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Vacation with family

Diana666 (Boston, Massachusetts) on May 18, 2024

Cons Having to wake at 640am to get 4 lounge chairs together Having to get in line to get a drink, or get food Iberostar friends not what it used to be, activities lacking. Too many people for size of pool, water turned murky and green by end of week No room service Pros Room near beach, no problem with air conditioning. No Noise at night Food quality was good Didnt get sick from food

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Amazing resort

parbat p on May 13, 2024

My wife and I went for a mini honeymoon trip and we absolutely had a blast. The service was just amazing. I also want to mention that the front desk personnel by name of Edgar in the Iberostar Quetzal resort was extremely helpful and made our trip much better.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

AMAZING for families

Ekaterina T on May 11, 2024

Went with my kids. Absolutely LOVED it. The entertainment team was wonderful!! went to iberostar in Brazil a few months ago, never going back, it was absolutely boring. Going back to iberostar playa de carmen in july this year again, looking forward to weird monkey noises at night:)).

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Beautiful resort - would definitely return!

tableau (WINNIPEG) on May 11, 2024

This is a beautiful, unpretentious resort and we would definitely return. We stayed in building 21, which was perfect. It was a quick walk to the beach and pool so we could run back and forth easily. Our room was also really nice and incredibly clean. The staff here really do a great job. The food at the buffet restaurants is excellent. There's an enormous selection and the atmosphere is beautiful. Our favourite of the three buffet restaurants was the Tulum (though it's only open for breakfast and lunch). The Cozumel buffet is also excellent (note there are a lot of cats surrounding the perimeter at dinner, watching closely for any chance of getting extra food - not a big deal, but it's probably why we preferred the Tulum buffet). We went to the Italian and the Japanese a la carte restaurants. We thought the italian was excellent. There was a line, which started before 6:00 and we had to wait around 50 mins for a table. I think I'd line up around 5:40 to make sure to get a table in the first sitting. Shout out to staff member Isai - host at the Italian a la carte - he was super friendly and moving people through in the most efficient way possible. The Japanese was fun and gave us a chance to talk to some other couples, but we weren't a fan of the food at the Japanese a la carte. It can be hard to get chairs by the pool or beach if you go later in the morning. I went down around 7:15 am every day and had lots of choices. (Make sure you take towel clips.) We usually chose chairs in the second row on the beach. It was perfect! Note that towels may be removed by the towel guy if they're just left there for more than 90 minutes. On the days we left the resort, we had no trouble finding chairs by the pool in the later afternoon. The resort is in a jungle environment. We say monkeys, iguanas, turtles, flamingos, peacocks. It's really quite a peaceful and beautiful walk within the resort. In my opinion the best thing about the resort are the beautiful beach and the pools. I went for a walk along the beach every morning. It's absolutely beautiful. You can walk all the way to Playa del Carmen on the beach (I wouldn't do it in May heat, but it's possible). But it's also nice to sit by the pool. Very beautiful atmosphere and lots going on all day. Also the staff are really helpful and friendly. I recommend getting pesos from the bank before leaving for tips.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Iberostar Quetzal/Tucan Review 3.5/5

