Ciego de Avila Boulevard

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The best place to shop in the entire province has got to be Ciego de Avila Boulevard, where several blocks of the central business district have been transformed into a pedestrian mall. In between stores, you can stroll under the breezy colonnades among the benches, lamps and planters.

Stop in for some refreshments at the Canada Bar and Cafeteria or at the Restaurante Don Pepe, birthplace of the Don Pepe cocktail (a mix of two shots of orange juice, one-and-a-half shots of white rum and a half-shot of creme de menthe).

You'll also find an Artex tienda (shop) and a number of small department stores frequented by local residents. At TRD, a store that accepts multiple foreign currencies, there are gleaming, modern products, from stainless-steel refrigerators to flat-screen televisions, sturdy bicycles and a nice variety of clothing.