Fairmont Winnipeg

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    Perfect location, great value

    Reviewed by teresaboucher(Russell, Canada) on Jan 13, 2020

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    Over the past several months, I’ve had occasion to stay at the Fairmont three separate times. The excellent service, comfort, and amenities have been very consistent. The location makes it work well for going so many places in downtown Winnipeg. We were able to walk, completely indoors below portage avenue from the inside of the hotel, to a Winnipeg Jets hockey game. We attended a play at Manitoba Theatre Centre, as well, enjoying the ten minute walk back. There was a taxi immediately outside the hotel for us to use on our way there as we were slightly more pressed for time, but once again, it was very convenient. The attentive door staff at the hotel take care of all transportation needs. It’s definitely our hotel of choice for Winnipeg events.

    A reflection of the city

    Reviewed by elliottd358(Kawasaki, Japan) on Jan 04, 2020

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    This hotel was pretty dated and tired, although I am sure it was quite nice when first constructed. Rooms have been renovated but are missing several contemporary standard amenities such as easily accessible electrical outlets in the room (had to charge my phone in the bathroom) and a modern heating system which doesn't gurgle and make small explosion/popping sounds every few minutes throughout the night. The pool and fitness club were dire... just a few ancient treadmills and I regretted hopping in the pool due to the excessive amount of hair/skin/dirt particles floating in the water and the strong, caustic chlorine smell (indicative of a pool which is not cleaned properly). The only things I did like were the friendly doorman, the simple checkout process, and the jug of fruit-infused water in the lobby (it was very hit-or-miss from day to day, but when it was good it hit the spot).

    Terrible Experience on an Anniversary Celebration

    Reviewed by 243lionels() on Dec 29, 2019

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    My wife and I got their Kiss and Wakeup package to celebrate our anniversary. The package would have been good overall except for a series of unfortunate events that happened from beginning to end. Where to start? 1. Valet was aggressive in getting us to go for valet parking in spite of us repeatedly insisting we'd rather self-park. 2. It was difficult to use the key to be able to get to the right floor (Yes, we knew how it worked: insert the key to the slot, take it out, and then press the desired floor number. But in spite of repeated attempts, the elevator just won't budge.) 3. Upon getting up to the right floor (after several furious key insert attempts), they got us mixed up with the room number and, hence, had to call frontdesk and wait for awhile to get it sorted out. 4. Then when they had it sorted out, the wine and chocolate strawberries that were supposedly already waiting for us in the room (as per frontdesk) were nowhere to be found. So we had to call yet again and wait for another 15 minutes before they could serve them. But wait, there's more. 5. We had to come down again to ask for a parking pass because, yes, they forgot to give us one even if we've been very clear upon checking in that we needed parking for our car. 6. And even if it said the pass was good for the duration of our stay, the parking gate indicated the pass was already suspended during our departure so I had to go back to the frontdesk, informed frontdesk lady of the predicament (who advised they had to charge me 21 bucks for another parking pass), and politely advised and made her see reason I'm not paying for another damn parking pass when clearly it wasn't my fault the first pass they gave me was faulty. Overall, terrible, terrible experience. Avoid this hotel like the bubonic plague. P.S. In case the hotel manager looks into this, this was for Folio # 559929, December 26-27, 2019 stay. Also posting some pictures we took during our stay to remind you guys how beautiful our anniversary celebration could have been except for a few blunders your staff unwittingly (or wittingly?) committed.

    Great service!!! Thank you Maria!

    Reviewed by CJCH04(toronto) on Dec 11, 2019

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    Arrived today for a one night stay. Not feeling well at all so decided to visit the lounge for a warm soup. I had the pleasure of being served by a lovely person named Maria. She noticed right away that I was not feeling well and offered to make me a berry tea with honey and gave me some to take to my room. Her kindness made my day and I will always remember this stay because of her. A big thank you to Maria!!!

    A landmark hotel in Winnipeg

    Reviewed by patkoHongKong(Hong Kong) on Dec 10, 2019

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    Nothing fancy, but still the best in Winnipeg. Rooms are not big but good enough. Some floors have been renovated. The hotel is conveniently located and connected via underground or overpass walkways to most buildings downtown. The morning breakfast offered at Velvet Glove is legendary!