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Food could be better

Helen H (Mount Vernon, Ohio) on Jul 02, 2022

Love the resort, entertainment and most of the staff. They should concentrate on quality of food and not quantity. The best 2 restaurant were the Japanese and Smoke house Breakfast and lunch buffet were good and a nice selection of food. Dinners were terrible thank goodness for salad, fruit and pizza. The bars were not consistent with the tequila every day was different . Some drinks were weak others were strong. Lunch snacks on the beach were very good. The worst was the Mexican restaurant! I l feel the resort had the true feeling of a Old Mexican resort and we loved that! Staff was all friendly but the maids seen never to leave wash cloths. Dolphin encounter was excellent and worth the money! Nightly entertainment was fun and different every day. The fire show was the best I felt safe and would return just because I love the feeling of the resort. It seem the kids had lots to do and having fun. Great that the adult swim bar was separated from the main pool! Had to use the hotel doctor. She was very nice and helped me out ! Marion was our breakfast server and she was fabulous, gave us some ideas about places in town to eat and have fun

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

A beautiful resort!

hallywood7 (Seattle, Washington) on Jul 01, 2022

We are about 5 days into our trip at the Iberostar Tucan y Quetzal and we are having a wonderful time here! I did a ton of hotel research leading up to booking this trip and we were definitely not disappointed. We are here with our kids, ages 14, 12, and turning 10 next week, and chose this resort because of the promised wildlife in the jungle. We aren’t “fancy” people but we like comfortable places, and when we travel we like our kids to get a real feel for the culture, history and architecture of the region, and this resort really hit the nail on the head for casual luxury with a Mexican flair. First, the grounds are gorgeous! The entire middle of the resort is jungle with beautifully lit walking paths, and there is wildlife everywhere on the property. We were most excited to see the monkeys - our first day we didn’t see any at all, and I was afraid they would be elusive, but my son and I went for an early morning walk the next morning and ended up seeing a bunch of them jumping, climbing, and swinging in the trees. We’ve seen them multiple times a day, including a mama with her baby on her back. They’re howler monkeys, and they sound like gorillas, which is hilariously terrifying when you’re walking from the pool to your room and one suddenly starts up. There are agoutis everywhere, and the coatis roam around everywhere, too. There are also a number of peacocks that peck around the resort, but those are usually by the pool. They will perch themselves up on the thatched palapas and strut around trying to snatch food from unsuspecting pool guests. There is even an albino peacock! We also found a toucan in a little aviary, and there are butterflies EVERYWHERE. There is also a koi pond and some small turtles that hang out near the buffets. I was aware coming into this trip that not all the rooms at the resort were updated, and I was prepared for a room that seemed dated. We reserved a family suite, which is just 2 rooms with a connecting door. It is not a renovated room but I actually love it! It is spotlessly clean, and I find it to be full of Mexican character and there’s plenty of room for the 5 of us to be comfortable. The doors are a beautiful wood. Everything appears to be well-maintained and cared for. We had no issues with the air conditioning and a ceiling fan also helped keep air moving. Our balconies overlooked a flamingo sanctuary and had another large bird, that appears to be some sort of African crane. On the other side of the flamingoes is the main dinner buffet, but it never felt intrusive and the rooms feel private. Unfortunately, I can’t say the beds are comfortable- they are really firm and a pillow top mattress pad could go a long way here. The only other negative about the room itself is that there are only a couple of outlets to charge things, and none by the bed. It’s manageable but we definitely noticed. The buildings are all beautiful and bright, with thatched roofs, while some have jungle vines hanging down them, and they aren’t all oriented the exact same way, so there is a beautiful, natural aesthetic created walking around. Much of the public parts of the resort are open air, including the lobby areas and the buffets. The resort is unpretentious, but there are beautiful architectural details everywhere, and lots of comfortable places to sit and have a drink and a conversation. The employees are all kind and helpful and attentive, but never intrusive. It’s an all-inclusive, so most of our meals have been at the hotel, and this was actually our first all-inclusive as a family. I’m pretty sure I’ve gained 5 pounds on this trip already - we are definitely not starving. We have been pretty impressed with the main buffet. There is a great variety of options, with certain staples for each meal, but always some new things to try. The tacos are amazing! There are a bunch of juices to try every morning, tons of fruits that I don’t know the names of for every meal, and just about everything we’ve tried has been delicious. I can’t say the desserts have been amazing. None of them are bad, but none of them were great, either. Our son loves the ice cream options though. For our 1 week stay, we are allowed 3 reservations at the sit-down restaurants, of which there are 5 or 6 options. We tried the Mediterranean restaurant first, which was disappointing but I think that’s more because of expectations with the word “Mediterranean.” It’s more of a seafood restaurant and we aren’t huge seafood eaters - my husband was hoping for more Middle Eastern food. I will say that once he got over the fact that there was no hummus and no olives in the appetizer buffet, we really had a delicious meal. The kebabs were perfectly cooked and just the right amount of food for everyone. I had the catch of the day, which was mahi mahi and it was phenomenal. Last night, we tried the smokehouse restaurant. Everything is served family style, so they bring this big tray of meats and sides for everyone to dig into. They also had the best desserts we’ve had since we got here. A delicious chocolate cake and a fabulous key lime pie. We’ve spent a couple of days by the pool and beach. The pool is a great pool for kids and it’s full without feeling crazy. There are shaded palapas everywhere BUT, despite there being signs that you can’t reserve the seats, by 8am every day they are ALL claimed by towels and floaties by people who most likely will not show up there until later. We got to the pool around 9:15am the first morning here and there was not an available chair to be found. I swear some people are putting their towels out at midnight before they go to bed. I’m an early riser so I ended up taking towels down every day to claim a spot, but it was definitely an annoyance to have to do that. The pool area flows right into the beach area, and there are some open showers with a bar on one side and the ice cream spot on the other. The passion fruit margaritas were really good, and I think we’ve lost count of the ice creams my son has had - it’s at least 5 a day. They’re not huge servings, just enough to cool off and tide you over for a bit. It’s just an icy soft serve but he loves it. There is a snack bar a little past the ice cream spot, and somewhere in there they also have special snacks here and there - one day someone made a huge pan of paella right there next to the beach. There’s also a little swim shop where you can buy sunscreen, snacks and candy, bathing suits, hats, pool floaties, etc. The seaweed this time of year can be pretty awful but the resort did the best they could to keep it under control with a tractor that runs along the shore to pick up some of it. Luckily there is a space near the buoys where you can wade out past the seaweed and swim in shallow, mostly-clear water. We did a day trip down to Tulum yesterday and the seaweed problem there was significantly worse. While it’s not necessarily an ideal beach with the sargassum right now, it’s still swimmable and there’s not much more they can do about it. All in all, I think this resort was a great place to spend a week with our family. We have had fun in the sun and have been well-fed all week.