callumb798 on May 03, 2024

Iberostar Tucan/Quetzal My fiancé and I visited the Iberostar Tucan/Quetzal for our engagement and my birthday from 16-APR-2024 for 10 nights. Read applicable parts or whole review: This is our review on the first impressions; room; pool; beach; bars/drinks; restaurants/food; staff; location/resort; daytime activities; evening entertainment; hotel setting; guests; timesharing Sales and; summary. First impressions Upon arrival to the Iberostar Tucan, my fiancé and I were very excited to get our holiday started. The hotels reception was a very beautiful setting and we were immediately greeted by the hotel staff, who had taken our luggage bags to our room. Room When we arrived at our room in block 17, we were exhausted from the flight to Mexico and were ready to sleep after a shower. This room had three plug sockets; one for the TV; one for the desk lamp; and one for the Floor lamp. The bathroom was equipped with a hairdryer, towels, shower, sink and toilet. The shower has two heads, one mounted and one hand held. We had to use the handheld shower head because the mounted head did not project the water out at all, instead it was like water gushing from a broken pipe. In addition to this, the shower area is fully tiled however, one of the tiles in the shower tray had a very big hole - a safety and hygiene hazard for sure. The next morning, we had discovered a cockroach under the sink area - if there is one cockroach, there’s normally more hiding. We returned to reception and asked for another room, highlighting the issues above, which they did have availability for three other rooms - we decided to go with block 22 (two blocks from the beach), this was in the Iberostar Quetzal side. The reception staff didn’t apologise for the inconvenience but were quick to reserve our changed room. We had to wait until 15:00 to move our suitcases (with the assistance from the bus boy), no problem at all. When we arrived at our room in block 22, this room was a carbon copy of our room from block 17, minus the cockroaches but adding two tiny lizards into the mix - I didn’t mind having the lizard in the room as it escaped the room soon enough. One 20 year old, tangerine coloured room. We had noticed on both the hotels’ website and tour operator website used images that have been heavily edited. Pool The Iberostar Tucan and Quetzal share four pools: - A large lagoon style pool, with a jacuzzi in the centre and a fountain. This pool is surrounded by sun-beds (some with parasols), deck chairs and several cabanas (reservation required). This pool also holds events and activities. - A smaller rectangle pool used for laps and a calmer atmosphere with fewer, uncomfortable, sun-beds. - An adults only pool, located down a few steps and has a pool bar with seating. - A children’s pool surrounded by a small Pickett fence and climbing frames. Towel hire is available and the reception will issue you token cards to exchange for towels free of charge. There is an ice cream bar at the lagoon pool-side which is a very nice touch. The hotel does have signs that prohibit the reservation of sun-beds, despite staff surrounding the pool, this still seems to be looked over. The pool-side staff are forever cleaning the interior of the lagoon but the pool is not actually clean. Several times when entering the pool my partner and I would come across green scum and leaves floating in the pool. The maintenance team and cleaners are out with a leaf blowers and brooms from 09:30 every hour, wafting the smell of gas over the pool. Beach The hotel has their own sun-beds with parasols on the beach. The beach has no faults except for the seaweed which is washed ashore frequently. Less frequently are tractors that skim the sand to clean-up the seaweed. The hotel does offer, paddle boards, small catamarans and one/two person kayaks free of charge. Beaches in Mexico are federal owned and therefore are not private property. Bars/Drinks The hotel has two pool-side bars and one pool bar (adults only pool). The majority of the alcoholic drinks taste very similar and there only a handful what are considerably nicer. Restaurants/Food The hotel has six restaurants: - The buffet restaurant: where a continental breakfast is served from 06:30-07:00 and the full breakfast menu is served from 07:00 to late morning. This restaurant also opens later in the day for evening meals, there are lots of options that they put on display and like with any chain hotel, lacks a lot of flavour. - The Mediterranean restaurant was our favourite and opened at 18:00, located on the Tucan side of the hotel. The starters and desserts were self served, while the mains were ordered. The menu has seafood, poultry and vegetarian dishes. - The Japanese Restaurant was another favourite of ours and opened at 18:00, located on the Tucan side of the hotel. This restaurant requires a reservation. The restaurant offers no menu but instead a chef will cook rice, prawns, beef and chicken dishes at the table. The restaurant consists of four grill areas surrounded by 16 guests each. - Uxmal restaurant was another favourite offering several Mexican dishes in the evening. The food is very tasty and the three milk Tequila Cake is a must. This restaurant also opens in the early afternoon for snacks and has no themed food. - The Smokehouse restaurant offered a set menu with one two options, one vegan and one non-vegetarian. Nothing special, just different. - The Gondola