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More cities. More service. More Canadians.

As the most Canadian Canadian airline, we’re happy to welcome more great Canadian cities to the WestJet network with WestJet Link. WestJet Link, operated by Pacific Coastal Airlines, will connect smaller communities to WestJet’s rapidly expanding Calgary network, making air travel easier and more accessible for more and more Canadians. A warm WestJet welcome to Cranbrook, Prince George, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and Lloydminster. Each city will see daily WestJet Link flights to Calgary, with convenient connections to the rest of WestJet’s world.

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Some of our flight schedules1 change throughout the year within our networks.
WestJet Link is operated by Pacific Coastal Airlines on a Saab 340B (SF3).

FromToFrequencyStart datesEnd dates
Cranbrook Calgary 3x daily March 7, 2018 ----------
Lethbridge Calgary 3x daily March 7, 2018 ----------
Lloydminster Calgary 6x a week March 21, 2018 ----------
Medicine Hat Calgary 3x daily June 1, 2018 ----------
Calgary Mexico City 4x a week March 14, 2018 April 28, 2018
Calgary Mexico City Daily April 29, 2018 ----------
Vancouver Mexico City 3x a week March 15, 2018 April 28, 2018
Vancouver Mexico City Daily April 29,2018 ----------
Calgary Denver, Colorado Daily March 8, 2018 October 28, 2018


FromToFrequencyStart datesEnd dates
Prince George Calgary Daily March 21, 2018 ----------
Hamilton Las Vegas 2x a week December 29, 2017 April 27, 2018
Vancouver Nanaimo Daily December 14, 2017 ----------
Vancouver Comox Daily December 14, 2017 ----------
Edmonton Huatulco 1x a week November 2, 2017 April 28, 2018
Calgary Belize 1x a week November 3, 2017 April 28, 2018
Montreal Boston 2x daily October 16, 2017 April 28, 2018


FromToIncreasePlanned Frequency
Toronto Antigua +1x a week 3x a week
Toronto Cancun +4x a week 15x a week
Toronto Fort Lauderdale +3x a week 14x a week
Toronto Liberia, Costa Rica +1x a week 5x a week
Toronto Orlando +3x a week 15x a week
Toronto Nassau +2x a week 9x a week
Toronto Puerto Plata +1x a week 6x a week
Toronto Punta Cana +1x a week Daily
Toronto Kelowna +1x a week Daily
Toronto Montego Bay +1x a week 2x daily
Toronto Ottawa +10x a week 13x business day
Toronto Montreal +9x a week 14x business day
Toronto Winnipeg +1x daily 6x business day
Toronto Calgary +11x a week 10x business day
Toronto Vancouver +8 x a week 8x business day
Regina Puerto Vallarta +1x a week 2x a week
Edmonton Abbotsford +2x a week 13x a week
Edmonton Victoria +3x a week 13x a week
Edmonton Cancun +1x a week 6x a week
Calgary Cancun +2x a week 16x a week
Calgary Cabo San Lucas +1x a week 8x a week
Calgary Los Angeles +3x a week 2x daily
Calgary Phoenix +1x a week 20x a week
Calgary Palm Springs +2x a week 20x a week
Calgary Puerto Vallarta +2x a week 14x a week
Calgary Brandon +2x a week 12x a week
Calgary Kitchener/Waterloo +2x a week Daily
Calgary Fort McMurray +1x daily 5x business day
Calgary Grande Prairie +1x daily 26x a week
Calgary Kelowna +6x a week 7x business day
Vancouver Cabo San Lucas +1x a week 5x a week
Vancouver Cancun +1x a week 7x a week
Vancouver Puerto Vallarta +1x a week 8x a week
Vancouver Fort St. John +5x a week 12x week
Vancouver Edmonton +3x a week 9x business day
Vancouver Calgary +5x a week 15x business day
Vancouver Fort McMurray +1x a week 6x a week