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Disappointed BUT there is room to improve

patrickfO9807KX (Venice, Italy) on Jul 01, 2022

As far as Iberostar properties go this one can improve. Pales in comparison with other Iberostar properties we've stayed at. Service was mediocre. It seems the staff were disconnected and really didn't care that much. However, their daily entertainment team was exceptional, lots of fun!! Big shout out to Charlie!! The rooms were plain, very sterile and the bathroom small (shower was cool though). There is absolutely no room service, a real bummer. For an all inclusive they don't have any snacks available in the room for some reason, never saw that before in any all inclusive we've stayed at. Also we had to keep changing keys to the room, constantly lost magnetization (four times), and its a long walk to the lobby. Food was ok for an all inclusive. Fire show on Tuesday night was cool. The wildlife wandering around was natural and pleasant (peacocks were beautiful). I'm convinced that the monkeys drop those fruit on your head on purpose. :-) Big shout out for the Dressel Dive team, loved their dive experience, highly recommend it. Bottom line, would not be my first choice to return, but if you do go you should have fun. Just not my first choice in a resort experience.

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Star Camp

474maksymk on Jun 30, 2022

I had a lot of fun at the Eagles club, especially while we were doing archery. I started hanging out with the people there everyday when I had the chance and when I first found out about the club and I really enjoyed it. The staff that helped me out the most were Lau, Vale and Nicky

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5


sethbI3563QE on Jun 30, 2022

This place is awesome and it was the bc of the free food and drinks.The entertainment team was really awesome and miranda help alot and the nature and animals were amazing. The monkeys were the best part.

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