Safety above all

The safety of our guests and WestJetters has and continues to be our top priority. Our teams have been working diligently to implement over 20 new processes and measures across your journey with one goal in mind – Safety Above All.

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Check in

Reduced contact at check in

Your check in experience will be close to what you’re used to: at the kiosk or the check-in counter. We’ll be wiping surfaces between guests, you’ll have more room as you wait in line, and we’ll let you handle your own bags. But even though we’ll be wearing masks, we’ll be smiling and greeting you just like before.

Check in online or download our app to check in on your device to limit contact with surfaces throughout your journey.​

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—— Temperature checks and face masks


Enhanced safety screening

For the safety of all our guests and crew, we have enhanced our screening at boarding. We’ll ask health questions required by Transport Canada, take your temperature without contact and ensure that you have your own mask to wear on your flight.

Face masks during travel

Face masks are required during travel. Be sure to check the face mask policy for each flight in your trip.

View face mask policy >

Temperature checks at security

Travellers with elevated temperatures will not be permitted through security at select Canadian airports. Make sure you have plenty of time in case there are delays and stay home if you're not well.

View temperature screening policy >

Ensuring safety at boarding

It is in the interest of all of Canadians to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. We’re doing our part to stop that spread by screening all guests who fly with us.

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On Board

Same welcome, new service

You’ll be welcomed onboard with a smile (under our mask) and a disinfectant wipe so you can freshen your seat area for extra peace of mind.

We're offering a small menu of snacks for purchase on flights over 60 minutes, and you'll find a snack and bottled water at your seat when you board. We won’t be serving drinks or food on flights under 60 minutes, so stay hydrated and enjoy a meal before heading to the airport.


Clean & fresh

We hold ourselves to the highest standard and strive to create an environment as clean as possible. With fresh air introduced into the cabin every 2-3 minutes and hospital-quality filters, you can have peace of mind as you fly with us.

How we clean

WestJetter cleaning the overhead bin by fogging

—— Personal protection for WestJetters

Our people

Keeping our staff safe

Across your journey you’ll see WestJetters wearing personal protective equipment and masks suited to their roles. This is to ensure their safety as well as the safety of their families, and the guests they look after every day.

Safety above all - a message from Billy Nolen

Billy Nolen, Vice-President of Safety from WestJet

Hi, I’m Billy Nolen, Vice-President of Safety from WestJet.

At WestJet, we believe that we can go further together. In today’s climate, that means working together to make sure we can all travel safely. 

Since the onset of the COVID-19, our teams have been working around the clock to develop and implement new procedures and cleaning protocols to keep you and our crew safe.

If you need to travel right now, we want you to know exactly what you can expect. You’ll will have your temperature taken before your flight and be given disinfectant wipes as you board the aircraft.

In addition, we’ve increased the frequency of our cleaning and sanitization measures and implemented new technologies like fogging to disinfect touchpoints onboard.

The safety of our guests and crew will always be our number one priority. When you are ready to travel again, know that we will be ready too — with protocols in place to ensure a safe trip.

Billy Nolen Signature

Billy Nolen
VP Safety, Security & Quality
WestJet Airlines


See where we’re flying

We continue to adjust our flight destinations and frequencies to meet demand and the changing COVID-19 environment.

Flight schedule

Frequently asked questions

Why did WestJet stop blocking the middle seat?

On June 9, we released our Safety Above All program and have been educating governments and guests on the investments and enhancements our airline has been making to ensure the safest travel journey.   

As a global airline in a global sector, we are committed to ensuring our protocols are consistent with the best practices and advice available to us from around the world.  This is why we are adopting the IATA’s guidance for global aviation health and safety and implementing its recommendations with respect to seat distancing effective July 1, 2020.

IATA’s guidance supports the removal of seat distancing as the following protections are provided in the cabin:

  • The installation of HEPA filters to help clean recirculated air (all WestJet aircraft are equipped with HEPA filters and fresh air is introduced every 2-3 minutes)
  • The physical barrier of seat backs
  • The direction of airflow from ceiling to floor reduces the forward and backward movement of air

We understand that not everyone has the same comfort levels when it comes to travel.  In recognition of this, we have reassessed our policy to incorporate the following changes to give comfort to those who are concerned:

  1. See what seats are selected: During, or even after you've checked in, you have up to 1 hour before departure to see which seats are occupied and select or change your seat. Fare type may affect eligibility and change fees.
    *Note that flight loads are dynamic and not guaranteed until ten minutes prior to departure.
  2. Cancel or rebook with no penalty: Should you not be comfortable flying on that flight, trips can be rebooked within a three-day time period at no cost or the fare will be refunded to voucher for the full value of the flight;
  3. Flexibility on board: Once on board the aircraft we are making every effort to avoid seating our guests next to each other should the aircraft flight load allow for it.

As a reminder, we have extended our vouchers so that they can be used for up to 24 months.

A face covering is required for you to board an aircraft in Canada and the United States. If you forget your mask you can use a scarf, which is at least two layers of tightly woven fabric, as a substitute.

See these guidelines for face coverings:
Canada’s Public Health Guidelines
US Federal guidelines

See all face mask policies

Rules for travel are different in each province. Before you travel, visit the government website for the province or territory of your arrival destination to learn more.

Where Canadians can travel

The situation continues to change day-to-day. We will share more information as we have it here on our COVID-19, domestic and international schedule pages.

Guests seated in Business and Premium will receive a snack and bottled water on all flights. On flights over 60 minutes, food and drinks will be provided.

To limit shared touch points along your journey, we’ll ask that you handle your own baggage. Apart from that, regular carry-on and checked baggage policies apply.

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