JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa

4.5 star rating

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    Not As Good As Before

    Reviewed by Brady1230() on Apr 11, 2021

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    I normally have great experiences at the Marriott. But it was not as great this time. The staff was very kind and friendly, but there were not enough staff! First we were promised a room with connecting rooms with 1 room having a king and the other one having 2 queens. My mom called twice to confirm that the rooms were connecting, we were confirmed they were! But when we got there we were told that they were not connecting! Then they took forever to find connecting rooms! They were connecting but had 2 kings instead of 1 king and 2 queens. We ended up being half an hour late to our dinner reservation, if it wasn’t for the flexible staff at the Mastros restaurant, we would have lost our table! When we got to our rooms there was a problem with the air conditioning! That resulted in me going to bed 1 and a half hours later than I was planning to! The next day we moved rooms to get 1 king and 2 queens for my family and there was a shower that was leaking! The food was solid but nothing special. Starbucks was really crowded, we had to wait in line for like an hour! The distancing at the pool was bad, the chairs were quite close to each other. In conclusion, the Marriott had a rough performance this trip.

    Do not expect good service or food

    Reviewed by noamdror() on Apr 05, 2021

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    We stayed 4 nights couple + 2 kids. Service was slow and unhelpful. Took housekeeping 2 hours to come to our room to make a sofa bed for the kids (so we did it instead). I was asked when I like to the room cleaned. Agreed to 11:00am. Second day, room wasn't cleaned by 5:00pm, asked them to come, went out to dinner, by 8:30pm room was still not cleaned. I had to take towels my self from housekeeping. Third day, they did clean on time. Forth day they didn't show up. As platinum elite, I got only "continental" breakfast for 2 (there is no lounge for elites) this means you need to pay for hit buffet or wait for 40 min to get your hot meal order (we learned at 1st breakfast) Pool food was horrible (burger, hotdogs, Ceasars salad and lettuce wrap were all of low quality and not tasty at all. Breakfast buffet food was not good at all. You can feel the egg powder and over cooked meats. No free coffee service. No coffee before 6:30am at the local Starbucks With every complaint I made I didn't get any real apology or compensation. I think they are understaffed which I didn't expect from a JW Marriott. I could have gotten a better service at a Residence Inn.

    One of the worst hotel experiences

    Reviewed by jacquelinescalisi(New York City, New York) on Apr 05, 2021

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    I rented 4 rooms for my family. We were in town for my daughter's wedding on Easter weekend. The lack of service at the hotel was a disgrace. My son's room was not cleaned for the entire 5 day stay. My room was cleaned (?) once but only after calling 5 times and waiting on hold each time for at least 15 minutes. It was impossible to get someone on the phone without waiting at least 15 minutes. There was no safe in the suite I stayed in. It took 2 days to get one brought up and then it broke 2x while there. Each time it took forever to get someone to answer the phone and then another endless wait for someone to come fix it. The worst part of the stay was the restaurant experience at the R Grill. After paying cash for 2 meals, we were told on the 3rd visit by our server that the restaurant does not take cash. After speaking to the restaurant manager and checking our room charges, it was clear, the servers ripped up our checks and pocketed the cash. JW Marriott must be rolling over in his grave. The manager of this hotel is clearly not doing his/her job. An extremely frustrating and disappointing stay.

    Great Management Team

    Reviewed by JillBeiser1() on Apr 03, 2021

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    Our family stayed at the resort for a week during Spring Break. We experienced a few issues with our room and it was difficult to change rooms due to hotel occupancy. However, the management team really took ownership of the issues and eventually resolved things to our satisfaction. I special thank you to the GM Tom and Front Desk Manager Jayhada for going above and beyond. Things can go wrong at a large resort but it takes a special management team to recover and turn things around for guests! Well done!

    Get your act together, Marriott!

    Reviewed by chitan303(Denver, Colorado) on Apr 02, 2021

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    Every staff person we’ve spoken to has complained about the understaffing situation brought on by post-pandemic revenge spending (even though we’re still very much in it!) and their being overwhelmed. And it shows... housekeeping getting in only late in the afternoons and doing a bad job cleaning; Wi-Fi issues not getting resolved into Day 5 of our stay; geese running amok all over the golf course; they let you into the pool area even though every chair has been taken or reserved; waiting 20 minutes for breakfast tables to be cleared, etc. And all these while charging $500+ a night. Sad.