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Summer just got more rewarding.

Valuable awards. Vacation packages. What's not to love?

With Race for Rewards being a runaway hit, WestJet has decided to share the wealth and open up the race for everyone, regardless of tier. Welcome one, welcome all. 

Each month, collect Race for Rewards1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 points and qualify for exclusive awards9,10: bonus WestJet dollars11,12, lounge passes13 and Internet Flight Passes14. Here’s where it gets really interesting––the first Teal or Silver member to cross the finish line15,16 each month will be awarded a WestJet Vacations package for two worth up to $4,000 CAD17,18.

Each member must register individually to be eligible for this bonus.

Not a member? Join now

Are you a Gold Tier member? Join the Gold Race here!

Here's how it works:

  1. Register for the promotion and collect Race for Rewards points for every flight you take in June, July or August. Each month is a new chance to win19. Collect more points with higher fare classes:
    Points collected per one-way flight (origin to destination)
    Econo 100
    Flex 250
    Plus (Lowest) or Plus (Flexible) 400
  2. Collect enough points each month and earn the bonus package for the month:
    MonthPoints requiredLounge vouchersBonus WestJet dollars
    June 550 2 150
    July 750 3 100
    August 750 2 200
  3. Be the first Teal or Silver member to cross the finish line for the month and earn that month's premier bonus.
    MonthPoints requiredBonusRetail value
    June 1,500 7 nights at the Platinum Yucatan Princess, including flights for 2 $4,000.00
    July 2,000 7 nights at the Platinum Yucatan Princess, including flights for 2 $4,000.00
    August 2,000 7 nights at the Platinum Yucatan Princess, including flights for 2 $4,000.00

Remember, each month is a new opportunity to earn valuable bonuses, not to mention bragging rights!

How do I earn Race for Rewards points?

Once registered, Race for Rewards points ("points") are earned when you fly with WestJet during the specified dates and they are awarded based on the class of service you choose to fly. Fly in Econo and to earn 100 points, Flex to earn 250 points, and Plus (Flexible) or Plus (Lowest) to earn 400 points. Points are awarded based on the date of the flight so if your flight is on July 31st, you will earn points towards the July bonuses.

Do I earn points for each leg of my flight?

No. You earn points based on your origin and destination. For example, if you fly from Vancouver to Halifax with a connection in Toronto, you would earn points from Vancouver to Halifax and not Vancouver to Toronto and Toronto to Halifax.

Will I earn points if I fly a partner airline and credit the flight to WestJet?

No. Points are only awarded on WestJet marketed and operated flights.

Will I earn points if I use my WestJet dollars (WSD)?

Yes, bookings with partial or full redemption of WSD on WestJet marketed and operated flights will earn points.

Do my current bookings count?

Yes, as long as you have registered prior to flying and take the flight within the specified dates.

What bonuses can I earn?

The bonus you earn is based on the number of points you accumulate. Because June is a shortened month, you will require less points than July and August. There are two bonuses you can earn each month, the Bonus Package and the Premier Bonus. Remember, only one Teal or Silver member can earn the Premium Bonus so be the first to cross the finish line.

What happens if I fly and become Gold during the promotion?

Your status at the time you cross the Bonus Package threshold will determine which Premium Bonus you are eligible for. For example, if you are Silver and earn the Silver Bonus Package, you will race for the Silver Premium Bonus. If you are Silver and through this promotion and earn Gold status prior to earning the Bonus Package, you will be eligible for the Gold Bonus Package and the Gold Premium Package.

Can I still earn the Bonus Package in July or August if I earn it in June?

Yes. Consider each month as a new promotion. Your points balance will reset to zero at the end of each month and you will begin to earn towards the new month's bonuses.

Can I earn the Premium Bonus every month?

Yes. If you are the first to cross the Premium Bonus threshold each month, you will earn the bonus.

How will I know if I earn the Bonus Package or the Premium Bonus?

We will be sending out an email to recipients of the Bonus Package 10-14 days after each month's promotion. However, you can always sign in to your WestJet Rewards account because we will be depositing your bonus as soon as your flight is recognized in our system. Typically, it takes 3-4 days from the date of your flight for the flight to be credited to your account but in some rare circumstances, it can take up to 10 days.

How will I know where I stack up against other Teal or Silver members for the Premium Bonus?

With only one Premium Bonus per month available, the first member to cross the threshold will earn the bonus. In order to find out where you rank, each week we will publish a blog post that shows the top 5 members' point totals, so you can see how close you are. The privacy of our members is important, so we will only publish the point total, the initials of the member and the last 3 digits of their WestJet Rewards ID.

What is the URL of the blog post?

You can find the blog post at https://blog.westjet.com/silver-race

Is there a way to track my progress and points balance?

The best way to determine what you have earned to date is to look at your email confirmation to see what fare bundle you've booked in [Econo, Flex, Plus (Flexible) or Plus (Lowest)] and keep track of your points. You can also check the blog weekly to see if you are in the top 5 list for the week.