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3.5 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 3.5
  • Location 4.0
  • Rooms 3.5
  • Service 3.5
  • Value 3.5

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Poor Vaction

marggie123 on Jun 30, 2022

This was the worst vacation....start with the good parts the staff were wonderful, Dolores was great (customer service) Allan from the alacarte) Joel (Muise man) Jeuse (buffet) all the staff, could not of been nicer. Their were holes in the wall passed are room, not little ones ,big open holes, water was running out of the ceiling down the hall from us for two weeks. Also we feel the onwness was on Sunwing to inform us that this is a mainly Cuban Hotel, we were the only English speaking people for 4 days. They ran out of beer ever other day, no coke, sprite, orange, butter only in alacarte 2 days, no milk for coffee for 4 days. then add 10hr lay over coming home. Needless to say we were not happy little campers. We have been going to Cuba for 20 yrs. and this is the first time i have ever written any thing.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Great location but a lot of people get sick by the food

Havingaatje01 on Jun 25, 2022

It’s perfect that you can walk to the beach from the hotel! The rooms are clean, the bed good. WiFi everywhere but you have to log in all the time again. The food is really bad. So many people get sick by the food. Probably they use tap water (you smell the chloor). So the place is good to stay but the food is really bad! Be careful!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Made some great friends!

Ttemm902 on Jun 16, 2022

I’m the type of person that likes the best out of things but in contrast with that, I’m also very honest. Food- the food was not the best, I mainly only ate at the sit-down restaurant to avoid the flys that scattered the buffet. Meals were repetitive ( i stayed 14 days) but it’s fine. I found lunch outside the poolside to be the best meal. The fish is very fresh and delicious & the fruit is very good (make sure you rinse your fruit). At the sit-down restaurant, the sides were always cold. While the protein was hot. I did find that annoying I always ordered 2 plates of the main course & only ate the protein. Rooms- my room was alright, at the end of the trip the tv stopped working. the maid was great and left different towel designs on my bed and bathroom sink every other day. the shower was terrible and didn’t get very hot, had no curtain and water was always on the floor. Weather- extremely hot & rainy but that was as to be expected during these months. Bug spray is NEEDED. Location- gorgeous! Loved the beach. Service- I had great front desk service from a sweet lady who said she’d been there since ‘99. Sadly I forget her name. The HIGHLIGHT of my entire trip was meeting and befriending Randy, Mily & Julia. They are entertainers/organizers for the games and activities during the day. Mily is such a nice girl, she was helping me learn some Spanish and I was helping her learn some English. Although she didn’t speak much English we used a translator and had great conversations. Julia speaks excellent English and is very sweet, nice, mannerly & helpful. I spent every day sitting poolside just to talk to her. We played many games and shared a lot of laughs. Randy Is a charmer, he is very funny and energetic and makes all games fun. There’s always laughing going on when he is around. My mom thought he was such a sweetheart and very respectful. ( i agree). The games they facilitated were fun & easy to play (not saying easy to win) but easy to play as it was my first time playing most of those games & they made sure they explained the games to me thoroughly in English so I knew exactly was happening. I was often the only Canadian as it is low season in regards to tourism. I would return to Muthu playa for a shorter duration solely to see those 3 again. They are great people.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5


mmmM8020YY (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada) on Jun 07, 2022

