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best resort in varadero-

varaderomom (Ottawa, Canada) on Jun 27, 2022

doesnt get better-if looking for a more local-friendly place this is the place to go--i travel solo and always make good friends there in a matter of a day or two-upgrade your room is best though-and tip the bartenders alot--and everyone elase-they deserve it--and pet a dog there-but as of now 3 were recently rescued and on their way to canada

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Very friendly staff and locals however need to improve their rooms for foreigners.

dibas b on Jun 26, 2022

Overall , I love the hotels’ proximity from Varadero airport and to the beach. There were many locals who were very friendly . The staffs were welcoming . Me and my wife, we both enjoyed our one week stay at the hotel. They also had an awesome cultural dance showcases. It motivated to research and learn more about Cuban culture. However, the rooms need a little more maintenance. well painted.Our first impression with the room we got was not so good. Toilet was very dirty and room did not have proper lighting. Other than that, cost wise it was an amazing tourism experience for us. And also I felt they have a special place in their heart for Canadians. I would love to go more often in future.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Great return

SuzanF1 (North bay) on Jun 06, 2022

After 2 years of COVID it was wonderful to return to Kawama. We are repeaters going on 9 years now so consider kawama to be our “home away from home”. Granted the room had some outlets not working but the bed was very comfortable, the room clean, fresh water, pop, beach towels x 2, AC working well, flat screen TV with cable. room 1632 located on 2nd floor just on the other side of the pool, close to lobby, pool, grandstand and restaurant. Was very quiet and restful. We ate mostly at the buffet because we always enjoyed the food offered. Lots of fruit at breakfast and some at lunch. Plenty of fresh veggies, rice combo’s, entrees such as roasted chicken, fish, pork (infrequent), jumbo shrimp, pasta, etc., etc., we ate well. As always the ice cream to die for. Lacking this year was butter, honey, cheese- all of which we really missed because they taste so good. The beach as always was beautiful and well kept. I see the grounds have been upgraded and are looking really good this year. I was not fussy about the umbrella concept on the beach over the grass palapa I’m used to because the shade was minimal but at least some shade from the sun. We did not experience anywhere at the hotel a shortage of Tpaper except maybe at the very end of the day early evening only but we anticipated and always had tissue. No shortage of Crystal beer (love). Pro’s : LEIDA (public relations). I sincerely hope management know what a valuable asset this woman is - she will move mountains for you if she could. She is relentless in her attempt to keep clients happy. (One of the main reason we return every year!) Staff - from bar, housekeeping, servers, lobby desk, bus boys, concearge, coffee shop, security - everyone was kind, considerate, helpful, “funny”, (Tito took it upon himself when we were leaving to ensure the bus was coming as we were the only ones leaving and it was late - thanks Tito) Con - this is not meant to be racist but the “Cubans” that came, many were very rude - they took more than they could eat so a lot of wasted food, pushed us out of line so they could line up in front, it was nothing for them to intimidate the servers dishing out the meat to fill their plate to overflowing and leave nothing for those of us still waiting. Honestly, if not for Leida I would reconsider returning. Lastly - in the land of rum I wish the hotel offered authentic “pina colada’s” or just plain coconut rum (avail at stores downtown). As always, we enjoyed our 2 week stay and look forward to returning in 2023……

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Couldn't pay me to return

kvdias (Stoney Creek, Canada) on May 23, 2022

The only good things about this resort are the proximity to the beach and one exceptional a la carte restaurant. The service and care from the staff in the hotel was horrible. On a 7 day vacation I was stuck with a broken toilet for 3/4 days on and off in extreme heat. It was nearly impossible to enter the bathroom at all to shower or to use the toilet as not being to flush left the bathroom a place you physically cant fathom entering. Numerous calls to fix it and continously left with no visits, then when one finally comes to fix, it broken within hours. Received no compensation or making up for this horrible issue, couldnt switch rooms no nothing. Buffet food was not at all good and often locals rushed to grab food before me and other guests. Definitely wont return.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

I wouldn't recommend coming here

Marissa1711 on May 06, 2022

This was our second time coming to Kawama, and though it wasn't our favorite last time in 2019, we thought we would give it a 2nd chance. We understand that their is a shortage in food. And that the locals have been going on the resort as well. And that wasn't the problem. In fact. The locals that we met there were wonderful. Our room was terrible. Far from the lobby. Plenty of times we would have no water. Never ever having hot water. You could be in the middle of a cold shower and just lose everything. Our AC leaked throughout the night ruining anything that was on the floor or desk near it. The maid, bartenders at the 24 hour bar as well as the workers at the buffet were all lovely. Very sweet people. Very happy and pleasant. The front desk ladies...not so much. We had asked to speak with the poor excuse of a manager a couple times and the lady at the desk would just say "yup, he's coming" but didn't actually call him. You need his permission to bring friends on the resort. And though we didn't have problems with it last time. This time. He was not having it. We waited 1.5 hours for him in the lobby. He walked up to us. Didn't say hello. Did not introduce himself. Nothing. When we asked if he was the manager he gave us a dirty look and said yes and then refuse to make eye contact with us. When we asked if we could pay for a day pass for our friends. He said " not possible" all booked. So we asked for a different day "nope, not possible". So we waited a few days to try our luck again and he was no where to be found. We spoke with a different "manager" who then lied to us and said that they no longer did day passes" yet we met locals who were there for the day.. this place was a joke. The manager was a joke and the front desk ladies were rude. I won't be back. You couldn't pay me to go there again.

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