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3.5 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 3.5
  • Location 4.0
  • Rooms 3.0
  • Service 3.5
  • Value 3.5

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TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Average and dated resort with hardworking staff and a nice beach

ar_e2000 (Vancouver, BC) on Oct 16, 2022

The best part of this all-inclusive resort is the beach, with beautiful turquoise water and soft sand, perfect for my toddler to play under the sun! The water was warm and beach was clean. Another highlight of this resort is the nightly entertainment with a different performance every night during our 6 nights stay. The entertainment staff is very fun and enthusiastic to encourage guests to participate in different activities by the pool in the day. The resort itself is dated and it shows in our ground floor room that has one old queen bed and an old single bed (for my toddler). The bathroom is old and I wouldn't even call it a 3 stars in Canadian standard (this resort is equivalent to Mexico's 3 stars resort I would say). They didn't change our bath towels (and other towels) everyday so ended up we use the same bath towels the entire 6 night stay (which is ok as we support eco friendly way of traveling but it was a problem for my mom as she prefers to have a fresh clean bath towel every day). There were a few small cockroaches in our room. The housekeeping staff is very friendly and tried to help us with getting more bottles of water for us as we have a toddler who drinks quite a lot of water (we also tipped very well for her help). The pool is not too clean and water was a bit cold in the late afternoon when the sun set. Luckily Cuba was not that hot in January so it was nice to travel at that time. We booked our two day tours with the Air Canada tour desk (as we bought the Air Canada Vacation package for this trip). The check in in the evening took a while but luckily they have golf cart to drive us and the luggages to our room that is quite far away from the reception/ lobby area. The food in this resort (especially the buffet) is only average (really can't compared with resorts in Cancun), and I would strongly suggest to dine at the Italian restaurant for a-la-carte (but you can't get a reservation for every night of your entire trip). The reservation time was in the middle of the afternoon with a long line up so be sure to set your alarm and get there early to wait for the reservation desk to open. Another annoying thing is the towel booth that only opens at a certain time in the day and often they ran out of clean towels so you really have to be strategic to keep your beach towel and exchange for a fresh one as soon as the booth is open/ restocked. Such a bummer when you go without a fresh beach towel for 2 days in a row. Again I would emphasize that this resort is a dated 3-star all-inclusive resort so don't expect too much from it.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Resort in need of major renovations

pgbsw24 (Dieppe, Canada) on Sep 10, 2022

Check-in - the front desk is situated close to the entrance of the resort. There were 8 guests checking in and it took 37 minutes for us to get our room key. Check-out was quite fast perhaps 7 min in line. Rooms - the rooms are in poor shape. We had requested rooms adjoining rooms although we were given rooms far apart. We returned to the front desk and were told there were no changes for the 1st night. The change was effected the 2nd day. On the 2nd day we changed rooms to two rooms next to each other, not adjoining rooms. It was the best that they could do. These rooms were on the main floor. They had sliding doors leading to the outside. These doors did not lock! Again we asked for better rooms, adjoining rooms on the 2nd floor preferably. On the 3rd day we were changed to 2 rooms next to each other in the same building on the 2nd floor. The rooms were musty and after a few hours of having the sliding doors open the smell was less obvious. Food - the meals in the buffet were good and had variety. I preferred the Italian a la carte. Drinks - they offered simple options. I enjoyed the beer and rum mixed drinks. Pool - it is a big pool and it was clean. The kids enjoyed it a great deal. We had to go early to get seating. Beach - the best attraction of the trip. Most beautiful beach... Staff - it was a hit and miss when it came to staff. Some understood what it meant to be in a customer service field while others seemed busy doing nothing. Those who were attentive were pleasant and ready to help while others seemed aloof and bothered when asked for something.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Even Steven

stevielinaric (Forest, Canada) on Mar 28, 2022

The food was absolutely excellent. I was shocked by this...being Cuba and their limitations in procuring food. The head chef would regularily step out of the cooking area to watch the guests eating and gauge their happiness with the food. I was quite impressed with this man. The other staff I interacted with with were rude and offensive, from the front desk to the buffet servers. My toilet wouldn't flush. I approached the front desk and was greeted with a snicker. It was not repaired. Two week vacation without a working toilet. Room key didn't work, I had to leave my door unlocked at all times because they were unable to fix it. Great chef, buffet egg lady was awesome, otherwise a bad experience. Never again.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

One of my favorite places in the world

Darcy852 (Red Deer, Canada) on Dec 26, 2020

I have travelled to about 15 different countries, and Be Live Turquesa is by far one of my favorite paces to stay. People who are saying that the resort is run down have never stayed in a salt-water environment before. I grew up in Prince Edward Island in Canada, and that type of environment requires constant upkeep. Both times we have stayed here, the maintenance workers were CONSTANTLY working everyday, attending to the grounds, painting, sweeping, etc. They take pride in their work, are extremely friendly, and do their best to make sure that the resort is kept in great shape. As mentioned by other people, the food in Cuba is not spicy like other places, so it might be a good idea to bring your own if you prefer that. However, my wife is a bit of a picky eater and she never had an issue finding a good variety of food for each meal. For myself, there was always a great supply of meat and seafood, and I was always satisfied with meals. The pool area is always kept very clean...the type of place you don't leave your drink cup behind as it would be very out of place to do so. It was never hard to find a chair with some shade. The beach is a short walk away, also very clean. There are many kayak and catamaran vendors nearby that you can rent from. Peddlers are constantly walking up and down the beach, selling large conch shells or hats, but never pushy. They make eye contact and ask you if you would like one, and if not they immediately move along. The staff at the resort have always been fantastic. Some are less talkative than others, but this is usually a language barrier, as English is not their first language. However, if you try to learn a little bit of Spanish, they are very appreciative that you have made that effort. There is always some form of entertainment going on, whether it is the music and dancing by the pool, bingo, the nightly shows, or holiday celebrations. Many of the different nightly shows involve the same performers each night, which is an incredible feat to be able to have that many dance numbers memorized for each week. The front desk staff are very helpful for anything that you need, and helpful with assistance finding your way around. There is a bus stop to go into Varadero a short 5 minute walk away, scooters to rent the next resort over, and the staff will call you a taxi if you need it. Wifi is also available in the lobby area if required. All in all, one of my favorite places in the world to stay. We were very disappointed that we could not come stay in 2020 (there was no option to pick previous years that we stayed of 2018 and 2019), but we are hoping that 2021 we will be able to be back for our third trip. I hope that all of the staff are keeping well and healthy, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Excellent service

isabelmO268UF on Nov 19, 2020

My family and I visit Be live Turquesa in Varadero in January 2020. The service was absolutely amazing, I made friends for life. Miladys was attending the pool area and she is the best, she was so attentive and frinedly. Everyone knew our names and we felt like we were getting royal treatment. Rooms were clean. There was plenty of food and tasty. I can't wait to go back,

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