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    Beautiful, but very limited

    Reviewed by michelea937(Elko, Minnesota) on Apr 08, 2021

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    I will start by saying that this is a beautiful resort. Very clean and updated. Check-in and check-out were pretty fast. Juan at the front desk didn't seem to know anything and lied to us about a lot. More info to come. Covid test- Juan told us the Doctor was there daily from 7am-11am, was $10pp and takes 48 hours to get results. We woke the kids up at 650am to get in line. The Doctor didn't arrive until 845am. It actually cost $25 pp and you get results back in 1 hour. Restaurants - the food was pretty good. We ate at the Seafood and Italian. Both had a lot of options. All restaurants require reservations which need to be made daily between 7am-3pm. We arrived at 4pm and were told by Juan that we had to eat at the buffet that night. Surprise...the buffet is closed at night. Its only open for breakfast and lunch. Bars - the only bar open was just outside the lobby. Not very convenient while sitting at the pool. Alexis Martinez was an awesome bartender! Rooms - on the smaller side, but very nice and clean. All rooms face the ocean and have a balcony. Mini bar was just a tiny fridge with water and soda. I have stayed at 3 AI in the DR and 3 in Mexico during Covid so I am aware that the resorts are not operating at full capacity, but this was the worst by far. There were NO activities, very limited food and even more limited drinks. Right now its not worth the money, but I will be back when it opens up fully. It would be nice for them to update their website with what is open at this time.

    COVID19 breeding ground.

    Reviewed by 310drewr(New York City, New York) on Apr 04, 2021

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    I took a vacation fully knowing that we are deep in a pandemic and there would be risk but I had such a great experience at other resorts that I assumed it would be the same here. Spoiler: it’s not. We went during Holy Week and they definitely did not have decreased capacity. There was no way to social distance anywhere. Buffets were unattended. Masks were not enforced. There were hour long lines at the buffet and tons of people cutting the lines. It was a complete disaster. When we complained to reception their response was “sorry, its out of our hands.” I noticed the minute we stepped foot in the hotel that the staff is unhappy. A few were lovely but in the dining room beverages were completely ignored. We got much better service when we heavily tipped, so bring your pesos. The pools are great but get so full there’s no way to distance from others and obviously no one is wearing masks. Good: the resort is beautiful. The views are breathtaking. The food is decent (if you can get past the guests who serve themselves without masks or gloves). Definitely make reservations at the restaurants, it felt more sanitary and the Japanese restaurant was a lot of fun. I wouldn’t stay again. We extended our stay one night for necessity but we never got a receipt and I’m fairly certain the staff pocketed the money. The price was $1200 for one night for 3 rooms. We were stuck and had to pay. I would only return if I was in a position where I had to. There are so many other great resorts, you don’t need to stay here.

    You get what you paid

    Reviewed by bryanmuvi(San Jose, Costa Rica) on Mar 29, 2021

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    We originally booked a week here, however, after the first day we decided to move to the Palace. You will wonder why? We have been at least in 10 different barcelo hotels in America. In specific, we have been in other Occidental hotels like Tamarindo, Tucancun and Papagayo, and the experience was great. Based on that, we booked in this hotel. However, since the first moment it was bad. During the check in, usually we get some upgrade or something extra because of the Unique status in myBarcelo program, however, in this case, we got nothing. The room that was assigned to us was not good, the bathroom was very old, the shower space was very small, the bathtub was useless and the shower sink was rusty . The room had a balcony which is next to other rooms, and no real walls in between. So you don’t have privacy at all. Next day, we went to take breakfast, the place was crowded, long lines, very noisy, a lot of food on the ground and kids on the tables. The orange juice was not natural and the available options were a few, basically some fruits, omelets and some bread. The beach is actually nice, however, it is not as good as the beach in front of the palace. The pool looks good. My guess, is that this hotel is oriented to the local tourism, you will feel like you are the only foreign customer. To be fare, this hotel price is not expensive at all, you get what you paid. However, our recommendation to the hotel will be to keep the same quality compared with other Occidental hotels, this hotel is not close to others in quality terms. We appreciate the front desk lady who understand the situation and gave us a solution.

    Great hotel with amazing view

    Reviewed by 939natalias(Minneapolis, Minnesota) on Mar 28, 2021

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    We like the resort, it is absolutely beautiful. Spectacular breathtaking ocean view from our 4th floor room. This is not a huge resort, but very well maintained ground. Staff is very attentive and service is really good. Very good restaurants, we enjoyed them all, especially French and Italian. Buffet for breakfast and lunch could be better, but you'll be able to find something to eat for your taste. It become crowded on weekends, as lots of locals arrive to the hotel, but nothing crazy. Rooms are not big, little outdated, but functional. Please keep in mind this is not 5 star resort, so expect accordingly. This resort is very good for the price. Nothing luxury, but all you need to enjoy beautiful, but budget vacation. And you'll never beat the view!

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    An amazing expirience that I would like to live again????????

    Reviewed by gregoryalbertof() on Mar 28, 2021

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    Everything was stunning! I must mention that the Friday night show with fire was amazing, and on Saturday I loved it, the appreciation of different cultures and the work looks impeccable. Great job directors and staff??????Just keep on keepin' on! And I'll never forget about Brendaly Garcia's service and attention to all of us ??she is a waitress at the main buffet.