We stayed at the Muthu Playa Varadero for a week the end of May/beginning of June. It was our first visit to Varadero having previously staying at all-inclusives in Cayo Coco (Cuba) and the Dominican Republic. This trip was much anticipated after several years of pandemic travel restrictions. We are not high-maintenance by any means, and have stayed at 3.5 star resorts before, but this resort was a huge disappointment. We decided just to try and make the best of it for the week. I don't usually give written reviews, but that being said, I felt compelled to write this one to save other travelers a similar disappointment. Arrival/Rooms - Upon arrival, we were greeted by the porter who showed us to some lounge chairs in the main lobby while he notified the front desk of our arrival and brought us some welcome drinks. So far, so good. After some exchange of documentation for check-in and information about the restaurant hours/amenities, we were showed to our room in the 3000 range of Building 2, which was actually level 4 I believe. The floors, walls and doors of the building were dirty, hallways were dimly lit (if at all) and the building itself looked beyond run-down. Pools of water filled the hallway from leaks in the ceiling, and when it rained, the stairwell and walkways became flooded and slippery. In our room, the handle on the door to our balcony fell off as we stepped outside to check out our view. Inside, the cushions on the chairs were soiled. The handle also fell off our bathroom door, and the bathroom itself was dirty, as though it had not been cleaned between guests or since reopening. The safe was already locked and required a locksmith. After a trip to the reception, we were offered the choice of another two rooms. We checked those out, and both were just as unappealing. We settled on the room that smelled like cigarette smoke (we are non-smokers) and ashes on the table, as it was the "cleaner" of the options and had a pool view. We began to unpack, and after a long day of travel, I was met with a cold shower and water that wouldn't drain, causing the shower stall and bathroom floor to begin to flood. Back to reception. We were offered another room, which smelled fresher than the others, but just plain rundown and dirty. The pillow cases even looked like they had already been used by other guests. We decided to make do. Unlike the others, this one had a functioning safe, fridge and tv. And while those weren't broken, the room door on the other hand looked as though someone had kicked it in as the door frame was split. Not exactly secure, but at least we had a safe for some peace of mind?! Food - The buffet selection was pretty good, though repetitive. We are not picky eaters and always found something to eat, usually pasta and bread. Desserts were yummy! The downside to the buffet were the locals, many of whom did not show manners, nor respect towards the staff or other guests by skipping lines, and piling their plates with food that was either left on their plates/wasted, or tucked into bags on their lap while they thought no one was looking, to then take out of the buffet. I later saw some of these bags of food around the resort just left to waste. It's the waste that bothers me, especially given the limited supply. We tried the one ala carte that was open, which had a really nice atmosphere, the food was pretty tasty too and the service was fantastic, though the options were limited and repetitive (which was no big deal). Drinks - The coffee bar was nice and I enjoyed many a cappuccino. The bar closest to the beach often ran out of beer, or was closed due to the weather. There was a nice drink selection on this resort, including slushy drinks, but no cups. Definitely bring your own reusable cup! Otherwise, you'll end up buying an overpriced mug at the gift shop. The lobby bar was my favorite as it was kept cleaner, and the service was generally quicker. The pool bar was lined with locals and they were given preference for service. As international guests, the more you tipped, the better the service...which should not be the case. I always thought of tipping as a gesture of appreciation for good service. It also seemed that when management was present and visible around the resort for a few days towards the end of our stay, then the overall appearance of service and cleaning efforts by many staff improved (although it was definitely not the norm, and came off as forced/fake). Beach - the beach was by far the best aspect of this trip. Stretches of white sand, plenty of lounge chairs and palapas, and water sports to avail of. We especially enjoyed the pedal boats. Weather - given that we went during the early part of rainy season, we only had two days of sun, and the rest were overcast or rainy (but still warm), and the remnants of a hurricane (tropical storm) blew in the last two days and we faced high winds and downpours. It was our first time travelling in May/June tough, so lesson learned. Highlights - Overall, we made the best of our trip by spending as much time on the beach as possible, and enjoying the evening shows (which were absolutely fantastic!). There is so much talent among the entertainers. Top notch! The animation team that ran the daily games/activities were also a highlight, and very friendly. The reception staff did their very best to help make our stay comfortable, given the challenges of a rundown resort. Other: We took a trip into Downtown Varadero and enjoyed a walk around. Many of the restaurants/food booths had only water to sell, and lacked supplies to make their feature food (pizza, tacos, etc.) We did get some nice souvenirs at the various markets in town, though we learned the hard way not to exchange our Canadian money for Cuban pesos as their currency doesn't seem to go far, and we got taken advantage of when exchanging our money. I would recommend bringing bug spray, as the mosquitos, sand fleas/no-see-ums were plentiful, and bothersome, especially on rainy days or when it was most humid. If you've read this far, you can see how the pandemic has impacted Varadero, which relies so heavily upon the tourism industry. We heard that many Cubans had been without work for several years while the travel restrictions shut down resorts. In my opinion based on what I experienced, it will likely take just as much time, if not more, for this destination to recover. I always manage my expectations when travelling, but this vacation was eye-opening. I truly feel for Cubans. But the lack of cleanliness on the resort is a separate issue and was inexcusable for the price we paid, and it should not be open if it cannot deliver on something as basic as that. Many will say that your experience is what you make of it, and to some extent, I agree. But, this is not a 3.5 star resort, and not even close to it. I would not recommend!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

It was not the warm reception we were expecting! it seems as though they didn't care for us being there.

517rlpp (Toronto, Canada) on Jun 03, 2022

Our experience was not what we expected, it was as though the hotel staff didn't care about our well being or us being there, the hotel was over ran by the locals, for some reason we as tourist were out numbered by the Cubans who we had to jostle with for every meal and every drink, we never were able to get that island experience when it came to drinks, the bar tenders did not know how to mix drinks! also they did not have glasses for you to have a drink, you were told to bring your own cups, we had to buy cups from the souvenir shop that was overpriced! The beach was the best part of the trip, there is no swim uo bar, no alacarte restaurant, the showers had no shower curtain and the shower filled up around your feet because of bad drainage!I think they have the potential to a first class hotel if management put some effort into it, the landscape was excellent and grounds upkeed was amazing!

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