said, a smile and a "no gracias" will suffice! We waited a while before getting everyone on the bus, this hotel is appox 45mins away from the airport. Easy peasy drive . Check in was a breeze .... Hanskey was beyond amazing, he went above and beyond to ensure we had awesome service and answered any questions we had. The hotel is beautiful...the grounds are SPOTLESS !! I have never seen so many employees sweeping and cleaning and ensuring things were clean in my life. The pool is literally a few steps from the beach which we loved. The waves were a little high but being on the Atlantic side , it's normal. No seaweed on the beach...sooo sooo clean !! The family suite was very clean and very comfortable for our family of 4 ! The cleaning ladies were so kind and did an amazing job. No bugs, not 1 single but bite for any of us ! No bed buds, no spiders were to be seen during our stay. We did see a few beautiful dogs that we lovingly called "Rosita and Linda" not sure if they had names, but our girls named them as such and they were absolutely lovely. So sweet and spend a few hours lying down with us on the beach or just wandering. It seems they belong to the hotel and they LOVE the guests....I tried giving them food but honestly they were so happy with belly rubs that they didn't even eat what I brought them !! Hahaha The pools were clean and although a little cold, but I'm not sure if it's simply the time of year (never traveled this time of year before) we usually go in March. And of course, being on the Atlantic side of the ocean it's probably also the cause. The bars and bartenders were amazing ! NO ONE in the entire hotel ever water downed our drinks, Ever !! Food Buffet was filled, always plentiful and it was very good !! A la carte, we tried the Brazilian, Italian and Japanese...they were all excellent !!! Because their online app allows guests to make reservations. It's not easy to get in...but that's something that we can't change, we did speak with a Manager they were great ! The Waterpark was awesome as well....clean pool there too !! I will say this, people are the problem. We met some wonderful people there and met some who were really unkind. Yes, getting a beach/pool lounger was hard. People left their towels overnight...some people ,which is really aggravating , left their towels and then they would leave for hours to later come back to get their towels and leave ?? it's not the hotels fault...but I know they were getting more loungers, they had not arrived yet. We always managed to get them around 8am or so....we had to search but we figured it out, we were 6 ppl. The shows and entertainment men and women were fantastic !!! Always so happy and soo friendly !! We would definitely go back to this hotel !! Enjoy your stay and don't second guess....we have traveled quite a bit and never go by only Trip Advisor. Everyone is different you have to go with an open mind , no matter where you go !! Big shout out to Hanskey at check in, Wilmer at the info desk you were both awesome !! The bartenders, kids entertainment, Cocodrillo, Black Panther and all the others from the entertainment group ANIMACION SUPER ...eran mas que SUPER de verdad!!! Have fun!!

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The end result was good

Mark D (Williams Lake, Canada) on Feb 04, 2023

I will say that the concierge near our building 21 Ramon was the absolute most courteously kind gentleman , the majority of the resort was lackluster and dull but the additions he made for us acquiring a reservation at the always full tenpayaki restaurant made the trip worthwhile.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Cold soup and vegetables

STEVEN G (Nottingham) on Feb 03, 2023

Big and brash. Almost a good hotel. The buffet restaurants serve cold soup and vegetables most of the time. There’s a problem with the warming trays which staff kept apologising for but not fixing. The shame is that the when hot/warm the food is tasty. The staff are friendly and obliging but lack leadership - why not taste the food at front of house? Extremely generous with drinks, if you like salads and want to party look no further.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Holiday 2023

Climber67560737941 on Feb 03, 2023

Had a great holiday, the resort was amazing, just a few things, at some point we all had bad bellys. The staff are very friendly, but there was one that went above and beyond, was an evening waitress call Ruth, she just made our holiday that little bit special, always with a smile and amazing cocktails. cheers to Ruth. xx

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