restaurant is the hotels’ Italian restaurant and disappoints from 18:00 and is located on the Quetzal side of the hotel - the restaurant is a disgrace. We visited this restaurant on my birthday and was very underwhelmed and disappointed. We had tried to visited the restaurant twice before but had seen the very long queues to get in so ate elsewhere - I couldn’t understand why this restaurant was so busy the whole time. I chose the Spaghetti Carbonara - which was very watery, undercooked and very tasteless with soggy bacon. My partner had ordered Spaghetti meatballs, he describes it as watery, bland and full of gristle. Give this restaurant a miss. Overall 3 out of six restaurants are worth visiting. Staff Alicia and Alejandro first invited us to the foam party and various other daytime activities. You can tell the duo very much enjoys interacting with guests and cannot praise them enough! On the other hand, the barman, Daniels, did not make a positive impression on us, as he ignored my partner and would rather look at his phone instead of serving. Location/Resort The hotel is located in Playacar which is a secure complex with RIU (lots) and Wyndham hotels, houses and few shops. The location is very safe and we had no worries leaving the hotel grounds. Daytime Activities Daytime activities are in abundance and the staff are always happy to invite you to them. Activities range from diving, foam pool parties and table tennis etc. Evening Entertainment The evening entertainment was mainly aimed at children rather than families and was on every night. Strangely, Bingo was available later in the night? Hotel Setting Iberostar is very big on sustainability, this is evident from the reduced amount of single use plastics, reusable glass water bottles and the preservation of wildlife on the grounds. The wildlife consists of monkeys, Coatis, mini-capybaras and Iguanas. The hotel keeps Tortoises (Leo and Sosa), Flamingos, peacocks, two parrots and cats. The cats are fed by the hotel and therefore do not bother guests. Other Guests The hotel has various EU nationalities staying there. And a large American and Canadian population. It’s clear to see the hotel caters to the American Tourists as the rooms/food/drinks dip in quality. Timesharing Sales Me and my partner were offered one of three incentives to sit through a 1.5 hour time share presentation. Incentives were; ONE (total) massage; one (per person) 30 minute snorkelling dive or; $70USD resort credit. As this was at the end of our holiday, we chose the snorkelling dive. Please be aware that if you are a travel agent, airline staff or hotel staff, you cannot partake in this waste of time sales presentation for a timeshare. The “presentation” began in ‘The Club’ lounge. The staff were friendly and explained the presentation would be very relaxed, have breakfast and be shown an on-site apartment. We were taken to breakfast by our concierge which I thought was odd that the three of us would sit together and eat? He asked questions about our employment and explained what the programme was about. We then walked to the apartment which was three floors up, overlooking the beach. The hotel has only one of these rooms at the time of writing this review. We visited the apartment and played the part of being interested. The concierge then told us that the apartment/timeshare/plan was for 30 years and withheld the price and what the subscription actually included. We were then taken to an annexed building that looked like its only purpose was to sell this timeshare. We sat down with our concierge and he told us that the timeshare was $159,000 for 30 years, plus you’d get an additional 25% off an advertised price online. Sounding like a scam we declined the offer to subscribe. The manager is called over and he has a calculator and writes more figures on the paper laid in front of us, to which we decline again. The manager leaves and the concierge was then able to reduce the cost of the subscription down to $89,000 and you would get that full amount back, after the subscription had lapsed, in 30 years. My partner had pointed out that $89,000 in 2024 would not have the same worth in 2054, it would be less. The concierge did not understand at all about inflation. The manager then comes over a second time and is able to reduce monthly costs of ‘savings’ of ~$4500 and scribbles on the paper declining a third time he’s able to offer a free holiday back at the Iberostar Tucan/Quetzal. We had pointed out we would not be returning to this Iberostar, our package holiday costed less than his ~$4500 ‘saving’ and the inflation issue again. The concierge thanks us for our time and another man comes to the table and is able to reduce the length of the subscription - which we decline for the forth time. He thanks us for our time and leaves the table. Then a woman visits the table and states “they really don’t want you to leave without paying for anything” and she manages to drop the amounts again. Which with decline for the fifth time. She thanks us and then we received out snorkelling dive. Which we didn’t even use. If you’re looking for a timeshare, don’t accept the first price. If you’re looking to get a free incentive, don’t waste your time at this hotel. Summary Would revisit Cancun and Playacar however, not at this Iberostar hotel. Overall the hotel is very pretty and welcoming but let down by the rooms and food.

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