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Pilot your own vessel, two people per craft, for this popular activity that takes you motoring across broad channels and through small passages in the mangroves. Ride small white boats that are virtually indestructible and surprisingly stable. These speedy craft allow amateur boaters to take corners at full throttle, safely roaring into turns and swooping dramatically up on one side, then smoothly flattening out afterward. While drivers under the age of 18 aren't permitted to take the wheel, they can certainly enjoy the ride.

At the midway point, boaters dock at a small island to enjoy a cool glass of fruit punch, then strap on the flippers, masks and snorkelling gear provided for a refreshing dip in the water. Here, you'll see a remarkable number of fish, from big barracuda to dark, mysterious angel fish, as well as more common zebra and parrot fish. A current runs through the channel but a sturdy rope has been strung down its centre and a reliable guide will accompany you, pointing out the aquatic highlights.

Age group: age 10 and older