Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort

4.5 star rating

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    Reviewed by 416soniar(San Antonio, Texas) on Sep 20, 2019

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    This was a work trip that my family was able to join me. It was an awesome trip my teenage boys enjoyed exploring the property! The pool and rec area were great. The gym was also great. I definetely recommend staying here!

    3 and I’m Grading on a Curve

    Reviewed by TexKeystone(Long Valley, New Jersey) on Sep 20, 2019

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    I booked this hotel because of the Marriott relationship, not in spite of it. Top level Bonvoy status earned me an expensive 2 double bed instead of king room a mile from elevators and fully equipped with ants, hair on the bathroom floor and worn carpets, but lacking a clock and a functional tv remote. No concierge lounge or comp breakfast sealed the deal for me. Just not a great experience.

    Ants everywhere in our room

    Reviewed by Resort628058() on Sep 18, 2019

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    I am a Marriott life titanium member and have never been more disappointed in the Marriott brand. My wife and thought we would spend our anniversary at Disney World and booked a room at the Dolphin because of the proximity to the new Star Wars ride at Hollywood Studios. We were assigned a room in the west tower on the 7th floor. As we were unpacking our bags I noticed a couple of ants in the bathroom (didn’t think much of it since this is Florida). We went down for a quick swim before dinner. Upon returning to the room in about a hour our room was covered with ants. I ran down and informed the person at the front desk and showed him the video. He apologized and found us a new room, then asked us to meet the head of housekeeping up in our room. She walked through the room and was shocked with the number of ants (which I know now is bs after reading reviews which states this is a common theme at this hotel). After unpacking in our new room I noticed the ants had hitched a ride from our old room in one of our backpacks. I complained to the front desk that we were paying $300 a night (includes entertainment fee) and expected the hotel to be bug free. I was given a free drink coupon.

    Close to the action

    Reviewed by TravlinforWork365() on Sep 18, 2019

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    Overall a nice hotel. Transportation to and from parks and Disney springs. Great restaurant options and places to pickup a light meal. Staff a little mixed up upon my arrival as my reservation said Swan but was placed in dolphin. I think they might've been overbooked but all in all it worked out. I would stay again for another conference.

    Comfortable & Quiet

    Reviewed by hollies69(Gainesville, Florida) on Sep 17, 2019

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    Decided to stay one more night at Disney World. I called the Dolphin on Thursday for a Friday night reservation. Just got a standard room. They have double beds and not queen like the swan, but swan was more expensive. Check in was okay. In room 9042 which was overlooking the loading dock. Not my choices, but less expensive. We actually could see the fire works at the Magic Kingdom from our room though. The beds were very comfortable, room was very quiet, bathroom stylish, the room in general was very nice. Not far from the elevator. Hotel had long sidewalks around all the corners of the building. They should consider building small bridges over the smaller water ways. Couldn't find someplace affordable to eat either. Picabo was kind of hidden down a long hallway. When driving out of the parking lot, since we had returned our key at express checkout, we could not exit the parking lot gate. It would not go up unless you scanned your room key. So how are you expected to exit parking lot if you gave back your room key? Fortunately an employee pulled up and asked if I was having a problem and scanned her employee badge for us and few others to get out. She told us numerous people had complained about this. Overall the Dolphin was very nice, more than I expected actually. Price was affordable considering the location, rooms quiet, comfortable, had everything we needed. There was no recycle container in rooms, which I expected for a Disney located hotel. Could also not find in lobby area, but outside of elevators. So took my recycle home with me.